.... 10$ end of March. MN

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5 cents end of march

Please hold my bags while i sell during pump

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you have no clue what is coming plebs gl

REQ always gets sick digits

>le traider
get rekt dumb nigger

? throw us something

>Muh 6B market cap

It's possible, just not probable. Unless it's listed on Coinbase or something.


plebs please, anons don't think behind the corner

that my last hint for plebs

>We're partnering with BeeToken


First scenario: They confirm the Coinbase payments thing is built on top of their platform. REQ goes to $1 in three days.

Second and most probable scenario: They partner with another blockchain project (Ink Protocol is my guess). They barely move.

That's how I see it.

I won't expect much happening in the REQ price until Q2 and later when they start dealing with fiat integration.

Holy shit. I think I actually know who they partnered with and it's making total sense right now...

They're announcing the LINK bitcoin oracle that will allow BTC to be a transaction currency once again, and be a step towards fiat integration as well.

Fuck off.

Where's your credibility?

No...it's bigger than that...


Tell me more

Spill the beans!!!

>they didn't bought at 13c dip

keep being poor, faggots

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So fucking close.

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still a good job user.