Nano is the MongoDB of Crypto

> transactions have no immutable timestamps causing node sync issues, but who cares since it's fast and it "scales"

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Whatever it is, it's fast, free and being adopted, when real money pours in it's going stellar, you ate a fool if you don't see the potential

> it's going stellar

>Whatever it is, it's fast, free and being adopted
Being adopted by who? Do any whores or drug dealers accept nano?

>when real money pours in it's going stellar,
A failed imitation of Ripple? You're probably right about this one.

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is mongodb bad?

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they don't have timestamps because timestamps are not necessary information, and it's one of the causes why it will scale better than any other solution in sight.

yes it MIGHT cause some synchronization issues, but nothing that can't be overcome. it's very likely that only computers with business-grade hardware will be able to operate as nodes when it goes mainstream, but that'd be the case for anything with actually significant traffic

it was TEN cents four months ago. you should have bought it then.

kek, mongodb of crypto

i've never heard that before but it's a perfect analogy.

mongodb is a piece of shit and so is raiblocks

Lmao I have no idea what that means but I remember watching these types of videos years ago and laughing my ass off at them.

i read fud threads and check binance for the price and still see it increasing. sometime makes me think why would you faggots waste your time for useless fudding

>inb4 incoming crash

mongodb is a strong pillar of big data

>timestamps are not necessary information

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But have you seen ?

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Any of you stinkies have any sia bags?

for a currency, they are not. the order of transactions is enough to know how much credit an address has. time is a waste to store and process for every node. if you want to know EXACTLY when a transaction happened, you can do it on the side, like nano-explorers actually do themselves.

i always use mongodb for my nodejs projects, havent had any issues o.o why is it bad

>Using a non-relational DB over a relational one

for a blockchain like Bitcoin you'd be correct but you'd have to be an absolute brainlet not to realize how this is necessary for a graph network where order isn't predetermined for interconnected nodes

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jesus chirst you're dumb.

isn't there like just one node?

Nice non-argument, brainlet

it's not timestamps that caused sync issues, in nano the only order that matters is the order of blocks in individual addresses' and that is easily checkable just like in regular blockchain

Timestamp resignator went out of the virtual kernel designator . Much of the nano was double even triple spent thats why you have 15 million more nano today than a month before.
This is all getting swept under the rug, these guys need to be exposed

mongodb is garbage, don't listen to anyone saying otherwise


Wow, spoken like a true pajeet. With people like you around I don't have to worry about job security.

People will tell you it's trash (generally because of very low entry bar, it's easy) but it's used widely in the industry.

widely used != good
It's widely used because most people have no clue what they are doing and webshit projects have a lifespan of a 1-3 years at best

>he pretends to know anything at all about databases.
you probably don't even know what a nosql db is