Can't Take This

Take these bags anons, I can't deal with this anymore.

Private key:

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I have been told there is a scam in progress. Sir , drop the gun and put your hands up.

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wow $25, thanks user for wasting my fucking time

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haha nice biz tokens user

Pls confiscate the Biz tokens from this user sir

Please step away sirs and , this crime scene need to be secured until forensics arrive.

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You managed to convince someone to transfer you 0.1 ETH, the world is truly retarded


eyy i know this scam
it's pretty smart desu, newfags will always fall for it

Someone please explain this scam to me. I get that it's too good to be true, but what's the catch? How do they get me?

DESU user, it's not even mine, I saw the scam before and wondered if I could get in faster than the bot while some dummy tried to gas up the account. SEND TRANSACTION SEND TRANSACTION SEND TRANSACTION

you have to send ether to have gas to withdraw the minereum tokens, where all of the value of the account is. so you send ether, thinking you'll get free money, but the OP instantly moves the ether you sent to another account.

When you transfer in money for GAS he just puts in a higher GAS price to transfer the money out.

Figured as much. Is that really all there is?

and op chose to fucking pay 0.06eth as a fee, all are fucking retards

I'm OP but it's not my account, I was just bored and wanted to see if I could transfer faster than his bot. But didn't want to try it with my own money. Someone sent the guy almost $60, wow...

ya, that's it. it works because everyone is thinking "who the fuck would give up their private key?" so they get greedy and try to act fast so they can beat other anons

Looks like a classic scam. OP gets people to send ETH to his wallet to pay for gas, but has a script that moves the ETH to another wallet as soon as it arrives. IT also looks like he is a repeat offender. Archives say he first struck on October 30th of last year, and then again a few times afterwards, before going in hiding and reappearing recently.

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just set up your own, no bot to compete with :^)


Thank you based detective Pepe

but isn't he at a disadvantage, because he wants to keep some of the ETH he received?
he uses 66% of the amount as gas to transfer the other 33%
but if I want to transfer the tokens out, I'm happy to use 100% of the ETH amount as gas
so wouldn't my transaction be accepted before his, if we submit at around the same time?

at the amount of gas you'd both be using, i'd imagine they're both practically instant.

Detective Apu

Scam. Dont send it anything.

Sounds like a lot of effort to scam 5 bucks out of some greedy user
Pajeetd gonna pajeet

almost got it:
with the right balance of gas price and limit, I think it might be possible to get confirmed for the nonce before him
it's only costing me 70 cents to try, so I might as well try a few more times

whoever is the other person trying, that 1 gwei gas transaction will prevent the other 3 from going through, and it'll take hours, possibly days to go through

I sent ETH but I didn’t get anything back, WTF??? anybody else seeing the same trouble?

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>create smart contract that gives 999999 minerium for 1 eth
>ez since we have private key
>send 0.005 eth

Probably owes taxes.