Do you intend to travel pajeetland once you make it?

Do you intend to travel pajeetland once you make it?

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travelling just for hedonistic reasons is soy boy tier. Stop financing foreign economies

No thanks don't want to shit my pants

It’s near the end of my list, but sure, eventually...

It'd be cheaper and faster to just crawl into a sewage pipe

If you've got the money to travel and see new things, it's worth it... What the fuck else is there to do in this world?

I actually did this lmao

>me in jaisalmer

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What do you mean by "hedonistic"? How is wanting to explore the world hedonism?

I don't give a fuck about what economy I support btw.

u look like u belong there anyways

also whats with the faggot ring in your nose

>Nose ring

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>posting a picture of yourself on Veeky Forums
see, that's where you fucked up

>What the fuck else is there to do in this world?
Really? Travelling around for no obvious reason beside "seeing" things is all you can think of their is to do? Waste of time and money. The only thing you do is funding some third world shitholes
you mean walking the same routes millions of fat english tourists already walked is exploring. Pathetic.

Nevermind. You're obviously a /pol/tard loser.


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nice selfie faggot

>shill pnd shitcoins
>make it
>travel to pajeetland
>buy and eat all the currys
>feel a rumbly in my grumbly from the spice and food poisoning
>no loo 2 poo
>release a godforsaken torrent of light brown diarrhoea in the streets of Mumbai
>become an actual pajeet
>the circle of life

if you think so. But after wasting thousands of dollars and weeks travelling because I fell for the travel meme, I can say, if you just travel to see stuff, or fuck some cheap pussy, it is not worth the time or money. Travelling with the purpose of getting business contacts, that's something else.

Fucking retard

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tell me apple fanboy, what do you do in foreign countries, if it is not business related.

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Your eyes are beautiful

eat things, look at stuff, chat shit with the locals. petty, frivolous activities that are probably below you.

>Waste of time and money
Found the poorfag

typical v neck shirt soyboy

ew v necks are gross, it's just a baggy shirt

I don't like traveling. i am not 80 iq woman.

Incredibly low iq poltard detected. Stick to your shitty trailer park, the rest of humanity enjoys interacting and learning/experiencing new activities, food, and culture from each other.

Wtf, biz really is filled with neckbeards who don't like getting out the house. I thought that was just a meme.

That's right, my friend. True alphas never leave their apartment. How many piss bottles are around your desk right now?

t. anxious boy in his basement

How was it, m8?

gross piercing

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you have to go back

i legit thought those tatoos were shit at first

Literally just came back.

Weak chin meme

Shut the fuck up kike no one cares what you think.

Oh yes so much nice things to learn from filthy third worlders. Pathetic faggot.

it was good, thanks friend. i travelled solo and didn't run into any trouble, besides the usual third world bullshit like crappy infrastructure and low level scammers.

indians are really interested in foreigners so it wasn't difficult to get friendly with people. i met some genuinely nice people who i'm keeping in contact with for next time i go.

it was better than i thought it would be, would recommend.

how did you find it? where did you go?

Cool. Did you see much outside the north west? Would you recommend any particular regions?

Classic poltard. Stupid and no sense of humor or class. If you blew your brains out you wouldn't be missed, both online and by your parents who are embarrassed at their neet, virgin, no gf friendless waste of sperm son

What did you think money was for, faggot? To buy shit and experiences. I can see you're a poorfag now but your poor mindset will always keep you feeling poor no matter how much money you make if you even make it that's it. With this scarcity mentality of yours I doubt it.

So much to learn, such beautiful culture

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Kill yourself /pol/tard virgin

>Do you intend to travel pajeetland once you make it?
been there, done that.
its not worth it.
a humans mind cant imagine how degenerate and disgusting this whole cunt with all its animals in it actually is.


we already have too many pajeets here, I dont want to step on pajeet's shit

I honestly feel sorry for people like you. You've been brainwashed by pol into thinking that other countries are not worth visiting. You will die in your podunk little town without having seen any of the world how pathetic.

Go back to fucking pol you fucking imbecile.

>Would you recommend any particular regions?

i would recommend the north west, rajasthan, as it has a lot to see in a relatively small area (for india). you can get a coach around rajasthan which is convenient and "fun". rajasthan isn't good for partying or drinking though, if you're into that.

the south west, kerela, is somewhere else i'd recommend. the scenery is insane, go to alleppey and munnar. kochi's a nice city too, would recommend if you're into seafood.

if you want to party go and visit kolkata in the north east. partying aside it's a fun city. from there you can also travel north to sikkim, darjeeling, see the mountains.

there's honestly so much to see and do, it really depends what you're looking to find.

Maybe the traveling alone thing just confronted you with your own shitty personality?

I feel sorry for brainlets like you, projecting your insecurity onto others. I can literally call anything inferior (because it's true) and still go wherever I want, and the land of street shitters doesn't interest me. Sorry I will not be buying your bottles of water, pajeets. I've already tossed some pennies to some squat little Guatemalans the last time I took a cruise.

No, never.

I come from South America, I've already seen enough misery in the streets for a lifetime

Not that interested in pajeetland either but ill check it out at some point, might surprise

>eat things
>look at stuff
TOP KEK. and you can't go to an Indian restaurant in your city, or chat with some Pajeet online and watch a 4K HD documentary about some boring monument? No you have to spend thousand dollars to get to the place and stay in a shitty hotel, or pay another thousand to have the impression of luxury for some days.
I wouldn't call a nice home with a big garden at the foot of a mountain a trailer park
> the rest of humanity enjoys interacting and learning/experiencing new activities, food, and culture from each other.
As long as a bunch of neo liberals and lefties import half the world to the west why the hell do you need to travel around to have your intercultural experience. Wast of time and money. That said I will attempt a conference in Hong Kong next month. Would I go there if it wouldn't be for the conference, no, never, because it would just be a waste of time and money

you must be fun at parties

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Nice, thanks. What's the best part for seeing ancient temples and stuff?

oh here we have the
>if I can't chat about me going to foreign countries I'm boring
Your kind of travellers is the worst

damn conservatives are truly boring

HK is the most expensive shit hole on the planet

kek sir very funny sir. india rich country sir. rich of shit

Look at these pathetic shit eating faggot kikes. Look how they shriek. You’ve been found out kikes.

Dude, come to Austria, enjoy our mountains and visit the restaurant of one of my friends eating Wiener Schnitzel and drink Jäger tea for 5x the production costs. Then you can go back home to your shitty life in your shitty apartment and tell all your co worker at the office how it was to eat Wiener Schnitzel and drink Jäger Tee and have a 5 minutes of fame for thousands of dollars

How depressed are you ?

Nice facial hair soylet.

>you have to spend thousand dollars to get to the place and stay in a shitty hotel, or pay another thousand to have the impression of luxury for some days.

sounds like your bank account is as empty as your head.

ancient temples are fucking everywhere. again, it's probably the north east, you have the golden temple in punjab to the north and every city in rajasthan is built around some sort of hugely impressive fort. the north east is good for history and monuments.

there's also hampi, which is near to goa, would recommend that too if you're into ruins and history.

no disgusting disease and devil worship

so your whole argument is
>lol you poor and must hate money because you don't spend it on pointless travelling
okay. you better get better talking points if you like to convince people that spending ANY money on pointless tourist shit is worth it.
On a side note, quite funny how the same Hipster faggots complain about muah environment and climate change that waste time and funds on travelling to what their programming tells them are exotic countries

>you must be fun at parties
I googled this along with "reddit" to see if there was anything good to use to reply to your completely unoriginal "my brain is completely on auto-pilot and cannot produce anything original" response and found this. Even fucking reddit is sick of this phrase. You have millions of brain cells. Learn to use them to create thoughts instead of regurgitation you fucking drone.

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Check out lamayuru. Leh to Manali is a great trip in the north.

I have a love hate relationship with India.

Tempted to go back and live on 10 USD for awhile so I don't have to spend my stack. Spent 4 months there.

Gangotri is the start of the Ganges is nice too.

Scamming gem scanners out of money was next tier Jedi mind tricks I pulled on pajeets

Dharmasalma is nice too but touristy

Ignore all the fucking Eat, Pray, Love notmies in tbis thread. This user has it right. I’m actually fucking sick and tired of having to have mind numbing conversations with basic bitches who just “really disovered” who they were during two weeks in Cambodia. This user has it right, travelling should be restricted to core cities like New York, Hong Kong, Rome, London, etc and you should always try to get some business value out of it, contacts etc. Fuck all you redditor invaders.

Some of us just go and do whatever we want to do user, I'm getting the impression travel has become an IG larp or some shit, we've always just gone for fun

How do I get Pajeet gf?

the aboslute state of poor pol tards.

no money to travel and quoting reddit

im so glad you guys are all virgins and will never have children

>okay. you better get better talking points if you like to convince people that spending ANY money on pointless tourist shit is worth it.
i don't give a fuck about convincing you to do anything. again you're back with the money argument. if you don't want to visit "inferior" countries that's up to you, no one cares.

>waah, stop enjoying things I don't enjoy

You probably think that watching porn is also the same as having sex, you fucking autist.

Your idea of travelling is going to... AUSTRIA

Top kek, what a lowly plebeian.

Austria is amazing imho. A lot better countryside than my country anyway (australia)

Kike you ought to fuck back off to Reddit too

Doing it right now, gains go a fucking long way here

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Fucking loser. Off yourself

You are truly autistic.

Jesus. How much curry do you eat?

Kek I'm willing to bet you have absolutely no idea what goes into making a successful business. In before hurr durr my portfolio of shitcoins is worth 5 figures. Any legitimate international businessman would likely laugh you out of the room. The vast majority of successful prople would also tell you R and R is essential. If people do so by traveling to other countries who gives a fuck. You just sound like a bitter assholes incapable of enjoying life

he's right. no one wants to hear about your trips

That's just some random guy, but yeah been eating a shit load of curry, butter chicken is the best.

Any biz dudes about in the south atm? I'm in ooty right now heading to kodaikanal then Pondicherry in a few days

Would be joke to meet up and rub it in the basement dwellers faces

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The mecca and birthplace of shitcoins and paid shilling. Its good to understand your roots, I recommend visiting there at least once in there life if you are a link holder.

There's also shit everywhere and you can't eat meat unless you're on the northern part or something no thanks.

>thinking /pol/ memes are real life

Pajeetland? I’m sure that’s somewhere in Bradford.

Neither of those things are true lol get out more

Not really, it’s the one with the least flavour due to the least spices. Traditional, no name curries in India are the best



For a board that values saving money and hating on normies, you faggots really love wasting money traveling like normies. And of course there are plenty of good reasons to travel, but the amount of millennial rationale here (muh experiences maaaaan) confirms the amount of faggot normies in this board and in crypto. Go back to ledit and your 401k please.

Fair play you sound like you know your shit, I've been here 3 months but butter chicken is still my fave

Don't think that's true for everyone m8
I work from my laptop so I'm still bringing in the same amount of money BUT I'm spending about a 3rd of what I do back home and living like a fucking king

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Traveling is for dumb soyboys and roasties.

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