Veeky Forums help me decide between the thinkpad x1 carbon and the apple macbook pro

I'm leaning towards the thinkpad, but I've used a few macbooks before and the touchpad is like nothing else. Also no viruses.

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I got a 15.6" Dell with 8gbs ram, completely wiped Windows off it, installed Linux Mint, and now I own the fastest computer I've ever used

it cost me about $350

Get the 2015 retina Macbook pro. The lack of usb, hdmi, and magsafe power is far worse than the slight perf gain of the 2017 model. Apple has gotten really shit lately.

I have an X1 carbon and it's an excellent laptop. Super slim, unbelievably light, great performance, attractive design.

In my opinion, the advantages of the X1 over the MacBook would be 1) better keyboard with deeper key travel, 2) TrackPoint, 3) has 2 full size USB-A, 2 USB-Cs/Thunderbolt 3, and an HDMI port, and 4) Thinner and lighter than the MBP

Advantages of the MBP would be 1) better, much larger trackpad, 2) higher quality screen, 3) all metal, and 4) runs MacOS (if you consider that an advantage. I don't). .

THIS isn't /g/ if you're trying to start a computer war of faggotry proportions id recommend goin over there, however while the MacBook Pro has a buttery smooth trackpad, unless if you're going to be doing heavy video editing using Final Cut or are doing creative work in general with Adobe, I wouldn't recommend. Truth be told you could very easily trade and manage most of your shit from a preowned MacBook from a few years ago. The 2012 MacBook Pro can be bought for around $500, runs the latest OS and can function very well as an everyday trading computer.

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Not trying to start a laptop war, just posted here as I mostly use laptop for trading. Thanks for that info.

Also the 2012 MacBook Pro has an all metal exterior, older key style for more travel, regular USB ports plus a solid screen and a diverse selection of IO.

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>came here to post this

No problem, happy to be of help

i have x1 yoga

dropped it too many times

its mil spec 810

ibm and nasa approved fuck mac

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Okay thanks.
I'm going the X1.
Is there any specific upgrades or options I need?
Or will the cheapest one be enough?

x series is too good litrally

2 years no issues WHATSOEVER

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x1 yoga is amost same except for tablet mode. it was for my job Veeky Forums crypto bumming it

if you have extra cash i would say yoga tablet x1 is worth the invetsment

if not x1 carbon is good but limited in my opinion

to me it made a huge dfference LTE option.....i browse the internet everywhere i go. sim card slot works like a charm and i have unlimited data so not too bad

i found carbon fiber sticker on ebay. another great purchase was screen protectot from germany $40 also ebay. those 2 accessories really made a i said 2 years and omg really worth it

bill was $2200
2 years ago

i7 6600u


ssd nvme 250gb

LTE option

dropped it and i also take in the shower but i dont submerge it only to listen to music

Also also, make sure you get the 2nd Gen "Unibody" MacBook Pro 2012, as the battery, hard drive, and ram are user replaceable/uprgradable with the ram going up to 16gb and hard drive naturally supporting sata SSDs. I mention this because there is also a 3rd Gen "Retina" MacBook Pro 2012 made at the same time though tends to run a bit more expensive, that is not user upgradable in any form or fashion; it's all soldered. The main difference between the two appearance wise is that the "Unibody" one has the words "MacBook Pro" at the bottom of the screen on the glass while the "Retina" has a black piece of plastic from the hung attached there.

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8 GB memory and 256 GB storage is probably fine. I opted for 16 GB memory and 512 GB storage, which was a very pricey upgrade, but I needed the extra RAM and space because I often run virtual machines. Just remember you can upgrade the storage but you can't upgrade the RAM so make sure you get enough.

I failed to join the BAT ICO because of Windows.
I left my wallet to download the ether blockchain while I was sleeping, but when I woke up my room smelled like melted metal and there was a Bsod saying it's gathering info, stuck at 100%.
Cost me $30,000 for that day alone. So I bought my first apple product, the mbp. It's nothing special for the price but no Bsod either

ran apple my whole life until i just bought my first windows 10 rig. hate it. hate everything about it. revs up at any work at all. lags when playing netflix. cmd prompt randomly pops up making me think its hacked... its fucked. selling and going back to mac.

Only real chads choose Alienware, betas choose everything else. Are you a beta, faggot?

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What one do I get? Gen 2, 3, 5 or 6 or one of the other ones?

Should i get a msi gt75vr?

x220 with an IPS display

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This is the only correct answer. Also it is a nice investment considering it will probably have Libreboot eventually.

I've got the X1 carbon. Had a couple of warranty issues. But I've had them with all my computers. I just called up lenovo and they got me to run a diagnostic. Saw it was an issue and sent a technician to my house to repair the computer in 30mins. Really happy with them so far.

What is the fan like? Loud? Get hot?

that's what i have, and an older thinkpad w520 on steroids. Works fine.

Modern laptops have some form of built-in spyware and libreboot gets rid of it. It's very difficult to do and so /g/entlemen will pay a lot for it.

Never notice the fan. The computer has always been cool. Most intensive thing I've done is play World of warcraft. But it didn't get noticeably hot during that, and is always very comfortable to touch.

Go for a cheap 2017 Macbook air.
They are sturdy and have insane batteries.
Macbook pro are absolutely useless unless you run ressource intensive tasks.
If you just use a web browser and office applications there is no point having something beyond, the only problem is that the CPU is kind of old but it's not like it matters to trade shitcoins and shitposting.

>no viruses

This isn't true faggot, they just make up less of a market and viruses usually intend to hit as many people as possible

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Thanks user, good write up

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>Linux Mint

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Get a Bluetooth mouse, the track pad is kinda garbage. Like not bad, but to click it, the whole pad has to be depressed. They might have changed it on the newer models though

its more debian less ubuntu its alright desu

Just install minimal Ubuntu, then X, i3, Emacs and a browser. Tada!

I have x260 and I'm loving it. x220 is a bit heavy for my taste

>t. /g/tard

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Braiblet detected

If you're not into Emacs and a tiling WM, you shouldn't even bother with computers

last time i used ubuntu was years ago kek. If i were to switch from debian, I would probably go to arch.

I prefer Ubuntu over Debian because of longer support (LTS versions only). I don't want to reinstall an OS every two years.. On desktop it's CentOS 7 (with i3) for me thou

MBP 100%
that thing is so sexy it's unreal, worth every cent

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Waiting for the news XPS 15 desu.