Is whoring yourself for money considered a legitimate means of income to Veeky Forums?

Is whoring yourself for money considered a legitimate means of income to Veeky Forums?

Heavily considered trying it but worried about giving up dignity completely. I know multiple people that have profited highly from it.

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I'll give you 1 LINK to masturbate in front of me

trips confirm, pull down those pants buddy and show me that clitdick

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if ur a chick just titstream on twitch. Super easy money without the full throttle whoring that will probably mentally scar you.

it is a job.

Most important part of any job is, can you tolerate it, if yes, go for it.

I'll check your trips. As for your link, kys. OP is a faggot, in this case. A small male with female clothing does wonders, its the only reason why I considered it.

My girlfriend unironically tried to ask me to go on Chaturb*te with her to which I declined. What is wrong with women brother.

What is put on the internet is locked into eternity.
Your children will find out, your grand children will remember you as the whore of babylon

lmao. She's either doing it for the money or the excitment either way once she finds it you best watch out user. You should seriously shill her on twitch streaming. She gets all the attention of virgin neckbeards throwing cash at her without having to show the world her cooch (unless thats her only desire, in which case, again, youre fucked).

Unironically, the place I considered going to. Why did she ask you to?

We broke up a few weeks ago for unrelated reasons (she was bipolar and i couldnt deal anymore). It's true, she had tons of beta orbiters who she would get money and gifts in the mail from, I'm talking hundreds of dollars worth to pay for our bills since she wasn't working. I didn't really care even if she was sharing nudes and shit we were only together for a few months. They knew I existed and still sent money she used to take me out and buy me things lel. Western civilization is fucking dead.

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I wouldnt do it. I knew a a girl who striped and she just turned out miserable.

While she constantly bragged about the money she was pulling some nights it turned sour as she got older.

She couldnt hold a boyfriend. didnt have the need or want to get an education or a long sustaining job at a young age. She turned out miserable and now posts on social media how all she wants is a husband with a white picket fence in a suburb to raise a family. She got such a late start and all the money she got a young age just went to partying.

All the glitters is not gold.

Holyy shiiett youre fucked, your gf is a whore, YOU WILL GET KEKED

I'm sorry for your lose. Only because crazy bitches fuck best. Apart from that you're much better off.

I just want a qt traditional homebody gf not this weird shit nowadays.

>hoping to buy ticket to iceland with my crypto winnings

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Well thanks for the inside look. Crazy girls fuck the best, but they are also very high maintenance psychologically

post boipussi

Blue board, hun. Otherwise I would.

Although, i'd like to thank everyone for genuine opinions on it. I'll look into it, maybe its worth, maybe its not.

Her friends have the same thing, beta orbiters online that give them money. I'm inclined to believe that every pretty girl is supported by cuckolds online. It's called financial domination or something, MTV made an episode about it a few years ago. Fags and pretty girls getting paid to use people who make too much money (numale software cucks were common).

Icelandic girls are so pure

This is the only thing that makes me want to do it, I'd like to abuse being young and cute while I can as I don't make much money from my shit job.

Is it worth tho

You shouldn't ever sell yourself for money brother. You'll regret being used eventually and nothing will make the memories go away. Just look for a better job and keep your dignity.

How pure are Asian girls? Asking a real question here.

> Blue board, hun. Otherwise I would.
the fucking shit excuse is this? post it faggot

Not trying to get banned, I browse every day an am not trying to lose it.

>afraid of getting banned for posting ass on 4chins
>wants to whore his body out for shekels
lets be honest, you will never try it and this thread is pointless piece of garbage larp and should be on /b/ rather than here

You're right. Fuck it, give me a second.

How new are you?

Here you go, faggot
Might have to

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how about a timestamp?

Why do I need a timestamp on my ass? if you really need it ill fucking scribble it

why are you wearing your sister's undies?
ass is ok but your body needs some work, shed some weight and lift, squats and deadlift especially, it will make your ass rounder and help to get rid of flabs

you can just hold a piece of paper with date and my ID on it, that'd be enough to know it's actually you

>canadian """men""""

We do to know it's real

Don't listen to this faggot, your ass and body look great, especially being a boy
You can make yourself a lotta money

Shed weight? I literally weigh 114 Lbs. ???? if i lost any more i'd fucking die also, they are my underwear, thank you kindly
one sec, writing in pink marker

how are you 114lbs my dude, no fucking way
are you 5'3 or something like that?

>Shed weight? I literally weigh 114 Lbs. ????
He obviously means get rid of a little more fat and add some muscle. Don't be so defensive you ask the questions a dense person would.
I weigh 70kg and my ass is less fatty than yours.

Do you want me to timestamp my scale if i can find it? I’m 5’6-7” and weigh 114 and yes that is my ass why is that so hard to believe

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i dunno you body just looks fat to me for some reason, make a frontal pic, maybe its just lightning shitting up your ass pic there

Pic I took in the bathroom at work. Still me.

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yeah it was lightning, you're a sweet fuckboi

I'm done with this board.

>not going to Veeky Forums solely for brrrrrap and femboy threads
never gonna make

Good to know.
Thank ya!
Later! This was indeed a biz related question before it turned into a fag thread mind you

I don't know if I should feel bad or good for fapping to the ass picture

Kys degenerate

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I used to be 100% straight, gay people scared me. Never thought I’d even spare a second look at traps or femboys and would ritually shitpost in their threads. That was, until I became one.

Depends how you look at it, desu i think its kinda hot.

Surprised I didnt get brapped

kYs degenerate

so when are you starting your slut career now?

At this point, i’ve learned to be welcoming to my degeneracy, hence why I made a post regarding it

>Also not posting the superior image

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Depends. First need to buy a toy. Was going to buy a black cat dva cosplay, should I?

yeah, milking gaymers out of money is never a bad idea, if you can find your niche with some fetish you will be swimming in donations

I like the way you think, perhaps I could swap between fetishes depending on what people want.

Just got tax returns, maybe I will buy a toy, fucc it. Ty for the advice Veeky Forumsraelis

find someone to fuck your ass, couples make much more money
and kys faggot

i’ll look for that too

u2 babe

As long as you aren't a wageslave, everything is alright in Veeky Forums's book :^)

This is why women need to have their agency taken from them again, they're ruining themselves due to a combination of freedom, propaganda and beta cucklords. And when women (any part of the equation for that matter) ruin themselves a society dies out quickly.