Any chinks on this board?

Any chinks on this board?

They used to be all over XRP in December, not anymore? 40% of the volume is still from chink exchanges though, and it's all FIAT.

Did the hype die off in general?

inb4 centralized coin - DYOR or kys.

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centralized coin

reddit spacing, punctuation, inb4 without greentext. also bonus points for not recognizing cripple as centralized. it's time to go back

pick some shitcoins and stick with them

if you bought in, don't sell because it's underperforming 10%. all will get its time. the high performers now will be shit next week. dont chase the pumps.


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Chink here
Was balls deep into this piece of shit at $1.40.
Sold it all during the first crash, at around $0.60

This is a piece of shit, stay away.
Crypto as a whole is a Ponzi scheme anyways

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asian are into XRP because of this:
The Japan Bank Consortium will release a groundbreaking smartphone application called “MoneyTap”— powered by Ripple’s blockchain technology — to allow customers of the bank consortium to settle transactions instantly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“MoneyTap” is the first mobile app of its kind to be developed and used by multiple, different banks in the country.


BTC is more centralized than XRP, when China decides to shut down 60% of all BTC mining operations you are fucked.

private shit token. i made some money with it, but i know it's a shit token. there's literally no reason for it to be worth more than 1 cent per token. even digibyte should be worth more than xrp, because dgb is decentralized and a public blockchain. xrp sucks so damn much, but it's good to remove money from stupid normies who fall for the ripple bullshit. whales dump hundreds of thousands of tokens and the total supply will be 100 billion tokens. you can make more money by simply holding btc. xrp will never be able to keep up, because it has too much inflation. again, as far as crypto is concerned, btc is a better investment than xrp. xrp is good for quick trades though. normies dump a lot of money in it and there's no reason to not dump on them. you should NEVER hold xrp though. lol

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Buy high, sell low, that's the way to do it.

pajeet tier fud

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It's the only coin I know how to program a transaction on, so the only coin I trust atm

cuck tier response

XRP has the most advanced technology to date, it has always worked, never failed and never failed a transaction whatsoever.

Watch all /biz cucks buy in at 2.50

Watch them lose their fucking mind when SBI starts.
Banks start implementing xRapid officially for 60% less spending.
Coinbase wasn't a rumor but you fucks destroyed the entry when you bought so soon before they added it. Obviously they fucking postponed.

You think if they didn't give a fuck about XRP they would bother to make those ambiguous tweets because of people complaining about XRP ?
They would just ignore people asking about XRP.

all other asians hate japs to the bone, your reasoning is dumb

Where's your logic user ?

> Chinese love iphones like fags
> Japanese love iphones like fags
> Chinese hate Japs
> Japs hate the Chinese

Hating each other doesn't mean they cannot like the same things.
One of them isn't gonna miss on a good opportunity out of fucking spite for the other one.

Are you rekt by default ?

Im so ready for this

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you bought into it when it just went ballistic from 0.25$ to 3.6$ and didn't sell inbetween, but rather at the lowest point.

pic very related

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Thought chinks were supposed to be smart

It's gooks not chinks...