Stockbroker/Financial Advisor AMA

Crypto became my hobby at the right time during the summer boom around late July I put 30k into the markets to play around and turned it into almost a million before this huge crash. I have posted proof of my licenses (series 7/63/65) and my holdings. No fraud check me out on twitter @welambonow. I will answer questions if anyone has any.

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on a scale from 1 - 10, rate yourself as a trader

What are your honest thoughts on Cindicator bro? I am holding some heavy bags here but I still have faith this shitcoin will hit AT LEAST 1 USD EOY. Any insight from a pro?

On a scale of 1-20 how gay are you

What are your top 5 coins for the year?.

7. I have a good sense of what the market sentiment is overall however there is a lot of luck and guessing when it comes to day trading. Unless you are either a whale (10+million in crypto) or in the know aka an advisor/angel investor/or on the dev team you probably will be way behind once the "news" breaks. All the insiders would have already acted on that news in the crypto world where nothing is regulated at all and inside trading is rampant. The idea for cindicator is really cool. Def a coin to watch for in the future and they have good connections in the crypto world. It is one of those coins that will randomly pump hard when they want it too. I think Tom Cruise in his prime was pretty aesthetic.

1. Cybermiles
2. Gifto
3. Binance Coin
4. NAS
5. OMG/or one of the a combination of the supply chain coins like WTC/VEN/AMB/WABI/TRAC . I love what the "blockchain" can add to that sector and its probably one of its best use cases if not the best.

what about cmt makes you so bullish on it?

American Company based out of Dallas, Texas. 5 miles is the parent company. Successfully have ran a real business vs most coins which are started by kids who have no experience and just created a white paper and are reaping the benefits of ICO money from this crypto hype. CMT has a realistic marketcap and is near ICO price without ever having a real pump. One of the few coins in crypto that has real world use case currently and a working product. The NBA dallas mavericks accept CMT for tickets and you can buy goods and services on 5 miles using CMT.

thanks for the insight bro, appreciate it

Yep no problem keep the questions coming.

sir, why is tron mooning? my friend tell me its very very well coin? is this correct?

Give it to me straight senpai, what do you think of LINK?

Have been looking for CMT, but for some reason didn't wanted to invest in them. Like everything is okay with the project, but it just feels like "another" money; buy 100 tokens and you can buy coffee at *our* store using your phone for payment. Well, okay, you managed to make it, but what's the sense? Just another payment method for only one series of stores, what so special? Same thing could be if Nike would release their coin which you can use to buy exactly Nike shit, but you can't used it anywhere else

Maybe there is something wrong with me if I don't see anything exceptional about them, but maybe this is because I'm from Europe and have no clue about how business is made in US

Tron is a popular normie coin and one of the few that the average joe will talk about in real life. It is hated by the veterans of the crypto world who ridicule the white paper and say that Justin is a hypeman con artist. The verdict is not out yet but you can not deny that Justin did a hell of a job taking advantage of the crypto boom talking "huge partnerships" with Alibaba etc.

another bull market genius

LINK is fine. The problem is the communitty behind it. Yes they bring attention to the coin and usually any attention is good attention but at the same time all the meme's and constant threads have worn on people and now most people just think its a joke or a memecoin. If it lives up to 1% of it's hype then it will do great. I personally do not own any right now but have in the past.

thanks my friend, I just bought 100k

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Glad you are interested in CMT but you are away off. The 5miles parent company brings them "customers/business" and its great you can pay for good and services on 5 miles with CMT. It exposes millions to crypto for the first time. However CMT is designing their own platform to compete with ETH/ADA/EOS etc but is focused purely on business/corporations unlike their competitors. If CMT successfully launches their own chain and is the go to smart contract platform for small business this coin could 100x and I hate giving huge "evaluations" like that but the potential is insane. Basically CMT could do what Populous, Hive, and several other coins do on top of their business platform the sky is the limit.

Yep bull market helps but I at least stick to companies with veteran teams, parent companies that back them up think CMT = 5miles, GIFTO=UPLIVE and coins that have realistic market caps. Hence why I loved BNB coin because you can justify it's current price based on real revenue and profits in comparison to brokerage firms like E*Trade in the real world.

Vechain and Amb price target eoy?

Are we going back down or was that last dip the final one before the bull run ?

What are your prediction on ENG? Regretting not getting more at $1 but opportunity cost seems high as I don't see it mooning more than x5 for another couple years.

VEN is already pretty expensive. In my opinion once a coin breaks the top 20 and is valued in the billions it need to start producing real results and not living off the hype of "partnerships" which is what most coins have done so far. I used to own a quarter of a million VEN at one point but I am out for small market cap coins that have large growth potential in the near term. AMB has room to run. It is trading near its ICO price and is easily shillable with its team and you are starting to see that on here at 4 chan with constant daily threads. I had it ranked number 1 in my power rankings a few weeks ago on my discord group.

So basically they are going to use CMT more for internal purposes and for exchange / transactions between different LLCs and contractors as part of actual business model for paying for stuff; like buy 520,000 units of clothing or construction materials using their token, and this is how they plan to use it in next few years?
I've seen they have senior guys in their team, and description is wonderfully written, but as I mentioned this is just outside of my circle of competence, this is why I'm currently not involved. I just have no idea of how big is 5Miles since I'm not from US and don't have any personal experience, only know Target, Walmat and 7/11 as huge retailers, but have no idea about 5M.
Anyway thanks for response

ENG once again is a easily shillable coin. MUH MIT!!!!!! It INS (my harvard) and dragonchain(muh disney) all have something that normies can talk about to justify buying it. You need a crypto to tell a story or have something easily shillable and all these coins do. As far as the market I am still very concerned about the prices/evaluations of a lot of crypto coins in the top 100 I can only see maybe 2-3 coins that could justify their current market caps and BNB is obviously one of them.

CMT "The cybermiles foundation is a non for profit" They just want business to use their platform since its designed to be cheap and fast instead of slow ETH . You may ask how would they make any money then? Well the foundation has a incentive to perform well for their parent company 5 miles who has a large stake in it.

alright well what about nuls

I was referring to ENG's actual use case. I doubt hype will bring it anywhere because the team is not spending much resources on marketing. Retards who buy it because they think it's a privacy coin backed by MIT can only increase the price so much. Real adoption is what will drive the price to the moon.

The coins that justify their current market cap are great but are unlikely to moon much more. They're tied to their fundamentals. You can expect Binance to grow, but it will only grow so much.

I told my VIP guys a while back I love supply chain coins and platform coins. Platform coins are amazing because honestly it is extremely hard to put a proper market cap evaluation on them and determine what they are worth. These coins are essentially the true "growth" coins of the crypto world because everything is based on their potential in the future if they were the chain that is widely adopted and most of them get compared to being the next "ETH" or NEO" which leads to huge market caps. I like NULS but just be aware the team is a few asians in basically an apartment working on this project so just be cautious.

Okay, thanks. It's been awhile when I've been watching them, seems like it's good time to refresh some memories. Anyway it has quite low marketcap and haven't boomed yet. Since guys behind it have been making real life shit for long time there's no reason why this could not boom on a next bull run.

Any thoughts on dedicated blockchains like HPB / BNN?

ENG actual use case is needed in the future . They do not have much competition right now and I would say I am bullish on the coin however I do not own it currently. Binance can easily continue to grow it is sitting around 1 billion cap and its real life competitors who deal with equity trades and company stock plans like fidelity, etrade etc are 10-20x higher than what binance is valued at. Binance actually has more accounts than some of those brokerage firms. The biggest thing is most of those companies make their lions share of profits from margin trading. If Binance bring out margin trading they will increase profits tremendously and I would be all in on BNB.

oh man that makes it even better. in no way shape or form should anyone ever underestimate a tiny cramped room full of stinky chinkies

How much do you believe that G20 news that came out where they said they dont want to regulate it heavily?

HPB looks good and no clue on BNN. I do not know enough about these coins to give a real opinion. So many coins in the crypto world anyone that tells you they are expert on all of them is a liar. A bunch of new shitcoins are created each day it is hard to analyze and learn about them all. I spend several days reading about a specific coin I am interested in. I read the white paper , read their entire reddit/telegrams, watch their twitters or any youtube content they put out, etc.

Haha they do appear to be hard working. Crypto needs regulation for mass adoption. We already have so many scams in the crypto world like bitconnect that dumb people knowingly invest money into a ponzi out of greed. The governments will step in "out of protection" for the morons who lose their money to all these alt coin scams and the crypto world has brought regulation upon itself.Just look at the endless amount of ICO moneygrabs and ponzi's out there. I can literally name 5-10 coins right now in the top 300 that are 100% scams.

>I can literally name 5-10 coins right now in the top 300 that are 100% scams.
Go on


It's not even fun going further because there are too many

Seems like this run coincided with that news + a key support line.. I dont know why as it seems all bullish, but it makes me cautious

I will just name some coins off the top of my head that are either extremely shady or just a flat out scam or garbage coin that will be worthless soon enough.

Bitcoin Gold
and my FAVORITE 100% SCAM COIN Patientory

Note that he said DentAcoin and not DENTcoin - the A makes a big difference.

DENT going back to 10c soon - ideal time to buy back in

NXT is actually where segery first started i think?

BTG XVG MONA CENTRA COSS LUX DUBAI. definitely agree its a scam.

Reddcoin is just a dog shit project same with patientory no?

What is your position on Ripple?

What are your thoughts on req? You mentioned omg earlier.This has been hyped to shit lately.

Look up Patientory and then read about the team if you want a good laugh. It is amazing how much money these horrible coins were able to hustle out of idiots during the first crypto boom. Hence why Tia Lopez wanted to make his own.

Yep Huge difference :)

Even urban youths know about ripple. This is the number 1 normie coin in the world. Problem is this coin burned many normies hard it was their first taste of crypto and they got crushed. I personally bought some ripple at around 50 cents right before it blew up and sold about 20 grand worth locally to a few idiots I know who were raving about it. I knew once the average joe and jamal was talking about ripple it was time to get out I sold just near ATH one of my more profitable and successfull trades to be honest.

Request is a good project. It just got way ahead of itself and needed to come back to reality. OMG same thing it exploded out of nowhere and grew too fast. Skateboards and hype only get you so far.

So you are you of the mindset that there isn't a future for Ripple to be highly profitable again or just that there is no immediate future for Ripple to be highly profitable?

Look at the market cap of ripple. It is already insanely high. At most it could probably get back to its All time high around 4 bucks if its lucky and we have a insane bull run. There are so many better opportunities in crypto right now. Find a small cap coin under 500 million with room to run.

Fair enough, thanks for the advice user.

XLM and ADA.


What's up StockBro-ker

As a financial advisor, what do you think of GVT?
Could you imagine being one of the brokers that works with Genesis Vision?

Also, ever hear of DIVX coin/Tomo? If so, thoughts?

Once again these coins are huge market caps. I would prefer to find sub multi billion cap coins that have room to grow. I think the team behind ADA is great and XLM is very solid project in its own right. ADA is probably a little too ambitious and it will be years before they even sniff a profit. It would not be a bad idea to own a small percentage of your portfolio in large caps but me personally I will not be tieing up my precious funds in coins that will be really restricted in how much they can grow once you are over 4-5 billion you start getting real assessments.

I hear ya, they just feel like "safer holds." But they certainly do tie up funds that could be allocated to other coins.

I just purchased 1k worth of STORM. Gaming currency. One advisor is a Bittrex owner. Familiar with it?

A coin like GVT or even QASH/Jibrel is highly needed in the crypto world. One major problem right now is the difficulty of getting large amounts of money into the crypto world and on exchanges. Think about the hassle and limits you have to get a small amount on coinbase or gemini just to purchase BTC or ETH to buy alts. Liquidity is extremely low in the crypto world hence why the price of bitcoin can be moved with just a small amount of money by 1 whale. No clue about DIVX or Tomo sorry.

Thoughts on XEM for short term trade? Listed on Binance opens up hella volume. Looks like good time to jump in.

Haha of course I familiar with STORM I owned it as recently as a week ago and it is just a matter of time till they get listed on bittrex obviously. Check out my discord for my free power rankings I release to the public after my VIP guys have a chance to accumulate if they wish. GVT, QASH, STORM, all have made the list. The direct link is on my twitter @welambonow

I wish you luck with that endeavor. XEM is one of those coins that has hung around in the top 10-15 for a long time and yet nobody ever talks about it.

You sound... unenthusiastic lol. Do you disagree?

Nice will do. Appreciate the feedback. It's tough to get a straight forward and informed opinion around here. Should we talk about Link? KIDDING.

But a real one. Haters are gonna hate... but what do you think about DGB? Supposedly that IOS wallet is coming sometime soon. And I really liked what the CEO says.

Thoughts on validity of TA?

zero coin


and of course PETRO

You are going to be competing against whales and bots on a coin that is heavily controlled by just a few big players during a time when BTC is extremely volatile. I personally would not attempt it.

>Think about the hassle and limits you have to get a small amount on coinbase or gemini just to purchase BTC or ETH to buy alts.

DIVX is aiming to fix this problem. You should look into it.

Fair enough. What do you recommend in the immediate short term? I want to flip 0.5 BTC

The chart of DGB looks gross and screams P&D coin. I do not know anything about this coin to give a true opinion. TA in crypto in my opinion is worthless. The volume on exchanges has already been proven to be largely fake which was a concern I expressed with my VIP guys months ago. It also was a clear signal that the dropping volume we were headed for a dip but I did not expect a full on crash it happened so fast even I did not take near as much profits as I should have. Also T/A with shitcoins is a joke the caps and volume are fake as hell. One reason you will notice coins that are known frauds or scams do not drop as hard during crashes is because the people running the scam have nobody to sell too and there would be no point in crashing their own coin even more. The biggest scam coins typically hold up well during the worst of times because the entire supply is basically controlled by one or two people who will eventually trade with themselves create a bunch of artificial volume and boost the price up huge so that some sucker/noob comes along and says wow "XXX shitcoin is up" huge better buy some. Same reason BCC randomly would pump because it was the bitconnect guys trading with themselves trying to get people to think their might be a rebound so they could unload the remaining few coins in the supply for a few bucks.

I mean CMT is supposed to be releasing a new website this week and some test net data that shows favorable results compared to coins like ETH and Qtum you could possible play that short term but its my long term hold personally. There is going to be GTO wallet intergration with UPLIVE soon and I think teeka may send out a "buy signal" like he has done in the past with ZEN so that could be another play.

scams do not drop as hard during crashes

Makes so much sense.

What about TA for bitcoin and larger coins less likely to be manipulated? Thanks for the thread man.

Yep people do not understand this for some reason. There is nobody to sell the scam shitcoins too during a crashing market. They just sit and hold during these times and the price does not drop much because there is no volume sometimes they will even pump because its the creators trying to draw attention during all the chaos and they will trade their own supply back and forth to create an artificial pump. TA in my opinion is not that important in crypto. This market is all about hype and news. Market sentiment indicators is much bigger deal to me than some charts with some T/A guy drawing all over it saying this is gonna happen blah blah blah and then when they are wrong they point out a million other graphs that say another thing its a big joke. There is a pretty known guy on twitter that post probably 50 times a day charts every few minutes its laughable. I prefer fundamentals, working products, solid teams, news that will drive the price over TA.

it all depends on BITCOIN continuing to move up. In a perfect world BTC would gradually keep slowly moving up allowing alts to gain with it
if bitcoin rises to fast alts get killed
when it rises and then stays stagnant for a little while alts tend to catch up and rise

"TA in my opinion is not that important in crypto. This market is all about hype and news. Market sentiment indicators is much bigger deal to me than some charts with some T/A guy drawing all over it saying this is gonna happen blah blah blah and then when they are wrong they point out a million other graphs that say another thing its a big joke. There is a pretty known guy on twitter that post probably 50 times a day charts every few minutes its laughable. I prefer fundamentals, working products, solid teams, news that will drive the price over TA."

GOOD STUFF could you share a good person to follow on twitter or website for good research. ty

Thoughts on WTC?

This is the million dollar question, but I'm interested in your opinion: how much of a retrace do you expect on BTC right now before it really rises?

Thank you!


myself on twitter @welambonow or @cryptocole @dougpolkpoker is a pretty funny guy.

coinmarketcal for events
bitcointalk forums
Veeky Forums biz
coinmarketcapI like supply chain coins. Holding a blend of 4-5 of them like I posted earlier is a good idea.
I do not see bitcoin going below 6800-7200 at some point when BTC drops so low "Alts" become so cheap that big money steps in buys them up at major discounts.

However that being said still tons and tons of coins that are way overvalued or should actually be worthless right now. I see value in maybe 10-12 coins right now out of the top 500 lol.

Thanks for your time and thoughts. Much appreciated.

No problem keep the questions coming. Also people need to make sure that they have a nice balance to their portfolio to avoid massive losses because like I said on twitter if your holdings dip 50% you need them to go up 100% to recover. A 80% dip like some alt coins took needs a 400% gain to be breakeven.

Bring on the memes marines !

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LINK marines welcome

your thoughts on privacy coins

my obsession is zer

Does EOS stand a chance?

i stopped looking at eos months ago when BLUE ethereum called them out

bearish on privacy coins. Will have lots of scrutiny by governments who will threaten exchanges to delist them due to "terrorism" and under the guise of preventing money laundering and drug money. Not to mention privacy coins are extremely over saturated there are so many of them all with similar features. If I had to buy one it would be either ZEN or XMR.

Not a fan of EOS and that creep associated with them Brock Pierce scares me away. Also they have to compete with 2-3 of the best teams in all of crypto I do not like their chances.

Hello welambonow. I may actually join your paid group, advice solid - CND is solid you say, but you also say a 80 % correction is now a 400% rise. Help a brother out - sell or hold at current price of 8c?

Were you in San Juan?

What will happen after the Death cross?

Message me on my discord and I will give you more advice. It is hard to say without knowing your risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity needs, and overall portfolio value. You can find the link to my discord on my twitter @welambonow. Just pm on there your questions and background. No ? What is the question?

How do you recommend a complete newfag get into crypto? meaning where should I be buying/selling/trading
Where can I learn to research new coins and make informative decisions on whats going to rise and fall.

What are your thoughts on a project like populous (PPT), which is seeking to bring invoice factoring to the blockchain?

Also what do you think of Veritaseum?

>Death cross
Once again when it comes to crypto I do not think T/A and moving averages is that big of deal. Instead pay attention to market sentiment right now most people you talk to are bearish and are feeling the pain of losing 50-90% from ATH. Usually when it comes to anything in life do the oppposite of the crowd. If everyone is selling or bearish this is the time to buy and vice versa when you start hearing urban youths discussing ripple and how they are getting rich off crypto its time to take profits.

i have $700 trying to help my brother so im going all in your top 5 picks......boy they sure are good

i understand dyor, thanks anyway you are a true blessing for sharing with us.

I know you are a day trader but what coins would you recommend for long-term holds? (1-5 years)

Make deposits into coinbase or gemini from a linked bank account. Credit cards have been banned for the most part unfortunately so doing a wire or ach is basically your only option. Purchase some ETH or BTC and use a portion to purchase alt coins. Find alt coins with real use case and solid teams that are trading near or at ICO price with reasonable market caps. Avoid trying to time the market and do not chase pumps or get greedy. Hardest thing is to know when to take profits.

Hahahahahaha >urban youth

That’s a phrase you don’t see every day on 4chinz

What about skycoin, spaco and suncoin?

PPT and Hive both want to do invoicing. Do yourself a favor and check out the CMT white paper. CMT can do the same thing and more. No thoughts on Veritaseum.

With that small amount of money just pick 1-2 coins and hold. You will get raped with transnational fees trying to trade or transfer money.Holding a blend of the supply chain coins as sort of a "ETF/mutual fund blend" would not be a bad idea. Same thing with all the different platform coins. I personally am super bullish on gifto and cybermiles long term. I also see holding some BNB and BTC as core positions to reduce volatility on the overall portfolio would not be a bad idea.

SKYCOIN has huge hype behind it. Can they deliver ? Who knows it could be a giant elaborate scam to sell their own equipment. No idea about the other two. Skycoin I guess is not a bad pick up for a portfolio if you want a super high risk coin for a small section of your overall portfolio.

Sir any thoughts about Ethlend ($LEND)?