Okay guys, who here fell for this? Right now it's trading at 0.0039 XLM, that is a 98% fall from its top at 0.182
Did you really believe someone would buy your worthless bags for 1 dollar each?

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Guilty, down $3.4k, I’m in agony

>Guilty, down $3.4k, I’m in agony
I put 1 ETH and 1 LTC into this scam I hope that "whale" kills himself

i got in early and out slightly ahead. could have made much more but i held too long

$70....bought at 0.06...

Anyone fancy hitting the XTCC twitter with dickpics in revenge?

I fall for some stupid shit but never even considered this one hahaha

Fucking idiots deserve it I tried to tell everyone


Lol if you think this is the end for XTCC, you don't even know what's coming

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Please, I need help coping

What’s coming?


Same. I was in like 3 threads trying to warn these brainlets. Never again.

cant even sell if you want to kek

Not the end of the world, pumped to 0.01 with only one day of bizfags getting in. Just dump when it hits cmc and does the same. Market cap going up by couple hundred thousands is what's moving the price so much. It might actually be true that once the weak hands sell its up from there. Stop bitching , it's community driven, so if the community is Shit then so will the outcome. Look in the mirror gents. I hope this coin makes it mainstreame so people who
Sold low can learn the lessons I did when i sold ant shares at .40 cents because the devs were online talking shit


Saw in the reddit post by them they are aiming to get coins to approx $5eoy by coin burns and additions to other exchanges. They aim to follow the path of monero.

If they actually mentioned a price target then they are 100% a scam. Fucking lol.

in the "part 2" of his posts he literally admitted to scamming by forgotting to change IP and answering to himself acting like someone else
how come you still bought after that?

I was THIS close to buying. Even moved my XLM from Bittrex to the Stellarport wallet. Then I backed out and tried moving my coins back to Bittrex but apparently you need to specify a memo on the transaction and my coins got lost on the blockchain. Thankfully Bittrex recovered them and sent them back to my exchange wallet. I learned my lesson after getting dumped on AMB. Hopefully you guys learned your lesson as well :(

Have fun fomoing in when it hits 0.1 XLM again. Now is the perfect time to buy, when it’s cheap.

Starting to feel like the pump wasnt even real. XTCC seems to be, but willy and this pump is not whats going to make this take off.

Real project that some "whale" tried to fake a pump off

I’ll have to just hold, fuck selling

no thx I'm happy trading BTC on leverage while waiting for alt season

that's the spirit, hold the line young marine.

As if I have a choice lmao

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Aren't they planning on burning coins? And there is a hard fork sometime as well. As this coin stands right now it only has 1 billion coins (probably ~25-30 million in circulation). There is plenty of room to make it if the team is competent.

Anyway, i have a little over 90k of these, but bought at 0.07 XLM. If it goes to 3 cents I make money.