Veeky Forums is meeting in Thailand next year...

Veeky Forums is meeting in Thailand next year, where will we meet to spend our hard earned money when we /makeit/ next year, Veeky Forumsnessmen?

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Will you be visiting the sauna where Zyzz died?

After a few bull runs, wherever the fuck we want.

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i just can't wait to go after a long night out ask Some friends if he has his passport on him, then just randomly leave for Vegas or a nice trip

If you die there you are guaranteed Valhalla, we will commit mass suicide

What about Vegas? Let's have a massive orgy, invite a few STD ridden hookers to top it all off.

>let's have an orgy
I don't wanna see any of your dicks, unless you are a cute trap

Not a trap but have a cute dick, does that work?

I'm afraid not

I suggest Amsterdam, clubs and drugs and maybe a boat ride. And the hookers there are legal and clean

Let's meet on the moon.

Bologna, Italy
>two words
Lambo museum.
We could also visit SpaceX and troll Elon about moon missions but it's less likely because it's going to cost millions.

I never want to meet any of the 80 IQ piece of shit that infest this board.

>fit/ is meeting in Thailand
This might be the gay event of the year

Come to London for the biz meetup here.

Discord: ZXsxdSz

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Sign me up, always look up to Zyzz as my mentor

What about Bordeaux, it's quite a beautiful city

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Hate to break it to you OP, but that is Africa.

Nyc in one of the many cafes

definitely not that shithole

In hell hopefully.