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sec cant touch binance. just like they cant touch bitfinex.

great job taking a picture of your own twitter account you moron


He literally said. They will make it illegal to buy altcoins.

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die in a fire please.

Binance doesn't operate in the USA

Kill your fucking self

For burgers maybe, who cares

Dude, we can see its your account and are shilling your garbage here. Fuck off.

>exchanges need to quickly comply with burger laws
They can kick burgers off the site, if they want to but there's no law to enforce it
This could follow the online poker playbook where burgers get fucked as sites try to cover their ass in order to play nice for future consideration
Hopefully binance tells usa gov to fuck off and then we get solid dex soon

Lol, I took a screen shot of his video it is not me. Clearly he got cut a check from coinbase or bitfenex and has a massive position in bitcoin.

>For burgers maybe, who cares

Yeah, because the worlds largest economy removed from the picture won't effect the price.......... No user. Your shit investments will be perfectly fine.

This wtf is this shit

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The only good exchange is bittrex

>under 30k views every video
>how to get more views?
>make fud about crypto
>post on 4chin

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If you don't know who's in the video kys



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What does it matter who this guy is, half of the shit he says is completely wrong but if he is right about this binance gets removed from the picture the whole market goes to complete shit. People are reluctant to put money in bitcoin after the crash then they will get fucked from anything in alt coins they are holding getting completely removed by a ban. This would literally make the pink wojak spam market boom.

>inb4 the binance chink army chimp out on me.

0x gonna make these fools redundant.

>Your shit investments will be perfectly fine.
>Your shit investments
Seems a little biased, not sure if I should take what you're trying to say seriously.

American volume doesn't matter

who cares about americans? they can just use vpns and monero

>Seems a little biased

I think everything is shit. It has nothing to do with specifics. Enough with the fucking psychological evaluation. I posted le coin base maymay to see if someone could unilaterally disprove him and show that the SEC is not going after gook exchanges.

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>they can just use vpns and monero

Okay, trevon james you fucking retarded nigger not everyone in the general public wants to land in jail like you simply to buy some meme shit.

Maybe if you're constantly seeing shit it's your mind that's actually shit, not everything around you.

WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE SO FUCKING RETARDED???????????????????????????

bittrex didn't do anything for the SEC. They are literally just turning off the wallets for markets that they closed last year.

Who is posting this can't and won't happen because of x?

Do you see the long list of well this is completely shut down as a hypothesis because of x reasons.

I don't.......... Instead you chimp out at the messenger like this helps

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lmao troll softer dude

I think I struck a nerve with my psychological analysis, you're beginning to babble even more incoherently than before. Tell me user, did you have a problematic relationship to someone close to you growing up? I'd love to continue to pick your brain, it's incredibly fascinating what you can learn about someone by a few forum posts.


Jesus Christ where do these dumb cunts crawl out from. There is literally nothing they can do.

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>Side stepping

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what a fag the OP is .. Posting from his own account . Pathetic.

cryptokike fuck off

>The world has to be SEC compliant otherwise we will shut them down and destroy their state

The absolute state of burgers

>there is literally nothing they can do
Lmao you are about to get rekt

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binance is based in japan dipshit

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>giving a shit about the opinion of a literal random

Go shill your unoriginal shitty youtube channel elsewhere faggot.

How can I be side stepping when your post was incoherent? It seems to me like you're the one who doesn't want me to delve deeper into your psyche, are you hiding something in there? I know you secretly want an evaluation, but you keep side stepping it rather than embracing what you already know deep down.

shh, we are in denial phase our over branching government needs to fuck us like they always do. CoinBase made so much money in this fucking bubble they can literally just buy off politicians to make a monopoly.

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>Believing that psychology is not mostly pseudoscience

You must be that guy paying for Jordan Peterson's yacht because he told you to clean up your room.

Binance was funded in China, but moved all of their servers to Japan once the government started regulating crypto. Stop spewing bs, binance is a chink business owned by rich chink.

How can Psychology be pseudoscience if I've already figured you out from a few posts? You'll surely deny everything I'm about to say, but we both know the truth. You're an attention seeker aren't you? I think you never got as much attention as you wanted growing up, possibly due to a sibling whom you deeply resent, and now you seek validation on the internet. You created this YouTube channel which you're attempting to share as you make outlandish claims on Veeky Forums seeking an argument. Except you aren't really looking for an argument at all, you're desperately crying for help from someone who can understand you and your struggle. You've found what you're seeking; look no further for I am already inside of your mind, user.

kek that's the best part, amerilards actually think they control the market or that we give a shit about them.
Have fun with bitcorn, ill be making bank on alts

Oh, look astrological like predictions that could fit anyone. Tell me more about shit not relevant to the topic.

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meriturds btfo, yet again.

What topic exactly? You still haven't said anything understandable, it seems you're slightly distracted about this whole evaluation thing. You don't have to pretend any longer. I'm here to analyze you if you'd just accept that I've already laid eggs in your brain; it's time to let them hatch.

Decentralised exchanges faggots, the SEC can't touch me.

Then move to Puerto Rico to touch young boys with Brock Pierce

Well, actually there is, they can order all exchanges to stop doing business with Americans. They can do that for sure. Now, as far as Binance shut down, OP I...

Who cares, a much better western exchange (with fiat pairs) is coming rather soon and pretty much none of you know about it... yet.

gibraltar exchange now fuck off with this too intel in gents shit everyone knows

No, another project is coming and it also has very amazing features, the best looking trading interface of all crypto exchanges so far and it is also basically unhackable because of advanced system architecture.

again amerifats think the whole world will comply with their laws.gtfo

USA is world 3rd largest economy after China and EU.

Mutating from pollution about to implode.

Gets invaded by Russians every year

It also organizes paid PnD events.
It pisses me off that Veeky Forums made that shitty exchange so big.

No need to be defensive, i was just making a factual correction.

It does not matter you imbecilic fuck if one of the major players get pulled then the whole thing comes crumbling down. Then the fucking EU will follow the fucking USA, like they always do because they want to get taxes and control.

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user this is the best one so far
Did you make it or snatch it ?

I think it does matter. As we have seen with the ban in China, those things can get blown out of proportion.

People are already anticipating this possibilty (priced in), and there exist tools to keep trading in countries that would ban crypto (such as the USA).

It is not a stopping factor even in the medium term.

Also, you don't have to insult me.

Dude Carter your avi is showing in the top right corner and thwt only happens when it's your account you dumbfuck

Who cares, all one needs is bitmex

>Also, you don't have to insult me.

Well, sorry you fucking faggot.

The guy is a fucking goon, anyone who takes what this guy says seriously has something wrong with their brain

>posts own twitter
>doesn't just for real kill themselves

but mutt, your jewish overlords are the ones fucking up the markets volatility with their shenanigans. A total ban for Americans on crypto would actually be the healthiest thing that could happen. We'd be thrown into a new golden age ala November, December last year

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Look at those burgers greatly overestimating their powers. Pro-Tipp: Hong Kong isn't even really part of the western world anymore but rather under chinese jurisdiction.

And China/Russia = used car dealer look alike murifat president holds no powers.


>America problems

Go crawl back to your trailer Cletus.

The SEC can do fuck-all to alts or Binance.

>there are no European/Asian banks involved in trading cryptocurrency at all

if anything American banks are late to the game

>I'm here to analyze you if you'd just accept that I've already laid eggs in your brain; it's time to let them hatch.

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thats a screenshot of a video you moron.