Day 2

Second day of wagecucking and i already want to die

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What do?


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see you in ten years

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Keep socking cash away into shitcoins and daydream about being rich off crypto, it will make the day easier

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Save your money and figure out who isn't a total bastard

>tfw snowstorm and work is cancelled


it only gets worse. every moment not spent there should be spent figuring out how you will escape it forever.

I try but I can’t figure it out. How the fuck else am I going to make this much money?

Welcome. Start working on an exit plan like furthering your education or credentials, or wake up in 10 years in the same place you're in right now.

Buy a ponzi coin, hope that everyone else will be willing to pay you more for it. Profit. We lambo now. Sell and sit n chill

I wagecuck 80 hours per week

I work in a mom and pop pizzeria and I'm the top dog there (hard to work this many hours and not be) so I'm able to just have my laptop set up. As long as it doesn't totally interfere with things. Sometimes when the market is hot I do kinda put it before orders or I'll at least be watching the numbers like a hawk while I'm stretching dough

So it's nice that I'm able to trade while at work. But just remember you're doing the best thing for your portfolio by making more and more money and it's only cucked if they have you by the balls. Seeing as how you've unlocked the cheat code called crypto, well speaking for myself, nobody has me by the balls. I like to keep multiple sources of income and if my job ever tried some power move with me I can simply walk and go back to my own business. Plus crypto is making me rich. So keep putting in those hours and drive your piece of shit car until it breaks, keep looking at the best price per ounce on the tags at the supermarket. I got a month's supply of chicken for $15 motherfucker. This is how millionaires are made

>made .5 btc today
Feels comfy OP

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post wageslaving hate threads

tfw only made 0.4

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Welcome to the rest of your life.

I've been buying some sweet picks the last few days, I think they should all kick on. Got TNB and LRC a few days ago

Also, lol at wagecucks

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Depends on the money and time. All comes down to how much you value your life for the reward. If you work 8 hours a day for 15 / can really get to your head. But if that was 40/hr+, it becomes a different ballgame

Don't worry user. Just be glad you'll have fiat to turn into real shit, like Link. You'll own the place you work in a year.


Kys faggot

You have to trick your brain.
>Wow this is fun

Rent only the best everything. Make the best impression at the club and everywhere you go. Never cash out until you make it and ABC

I know you gotta look sharp but I can't justify putting so much into a vehicle when I have one that works

and besides that sometimes I have to deliver so it's good that I have one that I won't fuck up in the process

>at the club
ah, shit, nevermind you're a child

I make a good impression at the chess club son

save a years worth a salary ASAP that way they never control you completely and youre always willing to walk away in 30 seconds flat like Deniro in Raging Bull

15's a lot. Best I could get was €5 an hour, but with the living expenses of the first world it isn't easy.