Call me a pajeet again, I dare you

>Call me a pajeet again, I dare you.

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Pajeet lol

>You americans have no respect for the great nation of India! Keep it up and I will show you something that hurts much more than your racial slurs!

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synthol is fucking hilarious

Pajeet pls go

Go poo in the loo

shoo shoo pajeet

momy milky


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Post curry with timestamp or gtfo

bigger bobs than my gf

Open bob

Those forearms holy shit man woe to anyone who unironically uses synthol.

>tfw ill never be this ripped and get gfs

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they aren't, tough.
they inject a chemical into their muscle tissue to make it look bigger...

google "synthol complications" and pray you can keep your breakfast down...

if you want to get fit, take your time and go to Veeky Forums...
blend out the desparation and gayness and you got a pretty nice board to start out with your phsical gains

Wow that guy looks good. How can I get those big muscle?

peak performance

bob on bob
bob on bicept
bob on tricept
bob on trap
pajeet is become bob

hahaha synthol must be cheap as fuck

I use it but, ironically. Am | cool?

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>I am become bobs, the destroyer of vagine

Those looks like the brown version of Dillon Harper's tits