Plan on becoming a shoe reseller on E-bay, any tips Anons?

Plan on becoming a shoe reseller on E-bay, any tips Anons?

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yeah. don't.

Can i ask why

because niggers

Enjoy the FBI busting in your door for not complying with vending laws

Don't do it. You can't undercut competition unless you have a big marketing and stock budget

sell counterfeits.

buy for $14/pair
sell as a $500 pair for $300

this dude actually has a good point lol, if you are gonna sell those faggot limited edition adidas sneakers and the likes your target demographic is gonna be 90% niggers, and do you think those apes are not gonna try to scam you at every turn they can?

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Always keep one step ahead and pray some poor sole buys your wares. Wait till the boot is on the other foot before you sock it to them.


Am going to be purchasing my merchandise at discount stores like Ross, or Marshalls, or Discount Nike/Adidas stores, not Tyrell from across the corner

What do if caught

Do research on how much shoes sell for on eBay. You can do this yourself by going to advanced search, then checking "sold".

Don't overstock on inventory. The worst thing you can do is order too much and not be able to sell.

Also, be careful when ordering from China. The shoes you order may not be up to par on quality, they can be months late, they can outright scam you, etc. Also be aware of customs fees, as it's usually a substantial amount.

It may take a long time to build enough reputation before business starts to pick up. I'd also have a store on Amazon too.

All valid points, wow. Thanks user, appreciate it

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>ebay and paypal steal 10% of ur profit
fuck ebay

i plan on setting up a store, so i think it drops it to 5%, not sure tho

k just be aware of fees

Get ready to learn about the hell that is the ebay dispute resolution process.

Hows that like?

Why not just use stockx lol

Buy high sell low

I banged an escort on ebay, didnt get a proper experience, then reported that I didnt get what I wanted in the transaction

Keep it online. A dude I know on the east side of Indy had a jersey and shoe resale thing going on. Took a slug to the chest from what I assume was a basketball American.