Be rich

>be rich
>still go bald

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> be rich
> still have to look at poor people

That's Logan Paul right?
Well his dad is bald af, and Logan is right at the age when the baldness gene kicks in, so makes sense.

not only balding but the proud owner of a Hapsburg jaw

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Why do blonde haired guys go bald a lot?

T. Brown haired master race

We aren't niggers.

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Is that Casey Nicetat?

Logan Paul

Dude needs to get on Finasteride+Minoxidil as fast as possible if he wants to keep his hair.

Remember that hair is 80% of your appearance. If you are under 40 and bald it's immediately impossible to be more than a 6/10 even if you are buff as fuck and dress amazingly you are still just an average dude.

Meanwhile if you're buff with long hair and a guitar you're a fucking 9/10 or 10/10 and you can fuck everyone you want.

Don't ruin your life, take the fucking pills.

I equate Finasteride+Minoxidil as taking anti-HIV pills to ensure it doesn't grow into aids. But once you have reached aids it's too late and you can't do anything anymore.

Don't be retarded take your fucking pills.

There is nothing money can't fix.

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bald to less bald? meh

Don't know this guy but I googled "Logan Paul" and watched pictures on google pictures and EVERY one of his pictures has those cliche "Hiding baldness" haircuts. He probably has been balding for a long time ~5 years already and is just hiding it.

He could have avoided this embarrassing display by just taking his Finasteride+Minoxidil when he still had most of his hair.

or you can not be poor and get a hair transplant instead of pumping yourself with hormone blockers

You know that after a hair transplant you are forced to take finasteride right? Otherwise that new hair will also fall out.

Finasteride stops you from balding and slowly regrows some hair.

>hairlets unironically view their condition in the same light as aids

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That looks rough. The d-bol, tren, and stanazol didn't help either

Baldness is going to be cured next decade. Check out Dr. Brotzu lotion. It comes out this year and is supposedly able to reverse all hairloss that one has experienced in the past 5 years. Fidia is the Italian company that will be selling it. It is minoxidil on steroids.

Logan & Jake Paul are the definition of white trash. The real-life Beverly Hillbillies.

I believe it when I see it. Finasteride+Minoxidil has made me go from Norwood 2 to Norwood 1 and stayed there for 5 years already.

So we basically already have "baldness stoppers" But it only gives you a slight regrowth not a full recovery. I don't see a simple fucking hair product fix it.

We need full blown CRISPR gene-editing+stemcell treatments to fully cure balding since it's actually a genetic reaction from hair cells.

the faggot should shave it but can't because of his retarded userbase of 13 year olds

shaving my head when i started thinning has been one of the best decisions ever. sure balding sucks but i prefer not to concern myself with shitty topicals or whatever

if you're into college chicks and you're in the US, you're fucked. for everything else it's not much of a big deal

t. buzzcut baldlet who lived in 4 countries and into MILFs

>if you're into college chicks

user 90% of men are primarily attracted to 20-something women. I'm glad bald worked for you but for some people (like me) it looks like complete shit.

>Baldness is going to be cured next decade
you people sound like the herpes crowd

>herpes is going to be cured in the next 5 years
>for real this time!

fair stuff, user

honestly it seems that the US is pretty crazy about that. i haven't had such a problem in any of the countries i've lived in.

even in fucking Japan, surprisingly. Japanese men actually bald a lot compared to other East Asian nations but they either do ridiculous combovers or spray their hair, lol

20-somethings in Japan, especially early 20s are borderline retarded. it's like talking with a 14-15 y.o. western roastie.

28-40 y.o. career women tho, fuck yeah

>male pattern baldness sets in
>not shaving your entire head and owning it

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He'd look fine if he shaved it. Even if he wasn't balding he should shave it. His hair looks like fucking shit.

fin has nasty side effects, sometimes permanent
why would you lose your libido and ability to get it up, hair will be useless then
nevermind the brainfog that can also be a side effect

>be bald and get ripped
>get to cuck the wives of men who destroyed their dick with fin

Come on, you know white people look like shit bald, unless you have Jason Statham-tier facial genetics

he's a 23 year old Omega Chad
>over 6 foot
>blonde blue eyes
>alpha as fuck
I can't ever criticize his work because it would just make me feel like I sound like a jealous faggot.

And even he needs to hide his baldness.

Kinda proves the point that baldness removes 5 points on your 10 point attractiveness scale. Even with all those features if he was bald all his female viewers would instantly unsub

im impressed at how well he's hid his hairline for so long desu

>You know that after a hair transplant you are forced to take finasteride right? Otherwise that new hair will also fall out.
That's not how hair transplants work dipshit, they cut out DHT-immune follicles on the back of the head and put them in the front, it doesn't matter if you take finasteride or not.

baldness is 50% of masculinity
the other 50% is being ripped

its actually a good thing....of course pussy bois dont understand this.

also indicates HIGH TEST

Long hair looks feminine as fuck lmfao


Minoxidil foam alone works for me. It costs $60 for a 6 month supply pack.

Not every looks like The Rock.
That being said, nothing looks worse than a young man trying to hide his bald spots with combovers. It's either get a transplant or shave it off. Drugs only make you impotent and prolong the inevitable.

Faggot mentality, no wonder you draw comparison to HIV

That's why you work at it you punk ass little bitch.

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>old man trying to hide bald spot with combover?

me m8s got a literally 10/10 gf and he is 28 and balding badly

I took finasteride for 5 years. It didn't make me impotent, but it was harder to get a boner sometimes. My jizz was more watery than usual. Also, it made me last much longer when having sex (since my libido wasn't very high, I took longer to cum). During that time I fucked a lot of lesbians. Really makes me think. My personality also changed, I become more sociable and started to like gossiping and receiving attention from others.

In case you don't know, Finasteride increases estrogen levels by about 10%. But also increases testosterone levels since your body stops converting testosterone into DHT.

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kys rat faced kike

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I've been shaving my head since I was 16, 24 now in the mean time I had sex with over 50 women. Now gtfo hippie, go play some guitar to your 3/10 gf

*High DHT, which is androgyn.
>You're actually lower test than when you'd have a full head of hair


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Hair is HUGE part of aesthetics as a man.

If you're bald you'll never be considered handsome. Look at all the guys that woman go crazy over: Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, David Beckham, etc... All of them have amazing hair.

When was the last time you saw the male lead in a romantic film played by a bald guy? It never happens. The ideal man isn't bald. Baldness will detract from your looks whether you want to admit it or not.

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How insecure are you that your own Ideal of a man is what women watch in a romantic movie ?

Youre whole being screams a pleaser. Someone who submits.

Kelly manages without it

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that girl is 5/10 tbqh

thats why she dumped him for julian assange, who has a lot of hair

You sound like the insecure one here. I'm just going by the ideal of what most women find attractive. It's not some ugly bald cunt.

I mean just because SOME guys can pull it off doesn't mean it's a good look. I think Kelly would get waaaaaay more pussy with the traditional surfer bro long hair.

Yes exactly. You go by what women think they want. This is the most submitting thing you can do.

Of course everybody will prefer to have a nice head of hair, but do you need to get great looking girls ? No. Its more important what kind of vibe and feeling youre giving the woman and being a submissive man who worries too much about his hair.. The pussy turns into the sahara desert.

That's free advice, kid. Take it.

True, he is actually the only bald man who can pull it off.

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David Beckham has a receding hairline/keeps it shaved lol. But yeah, I guess.

>You sound like the insecure one here.
No, he's right. You sound like a total pussy who's terrified that girls won't like him.

Yeah okay buddy. I'm sure on some planet a balding neckbeard fedoralord can pull supermodels with sheer charisma and confindence, but in the real world looks actually do matter. Women notice shit like that whether you admit it or not.

Insecurity has nothing to do with it. I don't think you should be insecure about your hair. You should just be aware that it's an important feature that women (and men) will judge you on.

Freddy Ljunberg also looks good bald but he's literally a male model. Most guys will not be able to pull it off and will end up looking either like a skinhead thug or a pedo.

I imagined this dude bald and he immediately drops to a 6/10 at best.

To delusional balding people. PLEASE try fin+minoxidil. Don't fuck your life up man.

>he doesnt know pamela anderson

seeStop pretending that you don't care if girls don't like you. Everyone cares. It's human nature.

Most random reply ever.

There are more important things to worry about you pussy whipped faggot. You must be ugly as shit because you keep insisting that ugly guys can't be bald. Quit being an insecure cuckhold that bows down to every pussy you come across. The only people who give a shit about your hair more than you are other guys who are just as insecure.

This is funny. You are funny, user.

All you people claiming bald is ok. Watch this video and real the comments. The top comment says it all.

If you are bald you look like a fucking pedo and if you have hair you are a pussy slayer.

Same clothes, same lighting, same person only difference is hair.

Don't underestimate this shit. Hair is the most important part of your appearance.

Do you care about your appearance at all? Are you saying that everyone should just be a slob and forget about shaving, showering, working out, dressing nicely, etc...

Just because you care about your appearance and put effort into the way you look doesn't mean you're insecure. It means you're aware of how the world works. Looks matter a whole lot more than you think - and I don't just mean in romantic relationships.

Read it again hippieboi

>t. looksmaxxxing beta faggot who still stutters when he talks to girls

I don't know what to say... I'm married to a 10/10 and never shaved my head. Good for you that you fucked 50 women.

kek, full of alpha puccy bois in this thread
try being bald at fucking 21 and then you can talk
i can understand that being bald once you are a grown ass man is not a problem but being in your prime and bald is another thing

are you still taking it?
i hear most people get side effects at one point or another. some people get it almost instantly, while with others it takes a couple of months/years.

Nothing to say just trying to tell you your theory is false and me and most of guys i know consider longhaired males betas or weak

Being bald is based. Crypto Normie pleb filter

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That means 0 testosterone and super low libido.
It will turn you into an soy-boy

You dont deserve your baldness if you act like a woman about It, grow some balls you fag

I started taking it when I was 20 and went off at 25. I'm in my 30s and I still have all my hair, Minoxidil (foam) alone works for me.

The side effects were subtle, it took a while to start noticing them. In the beginning you become euphoric as you notice that your hair is growing back, and maybe that prevents you from paying attention to the side effects.

The side effects aren't necessarily bad. As I said earlier, it made me last longer when having sex. I could fuck for hours without cumming. There were times, however, when I could not ejaculate, and that was becoming a problem. Also, I became more extroverted, which isn't entirely bad. I felt I needed attention, so I started to go out out a lot and meet people. The problem is, most women that felt attracted to me were emotionally unstable lesbians or feminazis. I had a decent sex life, but it was impossible to find a waifu and have a more serious relationship. I noticed some cognitive changes too. I stated reading more novels and watching more movies and and became less interested in math and coding. All this was reversed after I stopped taking the pills.

Here's an interesting anecdote. I met my wife when I was on finasteride. We were friends and she never felt attracted to me until I stopped taking it. My behavior changed a bit when I went off of it, I became more masculine. I believe even my skin, voice, posture, and body odor may have changed. All of a sudden, my wife was attracted to me and we started dating. She's very feminine, high estrogen and low test.

>western men talking about hair like the feminized faggots they are
Why don't you grow some balls you pathetic scum?

>being this mad at not having hair
I can only imagine how you must be seething with rage everytime some surfer at the beach with luscious long hair walks past with his 9/10 gf. You'll probably kill yourself soon anyway.

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>Veeky Forums is now frivolous Cosmo talking
If you are a man worried about balding you are an insecure faggot and the complete oposite of what a smart western man should be

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minoxidil causes Gout. Finasteride raises Estrogen level.

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>believing that bullshit
How many presidents have been bald?

Bald men are just genetic trash that should be culled desu. Don't reproduce and pass on your shitty genes.

love are kennedy
love him

>Genes have already passed for hundred thousand years
Just confess you are a little fag who cares about hair like a woman, a truly beta faggot

Minoxidil doesn't have any sides lmao

fucking LOVE are man
are kennedy
go fuck yourself

the man

new material for pewdiepie to "work" with

Just don't reproduce. You children will despise you for passing on your weak subhuman genes. Get a vasectomy.

Plus if you're bald you'll only be able to pull low quality women anyway. Your children are really going to be fucked genetically.

I've seen fit and bald 20 something dudes with their fit gfs at the gym, they're not having any problems finding hot women m8

Really, are u a teenage girl?

the problem with this is that men with hair breed with women who unknowingly carry bald genes that their sons will inherit.

Also tall men breed with short women and then have manlet sons.

Also beautiful women breed with ruggedly handsome men and have ugly daughters who inherited their father's square masculine jaw.

That's the problem with evolution - you inherit traits from both of your parents, when certain traits are desirable in a man, but not in a women and vice versa, thus these traits never get bred out.

you don't have to use hormones or to get transplants just cut your hair really short.
People do not care about you that's one thing you have to understand

What did you just say about me you little bitch?

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>minoxidil causes Gout.

This fucking faggots, my grandpa was a bald man but also a genius, brilliant scientist and self-made millionaire, you are just beta males who care about how they look instead of caring about being an HONORABLE MAN, It must be sad to be you

FUE transplants...

You just don't get it.

It's impossible to be Veeky Forums without hair. You'll never be the perfect fit/handsome/well dressed man as a bald pedo fuck.

Sure you can still find women but you will never reach your true peak.

kek that filename