Prepare for the biggest moon mission in crypto history today.


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bithumb = coinbase of korea

think of what coinbase did for Charlie Lee's LTC

ICX going to fucking moon!!!

Tempted to put all my alts into this but don't want to sell low :/

Dude. Bithumb is literally calling it eth of korea on their site right fucking now lol.

this is the exchange which trippled monero and ripple + had 2b volume on single coins like bcash

damn, finally, a gook pump. The boys over in SK have been on hiatus for a while since the EOS/XRP pumps, but now the true kings of crypto are gonna take us to the moon once again


>this is the exchange which trippled monero and ripple
yeah and then it fell even harder
don't forget to sell korean pump, before it turns into dump

Has it started?

I thought it was in 4 days?

Oh boy we're going down.

Its gonna dump, right? Or should I sell Req and get into this?

4$ on bithumb rn.

Is buying it on binance a bad idea?

I feel like its going to reverse soon


I dont see it on bithumb, where are you looking?

4,2$ on bithumb.

short term most likely, as in today.
over the next few days it will pump far harder

You retards should prepare to be dumped on by gooks

how can the dump if they dont even have the coin?

Thanks, that makes alot of sense, going to put 25% of my stack on this

4,7$ as we speak


it just dumped hard on bithumb pro holy fuck

whats the price?

Fucking Bogdanoffs

4000 KRW, around $3.72

look at the histogram, its about to reverse short term. It just grew 48% or something in 24 hours

the histogram indicates it, who knows how far it'll go down though

I think you are right

i have 1,1k ICX and hope its enough.

but isnt it weird bithumb says its koreas eth?

volume on bithumb pro is only around $7 million though, the real volume hits when its on Bithumb itself

Any idea what a good entry point would be?

I think I might wait an hour or so

I already had some ICX pre announcement, but I think I will buy more in 2-4 hrs, I want to see what burgers do when they wake up

if they list this on real bithumb today its literally game over.

Im trying to work out whether they will- it says on the bithumb events page that the trading period for the ICON airdrop contest begins today, so surely that means they list it today?
who knows though

did you even read it lmao it fucking says right there when they will list it

Bithumb pro listing today, bithumb on 25th

yes im a brainlet. my bad.

so the question is if it will dump or pump leading up to it

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I bought at $2.5, then sold at $8.9, now bought back in at $3.3.
Look at me, I'm the investor now.

It means $50 by June.

Korean gov bans icos after icx ico sale. Now they unban it. They’ve basically secured icx as the #1 Korean blockchain platform. This is like buying NEO at $15

Cool I'd rather buy neo at 70$ than an unproven ball of speculation
We all who are smart know neo will finish eoy at 1500+

retard. icon shits on neo in every single aspect. dyor who is behind it you brainlet.

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Painful entry, I just bought 25% at 0.005700 eth

I'll buy another 25% if it crashes in the next few days

lol america

tfw bought at 12$

I'm a burger I'm up I don't give a shit koreans can buy on other exchanges like anyone else

what's with the bot constantly putting up 4 BTC sell order and removing it?

playing with volume or its the stop losses would be my guess

>whats with the same faggot bot that does this on every high volume asian coin?

They can but they don't. DYOR. There was an inforgraphic shared earlier that shows koreans buy virtually nothing on non-korean exchanges even though the price would be always a lot cheaper.

Go figure but is what it is.

maybe it's just a chink trading and trying to tank the price

probably because they cant, i tried to arbitrage on bithumb ages ago and you need a south korean bank account to deposit your wong in (essential for it)
I assume something similiar is going on their end

If they think they can ride a yuge pump like all us round eyes think they will buy outside before don't underestimate that this pump could already be them buying in. Also you have so many bag holders on the way up it will dump a long the way any time someone can get their money back.