I was down 50% on ICX and told my girlfriend that I sold my stack...

I was down 50% on ICX and told my girlfriend that I sold my stack. She was so disappointed and assured me that no matter what it was just money and to go with my gut feel. I went even deeper on ICX.

She's still sleeping, can't wait to tell her.

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This type of post belongs on reddit, guy.

congrats!!! you deserve man! take some profit and buy her a nice present

>honey remember how I said I sold that stock for money we can both use since it was already down 80%? well I got a surprise for you, I PUT EVEN MORE MONEY INTO IT
>.. wtf user??
>but it went up 50% today!!
>so fucking what it went 10000% in the past year and you didn't sell, fucking sell now
> forcibly sells your begs

I actually usually browse Reddit, but the upvote system makes it too slow for actually picking up crypto news.

Sorry for polluting your forum with my happiness and capital letters.


>You lied to me?
>B-b-but I made money...
>Who cares you piece of shit. What else did you like to me about?

fuck off, retard

You're blogging which violates global rules and your writing style is clearly that of reddit. Your passive aggressive reply to me reinforces this. That's why they say lurk for 2 years before posting. Saged.

>telling gf about crypto gains

Fucking retarded I swear, take note anons you will never make it being like fag op here



Yet it should have been fine without mentioning gf and with some other image.

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>being that soy

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She actually pushed me into crypto. I was hesitant and she wanted to take a loan. I decided on a small allocation from our savings.

wow, what a cuck

>Having a girlfriend is "soy"

Sure thing incel.

This shit is to pure and innocent for this board.

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>discussing finances with roasties


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>thinking that having a girlfriend = not being a cuck
also this

>our savings

Boy oh boy

If you were down 50% you are now still down 25% on that investment.
So they pay me to accumulate