Redpill me on Ambrosus. Anyone see this taking off any time this year?

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Supply chain platform that will likely have masternodes, has a ridiculous team with guys who literally invented IOT, chad ceo, and has potentially huge partnerships like Nestle and already has a large coffee company. Is really undervalued compared to its competitors and food/pharma on blockchain makes sense. Also is a swiss based project that hasn't gone very heavy into marketing yet, which can be good for buying cheap.

I'm currently a bag holder so inb4 shill.

It's a Swiss based supply chain managment company. Team is as stacked as they come and all have reputations to burn if they pull anything fishy. Ambrosus states that they have a few nda's currently but that could go either way which is why the token is still kind of cheap, they did announce that they singed an 'mou' with the Swiss coffee alliance which is a sort of gentlemens agreement to give Ambrosus a seat at the table to see if they could Collaborate. My only speculation is that Amb wouldn't have released the news about the Swiss coffee alliance if they weren't certain that it would follow through, it would look really bad if it didnt.

Oh fuck i forgot to change my trip code, I was larping as the bear cocksucker earlier.

One look at that god tier logo and you don't think this coin is going to moon like crazy?

jk but seriously, I think they're a 100x better than any other supply chain. VEN, WTC, TRAC, etc are certainly useful but they pretty much all offer the same product. AMB's goal is to use complicated sensors along the supply chain that captures data such as protein composition, chemical levels, etc. If they succeed in integrating the hardware with their blockchain, this shit is worth $20B at least.

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step aside chad-ceo

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i keep hearing this argument, but who is even really that worried about sensors on their shit? even pharma doesn't go to extremes like this.

DAILY fucking reminder

NO price action for you AMBlets this month OR next month Even pumpers dumped their own shit on themselves yesterdy.

>B-But Chad CEO
>B-but solid team
>B-but good project

All three above are a dime a dozen. Almost every team has rockstars in it.

>B-But sensors
If creating sensors was that easy someone would have done it by now, irregardless of blockchainl IBM just created a CPU just out of nowehere

Supply chain for startups is supply chain for dummies.

If you want to make a quick buck go Modum. I told you AMBlets that modum has a high growth rate. It's already 12% today.

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All fucking star Vlad Trifa. Based Swiss God

Non first world countries where counterfeit, low quality and contaminated food shipments are way more common. Also things like sea food shipping to guarantee freshness of high grade ingredients like tuna will benefit a lot from this. The sensors themselves are relatively inexpensive.

Vlad who?

Oh he has a failed startup and now partnering with Chad the anti-government rebel

All of this.

Once Masternodes are announced this shit is going to 2 billion in a week.

As soon as NDA's start rolling out, it will hit 10 billion by Summer.

so like a more involved version of WABI. why would this process need a token, could a company not just offer this service as a third party to both a buyer and supplier for a decent price?

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If you want something centralized with easily erasable and editable data, sure that is an option.

Or you could offer an incentive to run a decentralized network and ensure data is immutable.

Who will maintain the block chain then with no token payouts??

Their token economics is not fully fleshed out yet but they've indicated that they are very interested in promoting and incentivizing a strong dapp development community and presumably it would revolve around their token economic system to encourage participation.

They're also working on this too, and it's progress is way ahead of schedule. There's a demo of it that looks really good so far.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i'll have to do some reading, thanks user i appreciate you not replying with "OMG FUCKING READ; TEHIO AWHITEPAPER"


Someone bought and pumped over 800k Ambers last two days and disnt see any price action. Now he’s dumping the rest of this garbage back.

AMBlets are delusional as with any else investing in supply chain. No serious company is going to want to deal with volatile token prices

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>attempted pump and dump failed

Is that supposed to be a bad thing? Why are you so retarded user?

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You stinky moron pajeet. AMB is so bad it doesn’t even gain investo interest in a pump and dump scheme. This coin is basically dead as in bottom 10 lowest volume

AMB is like the Theranos of the crypto world. Lots of "potential" talk about revolutionary tech, charismatic ala Donald Trump CEO but its gonna fall down like a house of cards. Big talk no walk.

If you think Vlad Trifa's resume is godlike impressive, then you really haven't researched any other coin or only a few. You probably say that for any woman you meet that she is a 10/10

Tell us who you think is impressive. I would like to hear your thoughts on the coins you have researched.