Enigma Marines

We are finally mooning
All that bleeding....
All that dumping
It was worth it, this coin is still slept on
Wake up faggots, this coin will ring bells in the future

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2K ENG ready to moon
i told people to buy when it was at its lowest, nobody listened
we're starting anons, get ready

someone shilled it to me when it was 2.50 or so months ago
Soon as i bought it went to $4 the next day
I am grateful for that user

ENG is easily one of the best projects in crypto. EVERYBODY should have a stash as part of their long term portfolio.

oops, no sage

:( You almost saged me

Anyways, are you worried about the privacy coins fud? Does it affect ENG

i wouldn't worry about that
it's different than Monero in terms of the offered privacy concept

I bought some ENG a couple weeks ago because I am interested in cryptos that use a cube as their icon

Top 150 ENG holder here. Get in now before the next run up of masternode annoucements before you never will have a chance to own one.

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New blog post is interesting.

>Enigma Marines
>not Enigmarines


+1 for Enigmarines


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I'm liking the chart, anyone free to redpill me on enigga

Off chain 2nd layer protocol to be used in conjunction with another blockchain ie. ETH, NEO etc.

Used to store large amounts of private data without being visible to the nodes. the protocol allows for computations on the data whilst it remains encrypted (secure multi-party computation).



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thank you very much user
I'll wait a bit, then buy 10k's worth of my fiat

No probs second link was meant to be this.


Also worth noting the token will function similar to gas, as a native currency for applications and to pay for computations performed on the protocol.

Arigato, user. Have a good night. Wageslaving and approaching a master's degree keeps me up at odd hours. Thank you for the informative articles.

5k here, I'm ready for my retirement on the back of these genius jews.

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every thing else seems scammy.
no cube no buy

1k reporting in, will I nake it?

yes absolutely... you'll make 1000x the value of ENG!

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>1 ENG being 1k a piece
user I love money but c'mon, would be great though

>mommy mommy milky milky!

>1k reporting in
you will have 1k x the value of 1 ENG token...

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Finally some movement on this coin, it has to moon quite a bit for me though, I bought at $4 ..

>you will have 1k x the value of 1 ENG token
Well yeah user I know, but what will be the value of that 1 token that will multiply times 1k?

Some people bought it @ $8.00 and they will never see that money again. Developers are in Israel and (((they))) just spending your money. Enjoy those bags faggots

>Hey guys they are totally spening your money and not doing anything!
Oh it's you again, you have evidence this time right, you wouldn't just lie on the internet?

Go on their website and check the team and they're all in Israel.

The office is there you absolute retard

bought 7k of these at the absolute bottom. so god damn comfy desu

So? Isreal has some of the best encryption in the world. Israel is responsible for hacking into that one terrorists Iphone in Cali when nobody else could do it. You know what Jews love? Money, why would they scam people when their project could make them billions down the line as opposed to the measly millions they have now. Is all the work they have done just for show? Are the catalyst and white paper they have already produced a smoke screen kek

dont be an idiot. this is 10-20x max

will 20k ENG be enough

>10-20x max
Why that low?

was meant for

Thinking (((they))) wont fleece you. You are a Goyim

> Make thoughtful reply
>....You're dumb!
kick rocks dude, if you could point out a technical flaw to the project maybe I would take you seriously. Let me guess you thinkbSandy Pentland is a Mossad agent as well kek?

Israel is the cybersecurity capital of the world user

market cap is already 130M. a 20x would put it at 2.6 billion which is doable but would make it the largest ERC20 by far

So? The market hasn't even begun to reach its full potential, we're going to go a lot higher than that in the futurer once crypto as a whole gets more investors. Besides Enigma will be used by pretty much the majority of all blockchains so I could see it going higher.

ENG at $25 a pop would be pretty great imho
I really want it to go to say 50 or 60 but it’s not very probable

still one of my favorite projects tho

you're making a lot of assumptions and basically assuming best case scenario

You will learn the hard one day that (((they))) can never be trusted.

Yes, why wouldn't I?

If the medical field ever hops on the blockchain bandwagon, eng will be crucial for medical records and ect. I’m trying to accumulate more as we speak. Gonna dump my prl before the airdop and buy more eng.

Easily user in 3 years time if you forgo the stupid lambo dreams. That's around 2-3 million USD worth and you'll have a high chance of getting masternodes

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Zk-Snarks will kill this project. Sorry.

>e-nig marines

>pronounced "John"

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lol no
user when you FUD, at least do it right

to quote based Zyskind jew:

>Essentially, zkSnarks are good for proving a statement where you already know and see the data. It's great for some use cases, such as proving you correctly sent money you have without revealing the origin/destination address and amount.

But it doesn't allow a distributed network to actually compute over data it can't see, which is much more generic. Think about the computation over people's genomic data - ZK is not enough to solve it.

Also, Zk has other drawbacks such as performance right now. This is not to say Snarks aren't great - they are absolutely amazing, but there are other technologies that someone needs to develop to achieve privacy at scale - and that's where Enigma comes in

also read this: medium.com/@EnigmaMPC/computing-over-encrypted-data-d36621458447