Pathetically failing to break 9200 resistance

>Pathetically failing to break 9200 resistance
>All gigantic bullish news: international community agreeing on no regulations, positive sentiment from US congress, first US state declaring crypto as legal currency
>All of this was only able to push the price up a measly $800
>Everyone acts like it's the second coming of jesus and that bullrun 2.0 is imminent

I feel like I'm time-traveling two weeks ago to the "giant inverse head and shoulders TA" bullshit!? Guys... we are STILL IN A BEAR MARKET! I'm as disappointed as everyone else, but just because a few hints of good news pump the price slightly doesn't mean that we're not going to re-test the 6k support again by the end of this week.

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Fucking Kek imagine being this guy tethered up at 7400 sorry mate no re entry for you glass hands

I've never owned a single tether, and never plan on owning one. I'd rather just hold my coins and wait out the bear market.

That being said, you might want to save this image, you'll need it in a few days.

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Have you seen the amount of longs?
Can't wait for the liquidations
user feel free to open a short just about now, you'll be glad you did once this nitch drops through so-called support
2017 was fantastic but the party's over


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quads of quads confirm: op is a silly bear that got bogged trying to time the market

Holy shit, how will OP ever recover. Its over OP just acept it, you got blown the FUCK out, holy shit that burn, oh my god OP your done, youre fucked, my deepest condolences OP, I hope you said goodbye to everyone close to you because your ass got fuckin rekt kiddo

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I've literally never tried to time the market. I have an actual job, gf, and other hobbies, so I'm too busy to sit around all day trading. I just accumulate a few coins and sell when I'm satisfied with the gains. Best call so far was buying XRB (now NANO) at $3.20 and sell at $35.

That being said, I did buy some BTC at 6.5k and some ETH at around $475. Just trying to counteract the "BULLISH BUY NOW FOMO IN" threads and prevent others from making noobie mistakes

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says the guy who posts "dubd.jpg" on quads. kys.

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I suggest you IMMEDIATELY go to the hospital OP, such catastrophic bleeding from ass is FATAL, god damnit, I just cant stress this enough, cant you see OP? you got your dingdong handed to you, just accept it. I dont know man, Im just trying to help here, but FUCK those buttcheeks got to hurt, I am so sorry OP, fuckin hell mate all that blood, your place must look like fucking vietnam after bombing right now, shit man clean that mess up, but first get HELP fucking PRONTO

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that grammar, that excessive use of caps for no fucking reason, those low-quality and poorly named jpgs, that wannabe british slang...

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Don't worry, OP, I just fomoed in. Your dip is now guaranteed, rest easy

holy shit op. not trying to be mean here but you are responding to every post, justifying yourself every time and trying to save yourself with the weakest jokes.
you got to work on your confidence, son. this is the internet. this is three plus one chan. this is where beta neets unite.
and you are the most beta i've seen in weeks

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you have a picture of an underage anime girl saved on your computer, and attempted to call another human a beta-male. game, set, life. kys.

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how does it feel being so pathetic that even biz shitposters take pity on you and give you life advice

i take pity on you, and advise you to go suck a dick.

how did it feel being so pathetic that even a biz shitposter took pity on you and give you life advice

>IMAGINE being so ass-blasted that you develop the autistic need to reply to every post to defend yourself

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With BTC barely inching up among all the good news and all the anger and denial towards bear market user posts over the past few days, it's all but confirmed that we are going down to 6K again. Get ready anons, it's coming...

What the fuck OP, why are you still posting on our investing forum, I know its hard to accept that youve got own3d by that user up there, but PLEASE think about yourself. What are your parents gonna think when theyll find you in your room ded with half your bottom missing? Think about them, your pointless bravado wont change anything. Im just concerned about you OP

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imagine triggering so many different faggots to reply to you, btfo every one of them, and doing this all before recess ends.


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>hurrrr the market isn't rising this very second
And the kindergarten continues.

op, you really got to stop this shame- and pitiful display. you are making an ass out of yourself. please just accept that you are
>a) a faggot
>b) have crippling self-esteem issues
>c) are never going to make it
for the love of god, stop it

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You know what I see? I see 450% since mid december. Maybe you should learn what a market is before you curse at it.

lmao u stupid nocoiner cope harder we went +2k in 2 days of course it cant go up in a single green candle to 20k are u stupid?

9.2k will be breached today u ugly motherfucker

>domino's in the blocks
>bullish news
lol bitcoin is actually over dudes

Thats it, OP is ded. RIP

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The americans have just decided our fate the last 2 minutes.
Today, we go down.

Stupid spaz. Stop pretending you know who bought and sold. Stop pretending you can predict the future. Holy shit. This kindergarten.

OP is the person i try not to be. Limit your # of replies man, very cringey.

it feels like the alt run is trying to start since yesterday, anyone else notice?

shhh, youre ruining it


Once again we have some dumb newfag who panic sold and is FUDing to cope in the hopes that it could crash again and he can buy back in

>FUDing to cope in the hopes that it could crash again and he can buy back in
And he wont. Hell be all smug and shit if it crashes back. He will buy the top of the nextr bullrun most likely. And the cycle will repeat.

sadly, I think OP is gone.
was having such a good time with this LSE coping loser.
I do wish him well though, hopefully he's one day gonna turn his life around

>falling for a bull trap after it was revealed that gox can crash the price at any instant and ICOs are crashing ETH

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Yep. the bulls here are delusional.

You should Keep it bro

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