BTC Dead?

is it too late to remove embedded text / images from the blockchain?

Satoshi should have known that would be an issue from the start

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Stop repeating clickbait fud faggot

Since it is an open project can't people just vote to delete it?

and now the whole world knows what needs to be down to shut down the crypto meme. probably /b/ will just do it for the lulz

>anything that could make me lose money is FUD FUD FUD
idiot, this could potentially crash the market unless a solution is found

wouldn't that require constant forks?

fuck man, I hope there's a solution that simple
I don't own much crypto yet, so I don't really lose much if this all implodes
but I still want the bankers to be dethroned

don't forget /v/
poor fellas can't afford to upgrade their battlestations

or maybe releasing this info is the first step to decouple BTC from the rest of crypto

>G20 meeting
>western states want bans and regulations on crypto
>asian countries (China especially) are already ballsdeep in crypto and will basically run the market by 2020
>western states see that they fucked up by ignoring a basic technological transition
>"how can we fuck it up? how did we fuck up basically everything and everybody that acted against our strategies?"
>suddenly child porn is found in blockchain

this whole fuckery smells fishy

it's like banning fiat just because somebody drew a dick on a $1 note.

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>You can paint naked children on dollar bills!
>All dollar bills are sexist!

gtfo retards

this is 4 year old news retard no one cares

So if you have a BTC there’s cp in your wallet and thus you have cp right? That’s what the headline says.

Please someone enlighten me.

The possibility of this with blockchains has been known from the start. Absolutely no doubt Satoshi realized this as well. Everyone who understands the tech can easily come to the conclusion that porn could be put on the chain and not removed. Ffs, immutable data is pretty much the core of blockchain tech. Nothing has changed on this in the last days. I don't understand how are you suddenly against Bitcoin just now?

It's like making a post that you suddenly realized planes are bad, because one of your friends died in an accident. While it is known from the start that planes can be deadly, but the positives overweigh the negatives and thus we still use airtravel.

if you own a copy of the blockchain
then you could potentially be charged with possession

a lot of people (myself included)
didn't realise stuff like this could be done on the blockchain
and people who did know
knew it was a POSSIBILITY

know we know for a fact that it exists on the blockchain
which means people could actually be arrested for it now

CP? on the internet? you don't say!

Now, if that’s incorrect and the cp is on the blockchain and the BTC you have is just a “ bit “ of the network which contains cp then Browsing the internet from your IP is also potentially a crime since the internet contains cp.
How’s that not equivalent?

now we know for a fact*

That’s not what the headline says. The headline says “ possession of crypto currency “

Can someone explain to me how this works? How can CP/porn/Game of Thrones be attached to the blockchain?

>Browsing the internet from your IP is also potentially a crime since the internet contains cp

no, because the illegal content isn't stored locally on your device unless you connect to a site / page that hosts it
the difference is, to run a node, you have to download and store the entirety of the blockchain

the headline is misleading (who would have guessed)
nobody would click a link that reads:

"running a Bitcoin node could be illegal"

everyone has known about this for 5 years now. it's odd now they make a big deal of it

That’s not odd, what’s odd is the deliberately misleading headline.

We are fucked...

I don't wanna go to prison man, I'm gonna be killed...

You didn’t pay attention, I said possession of cryptocurrency is equivalent to possession of a internet connection, there’s no cp stored locally and yet it exists in the network.

This has pretty much been a fact from the start. There is/was almost nothing stoping anyone from putting data on a blockchain. Only two reasons why this hasn't been done before:
1) takes a bit of effort and people are lazy
2) the person can obvs get in trouble with the law for this if you did something like that

With a lot of blockchains, for example Ethereum, posting any kind of data is super easy to do. A screenshot from MyEtherWallet. If you make a transaction, you have the option to add data along with the transaction and nobody will check what that data entails. This really isn't something that one has to even figure out. I mean, check the picture, the option is right there.

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Why XRP and XLM will be the future.
Decentralized cannot counteract risks like this

Boggles my mind how people are investing into cryptos and don't even know the simplest basics of it.

Yup btc is dead. Time to buy ETH NEO and coins that actually do something.

first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

You are wrong. The entire blockchain is replicated to every node in the network

Furthermore, if they could find it it means they know the addresses. Now, why cannot the addresses be flagged and put on a watch list just like websites so that once one tries to access it one gets cought ?
Can someone address this point please?

This could be done on ETH as well. If you really take this as an existential threat to crypto which it theoretically is, the only secure options are pre-mined centrally issued tokens like XRP and XLM.

Oh, so let’s say I have 0.1 BTC in my bread wallet, do I have the entire blockchain in my device?
Why are you retarded?

Read the fucking headline, possession of cryptocurrency not running a node. Do I need to run a node to possess cryptocurrency?

he IS retarded
this entire "news" is retarded

A wallet is not a node. Miners are nodes. Non-miners can be nodes as well, but there is not much point to it afaik.

Can someone address this point?

>Miners are nodes.
Even miners don't have to be nodes, Pools are the only thing that definitely have to be nodes.

How’s that not a solution?

True. Didn't choose my words carefully enough. In the case of joining a pool, you dont have to have the blockchain on your setup.
Btw, do you know of any reason why someone who isn't involved in mining should be a node?

Just shut the fuck up talking about it if you are about crypto you stupid buttfucking faggot. You are only adding gas to a fire by repeatedly posting this old news. Fucking normie faggot

You can represent a picture with a numerical string by listing the color id number of each pixel from left to right, top to bottom. This string can then be added as data in a series of blockchain transactions. Then anyone who knows where to find the data on the blockchain can decode it back into picture form.

>addresses can be flagged
Thing about this there's exchanges. If one of the cp holders moves btc to an exchange, and the exchange doesn't cooperate (no legal reason to for example) in disclosing the holders information, it's a dead trail, no point tracking it further since you'll just track to a bunch of people unrelated to cp, and just withdrew btc from the exchange.

>Btw, do you know of any reason why someone who isn't involved in mining should be a node?
Exchanges generally keep/rent nodes to avoid entering through heavily used public nodes.

Is this thread a bunch of trolls or are you guys really that stupid?
This is the true cost of decentralization - immutable truth.
>hurr durr my investment
The governments will try to ban all cryptos eventually when they realize they can't do anything to control them.
But blockchain will be up whether governments like it or not, whether you feel comfortable to see CP or not.

I’ll try again. This is the solution:
Is it possible to prevent someone uploading cp to internet? No
Is it possible to prevent someone uploading cp to a blockchain? No
How do we enforce the law against cp on the internet?
By finding where it is, flagging the addresses and monitoring them so once one tries to accesses it one gets cought.
How’s that not a solution?

How could a exchange not cooperate and why it would not cooperate if if gets if it gets issued with warrant for this reason?
Again, how’s that not a solution?

For example:
1)Turn whatever file you want into a .txt file.
2)Make transactions with MEW and add that string you have in your .txt file in with your transaction.

You have to segment the file into multiple parts though because a transaction has a size limit usually and also you have to pay more in transaction fees the more data you add. Congratulations, whatever data you put there, is now on the ETH blockchain forever and nobody can change that. On a block explorer anyone can see that data you have put there and they can convert the .txt format back into whatever the file originally was.

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What if the image is directly on the blockchain not just an url?

>This is the true cost of decentralization - immutable truth.
Exactly this. It seems people here are still learning the very basics of what a blockchain is.

But how would you confirm it/view it? For evidence sake.

Well, there you go. If the authorities find it, just flag the addresses. End of story.

Every node has a copy of the entire blockchain on their computer. As in, they can disconnect from the internet, search their computer for the cp data, then use a program to turn it into a picture.

And blockchains don't work without nodes.

There are blockchains that have pretty much 100% successful privacy functions to make the addresses untraceable.

Some facts to swallow that the blockchain tech has made technologically possible:

>You can send value form one person to another 100% anonymously without any risk that the government could point out it's you
>You can avoid taxes because of the anonymity
>You can fund any project whether it's child porn or terrorism or whatsoever
>You can upload child porn anonymously and it will stay online forever
>The government or anybody else can't do anything to stop it.

If you can accept the cold facts then it's possible to go forward and think of new ways how to address these problems. The old ways of censorship/freezing accounts/tracing people just don't work anymore.

Sure. Now it’s there, how does one access it? Sure one has to able to access it otherwise it does nothing.

Sure, I’m talking about BTC blockchain though.

>inb4 you can find cp on the internet
>inb4 if you use google you are a pedo


You dont have to go through a block explorer to get the data. You can also download the entire blockchain itself and nobody will know what data you are then going to view on it.

Furthermore, privacy blockchains and non privacy blockchains are two different things and thus cp was found on the BTC blockchain just like they can find it on the internet at large. I have no doubt the privacy ones will have a hard time but that’s not the subject.

It's not really embedded text/images.

A program is used to take data and base58 encode it into a long hash string, then it's split up into many 34 character addresses. Then a small amount of bitcoin is sent to each of those addresses in a single transaction.

That's it, it's pretty much just a normal transaction to a lot of addresses.

The only way to view the data is to use a program. You need to find the correct transaction, use the program to piece together the right addresses in the transaction and decode the base58 in order to create any meaningful data.

It's pretty much just a hacky way to add data to the blockchain. But it's not really viewable or relevant to anyone that doesn't use the program.

Ok. Now I know what the plan is. The plan is to have BTC authorised nodes.
Anyway, you can still track down who uploaded it.

>internet contains images of CP
>internet contains links to CP
>I use internet
>get charged with crime for literally nothing
Dumbest FUD to date

I don't really get your point.
Yes, you can somewhat track who uploaded it on the BTC network if you're clumsy I guess.
All I'm saying is that it's only the beginning and the tip of the iceberg and this will get much worse with privacy coins so why ignore it?

So many Micron SizedBrainlets in this thread.

Who the fuck cares if there is CP on thebitcoin Blockchain. Yah it's vile and I want all pedokikes to did a slow Strangulation with a burning rope. But get used to it. If you truly want a decentralized internet free from anyone's power to censorship you. You have to take the bad as well as the good otherwise your no better than a fucking Hypcritical SJW

Now ask yourself this brainlet what are the possibility anything happens because of this really activate them almonds now people

Nothing Absolutely nothing. You can download CP with bittorrent plus Over 90% of what people download is copyrighted anyway therefore illegal. The only thing that'll happen is Bitcoin might tank again so tether up and snag some cheap bitcoins.

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Is it a specific program? If they find the unlawful data can they determine what program is needed to compile the data? If so, can they not then keep an eye on who uses the specific program on they find the cp on the blockchain?

>mfw everyone is learning about this today
>mfw you're all going broke and I told you this would happen

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Ok nevermind. If you're seriously asking whether it's possible to censorship the use of a program (which is like censoring the use of a calculator), I won't go into further discussion with you.

There's a bunch of different programs, each with slightly different algorithms to how they store data. There isn't really a universal scheme.

Probably the most prominent one is a webapp:

The point is, everything on blockchains can be tracked and found. Just like numerous arrests have been made in relation to BTC blockchain. Now, the privacy one will have a hard time for sure for the reason that this kind of argument can stick to them but not to the other ones.

>authorised nodes

This means centralization, which defeats the purpose of having a blockchain.

>you can still track down who uploaded it.

Maybe, but you can't delete the data without forking, and forking to censor a blockchain also defeats the purpose of the blockchain.

No. What I said is they could track the users of such programs who also happen to have downloaded the entire blockchain.

I forgot to add the word (((they)))
(((Their))) plan is...

What the fuck is wrong with you retards, what kind of a larp thread is this? The blockchain stores data about transactions, not the goods that were bought.

>>You can send value form one person to another 100% anonymously without any risk that the government could point out it's you

assuming gov hasn't mastered remote viewing

Such a program would be trivial to make for a programmer. You can't track something that a good programmer can make it himself in a matter of few hours.
Depending on the data format, the program to decode it can even be a few lines of code (10 min).

moneyskelly's twitter autism seems relevant here

I don't think most people knew the block chain could potentially be a vehicle for child porn. Was that mentioned in the white paper? Lol. This is bananas and the death of Bitcoin. If having the block chain on my computer means I'm in possession that's a fucking problem.

Ok. So it’s fucked up. No one can download a descetralised blockchain.

>didn't read the thread
>doesn't know what steganography is
>makes brainlet post


That's an example of an "image". It's a single transaction with minimal BCH sent to 1479 addresses. It's not possible to view the image unless you're using a program/webapp that can piece together those 1479 addresses together, then decode it to form the 33KB image.

Once you understand the basic of a blockchain you immediately should understand also that one can put any data on it without it being subject to change later.
If a person didn't understand that, then they didn't understand blockchain tech.

Hers the difference. I don't go on BitTorrent and download CP to my local machine. If I have a copy of the Blockchain on my PC then I've done just that. That's illegal.

CP could be steganographically hidden on the website you are viewing RIGHT NOW and you wouldn't have a clue unless you know where to look.

Steganography is a poor argument against the use of blockchain or any other data store because ANY DATA can represent EVERY DATA

We'll that's also a problem isn't it? If I need to "understand" the technology then it will never be a ubiquitous currency. All the background I need for fiat is "Pay me." I don't need to do a deep dive into what is and isn't possible with the technology. Say what you will but people downloading CP in the blockchain is the end.

Well it's here to stay whether you understand it or don't agree with it or not.
There is no "end" to blockchain.

As the commenter above you brought out, if you download any data from the internet that you haven't thoroughly checked, you could have CP on your computer.
Your browser often caches images that you look at online. That means it downloads them temporarily onto your computer. One of such images can easily contain hidden CP.
By just your browser loading this pepe plushie image, you can potentially have CP on your computer if you haven't turned off caching.

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However there I am sure an argument could be made that if the illegal material is readily visibile (i.e. that the material is encrypted in a standard format like .jpeg .png etc.) then it is criminal.

But yes the counter argument if you give me a mess of bytes, then I can create a map which reconstructs those bytes as CP.



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if some intern at WhatsApp manages to get a pic into the new release and 3 days later everyone gets the autodownload and thus posesses CP o their phone, that doesn't make em criminals.
The fact that you can't remove onchain data shouldn't be used against the users.

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W-what is the image user??..!

it takes tens of thousands of dollars to upload anything to the blockchain, like literally 1 whole BTC per 1 MB of data. NOONE will ever use this for storing porn when they can do it for free on the dark web.
the blockchain is literally billions of lines of bits. to find the CP you need to know where to look for it, extract it and then use a program to assemble it.
it existing somewhere on the blockchain is not a problem. it's just seemingly random text somewhere. theoritically there's child porn in the PI number you could find and jack off to. why the fuck do you think anybody will ever care about it existing in blockchain. this is literally 4 year old news that the fucking jews are trying to bring out now in a desperate attempt to bring down crypto when its showing signs of recovery. fuck them. don't humor them. stop posting about it here. don't post it anywhere. don't spread it.

Or Neo. Neo will win again

It was just this.

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Yup. It is expensive to put anything on the blockchain.
Just checked, this image ~15KB would cost ~40$ to put on the BTC chain. Price goes up linearly with data amount.

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oops you're in possession now man sorry I'll have to call the authorities

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>Feds finally found a method to (((Legally))) forcefully seize all the bitcoins

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What kind of CP are we talking about here?

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>internet has CP
>ban internet!
>pedo forum used certain forum engine
>ban that engine!
>you can find CP with google
>ban google!

I agree with banning google though.

The research paper mentions 2017 prices and events and a research paper from last year, fucking retard. The paper was published Feb 6, 2018.


Since I can tell most of you spastics haven't even read the report, child porn is just one of the issues, there's also copywritten material in it. they conclude that 9% of the blockchain is images, of unknown content.

This is a serious fucking issue.

let's attach this to the blockchain

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The blockchain is over 160gigs, you fucking mouthbreather.

Are you literally incapable of Googling "Bitcoin blockchain size"?

80% of cash carries cocaine -- and more

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