You retards don't even deserve me sharing this gem with you but I'm just paying good deeds forward

You retards don't even deserve me sharing this gem with you but I'm just paying good deeds forward

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>buy my bags

Verge is a shitcoin developpee by a dropout...just check the github, no activity...and in the readme he literally says thaat was a project to have fun on crypto...dude just...go check github srsly

sold my stash I bought at 11sats and haven't looked back.

This shows you have in fact not checked the GitHub at all. True pajeet-tier FUD.

Lol the least private of the privacy coins shitcoin

Feels good being able to post this again, considering all the FUDsters were wrong - as they always have been,

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I like when a month or two passes and some retard that just got into crypto finds something he thinks is a hidden gem that no one has heard about before.

Hey, retard, verge is garbage. It is dogecoin dark renamed and all it has going for it is fucking TOR bolted on? Are you kidding?


I was planning on holding XVG but none of their MAC wallets worked, so I had to leave them on the exchanges. Lucky for me in hindsight.

verge can't even afford a team of shills, they had to pay the one man tardmy

Before 2018 it was literally just a Bitcoin clone with a client that ships with Tor binaries. For two fucking years. After the only developer and his friends realized that their shitcoin could make them rich, they changed the name from Dogecoindark to Verge and started promising to implement privacy features to appear more serious. One of the major problems with their Wraith Protocol (=stealth addresses) is that it only protects the receiver. The sender and the amount of coins are still being recorded on the blockchain. Additionally it's only optional thus making the anonymity set very small.

About the price: It's unlikely that McAfee or another influential shill will tweet about it again because they failed to pay him. But don't get me wrong. This market is very unpredictable as we know and there could very well come another big pump, but long-term (4+ years) Verge definitely won't survive.

Mined 700 of these.

Plz go up to $1000 EOY.



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>The price went up, it must be good tech


This blog post only confirms and what others said before if you actually have a little grasp of what Tor is and how blockchains work...

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factually incorrect

To provide more context: They want to add ring signatures (so I've heard) and this would actually tackle this. But as of now, no.

Making privacy optional is bad privacy.

Verge will literally dodge a bullet when the SEC or governments decide to ban privacy coins from being listed on (popular) exchanges because of this. They are years ahead of you - you just don't (want to) know it yet.

>Verge admin: Verge is a public ledger that allows stealth addresses.
The only other privacy related function to wraith is TOR implementation.
How far do I have to go to make a Vergie open their eyes?

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Zcoin has had optional privacy since 2016 with a real blockchain implementation.
Verge has optional pseudo-privacy

You think that governments will allow Verge because it provides inferior privacy? Maybe... if they have good advisors.

The problem with Zcoin is that it requires you to believe that their trusted setup wasn't compromised. But they want to move away from that approach in the future which I think is a good idea.

>it requires you to believe that their trusted setup wasn't compromised
Are you sure you don't mean Zcash?
If you mean Zcoin, can you show a source, I'd be interested to read. For now I understand that Zcoin has implemented the zerocoin privacy functions which are open source.

I don't believe this.

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Sunerok is their main developer - I have never heard of this lad. Is he marketing? is he part of Verge team? Show some more.

Wow OP thanks I've never heard of this absolutely undoubtedly QUALITY project before.

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With a little googling I found that he's part of the marketing team.

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Thanks - sounds like a brainlet, or Verge is displaying scam info on their site. Will ask dev team for clarification.

It comes down to the definition of a "private ledger". For the Verge project private ledger means using stealth addresses, while for other blockchains it's about mixing, minting or hiding the transactions altogether.

I guess in that case they are not entirely wrong.

Wow. Thanks for the tip, user. Why has verge never been mentioned on /biz before? Surely, someone would've posted at least something about this coin. Can't believe it has stayed under the radar this long.

>paying for low diff conis

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