ITT : I apologize for my REQ mistakes

Dear REQ,

I apologize for only buying 40,000 of you at .05 cents.

I apologize for selling 20,000 of you at .10 cents.

I apologize for not selling 20,000 of you at $1, and tethering that money.

I really, deeply apologize for not buying another 20,000 of you at .14 cents.

I have wronged you. I am sorry.

I will never, ever live it down.

Now, I get to watch you flourish and grow to $5, $10, and beyond. I know it will happen, just to haunt me forever.

I wish it was different, but here we are.

Fuck. The hindsight. She burns.

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Req is shit. Won't be adopted and token is useless.

Just keep telling yourself that as it crosses a 3 billion dollar market-cap.

>Won't be adopted and token is useless.
It's already adopted and it's useless without the token.

Why you apologize?
you have 80000 req now, this is good

No. Read again. I still hold to 20K from .05.

So we agree its a dumpster fire

Right, it's not 80k I see my mistake. but it's not exactly 20k, you have 18k: 40000 * 0.5 = 20000,
20000 * 0.1 = 2000. 20000 - 2000 = 18000

No. You made 2 claims and both were almost the opposite of what it was.

It's already adopted by 42 companies so "never adopted" is bullshit. And the coin is literally necessary for the protocol to work so the coin is the opposite of useless. The system is useless without the token given the token genuine value.

I sold all my REQ before they start burning tokens. Even if the chance is minimal, I don't want to see my tokens burned.

>Not burning your tokens on purpose.

You realize that burned tokens are worth almost twice the price of normal ones right? Just like roasted coffee.

I think you're confused. Burned tokens no longer exist, they are essentially deleted.

State of Veeky Forums summed up in this thread perfectly.


>he doesn’t know
user the burnt tokens get forked into Crispy REQ

So you're saying I convinced you it is time to sell all your req as in your words its a useless token. You're welcome faggot

Good call I heard they are indiscriminate about what tokens they burn. They will start with coins in wallets though.

req will dump below ICO price after friday so you can buy as many as you want

fucking shitcoin

The cheap FUD is not even funny anymore. Luckily the decisions on this board have no influence on price movements anyway.

Maybe we can use linkpool and oraclize our tokens in one place so that the chance of our tokens getting burned is lower ?

Buy now. If it goes higher then you fucked up. Just remember you're a failure if this moons AGAIN without you.

I will apologize at $60/token.
Hopefully eoy.

Its funny. Triggered

Anything to help. I don't want to lose my few tokens after I securely put them in my loaf wallet.

$60 where did you come up with that number? Need to get past $2 first huh?

Whats happening friday?

Tokens are burned when a transaction happen. They won't burn random tokens from a random wallet. If you don't use their service your tokens won't be burned period.
>Nice b8 tho


if they won't be burned it means they are not used by the network, therefore it makes the tokens useless. why do they exist?

When YOU make a transaction you burn REQ tokens (or portion of a REQ token, depending on the market price) which are
a) automatically bought on Kyber dex if don't have REQ
b) on your ether wallet
FUD is that your tokens can be burned even if you don't use their network. This is not true.

So, a competitor of REQ can accumulate huge amount of tokens over time in order to decrease the amount of available tokens for transaction and crash the project because transactions could not be made ?

No, that just would pump up the token price to the Jupiter hence decrease the amount of tokens burned per a transaction (from say 1 REQ to 1e-18 REQ)

Fucking hell stop replying to that retard. He's obviously a virgin who likes to troll.

I know he's trolling, I'm replying just to debunk fud some people can obviously fell for.

Nice fud. Token that get burnt will be market bought from kyber during transaction.