Of course this piece of shit moons two days after I sell my final stack of it. FUCK!

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get fucked for not believing in based korean gods, brainlet

You greasy weak handed faggot, ofcourse you fell for the hodling is a meme meme. I bet you are a mutt

Remember ICON is Korean, not some chink scam coins!!!

Koreans and Japanese have more integrity and self-respect than those fucking chinks

Dont FOMO. It will correct soon. It went up 55% in a hour.

your fault for not hodling. weak nocoiner faggot

toxic as fuck. i bet you were screaming "WHY DID I BUY THIS PIECE OF SHIT" when it dropped to $1.60.

stop being such a waste of life.

Can't believe how dumb you must be to sell the coin that gets crushed the hardest in the dip when its obviously a good coin. I bought it from you and opened an position in icon. B|ut literally everyone could see it. Shame on you.

Just FOMOd in at 3650. Hope I made the right choice this time. Fuck I’m stupid for not holding. It’s been fucking torturous. Initially bought at $2, should’ve sold at $12, but kept holding. Started accumulating more at $6 because wtf it’s down 50%. Really started accumulating at $3-$4. Then finally it goes below what I initially bought it at, down to $1.60. That was the final straw for me, so I sold as soon as it went over $2. Now look at it. Fuck my life.

kek poor guy

Sorry - the only CHINK coin I do not have faith in. Fake partnerships etc.

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this isnt a ven thread

Op, your a fucking looser

Damn it feels good, I actually increased my posistion at 1.80usd of so. Bout fucking time!!!

This ain’t no chink shit, the Koreans will get shit done. This will surpass neo soon

Icx will now be on Korean coin atms as well..... fucking huge!

You deserve it you fucking weakhanded faggot

>Continue ze pump

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Don’t worry fag, you’ll be fomo’ing in at 10usd

This coin lost sooo much value, I do expect a slight correction, but it will be 10x from its current price EASY by eoy

that's what you get dumb faggot, shouldn't listen to balina retard


congrats to all my icon friends and me for not panicking and only selling 10k of my 280k stack

>sells the bottom
>buys the pump

I just want to thank you user
Its guys like you that make me lots of money. Never change

>Imagine being this retarded

That's what you get for being a nigger.

Top #10 coin in 2018 with incredible news coming as early as March/April and you decide to sell the bottom.

It's not a piece of shit. You are the piece of shit brainlet for selling the most oversold useless fudded coin that only has good things coming.

How often you see ICX marketing, posting about fake partnerships etc? Never. They are the real deal and not concerned with its short-term price during bear market.

Based koreans. Never trust chinks/eastern europeans with your money.

ICX is the real deal

>Kicks Ian Ballina to the curb
>Releases trading on a Korean platform that makes up for 75% of all Korean trading volume and only features 10 coins.
>One of the people that helps run ICX also has a stake in another exchange (CoinOne). ICX announces it will not list ICX on this exchange to avoid insider trading.
>ICOs in April
>Token Swap in coming days
>Dapps in April
>Leaders of ICX currently on an Asia-Pacific tour to promote ICX and prove its the real fucking deal.
Seriously even if you buy this pump you will be filthy rich in 2019.

Buy hi sell low is only meme you retards know

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bought 1k at 2,25 dollars

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i bought at 2.80 and sold at 2.20 because i found a much better coin to moon for me which was also down like everything. so fuck you i know what i did was a good thing and you meme faggot cannot change anything about that!

>he sold ICX?

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I sold about 2 hours before the huge candle. Had bought at .0043 ETH so I made money but missed out on another 20%.