If this isn't 90% of your portfolio, you're not gonna make it

If this isn't 90% of your portfolio, you're not gonna make it.

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just waiting on that medium post..

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I heard ISIS tokenized their assets with Jihad Network Token

this better get to at least $10. i want to be able to buy a house outright straight after college

>He unironically placed his hopes and dreams on a man named TALALALALAL

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>literally a fishing hook logo
When will they ever learn?

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you are JOKING, right?


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It's going to moon guys, just you wait

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Give me some predictions how much my 450k stack will be worth in 2020Really comfy so far

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you should accumulate some more, you need at least 730k jnt to make it

225,000,000 USD

second generation of DBC bagholders incoming with this one.

in Middle East there's a saying: "our people think western people are gullible, we pitch them a project and they will throw money on us"

I fucking knew it. I will double down after the next dip.

Now i am disappointed user...

DBC is combining the AI meme with the blockchain hype pretty perfect

75b mcap and you're not satisfied... Kys

>he thinks there is such thing as “enough money”

>Making literal FUD threads on a coin

Am I being reverse shilled?

Doesn't matter anyway since this shitcoin isn't aimed at NEETs like you.

Only 75b? Thinking about selling my stack now.

I estimate, based on my experience in TA analysis, that we will have a 764 billion marketcap by the 18th of August, 2019

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>“Haha! Those stupid infidels are buying it again! The only one going to lambo land will be me!”

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That would make me a millionaire lol.

Not gonna happen.

Fuck J, Req, Link.

But why are people so angry at JNT?

Because they want to keep the price as low as possible so they will be able to afford another round on their next paycheck, this has been going on since february.

The human is leaning towards shittalk sth if he is not able to comprehend it.

A good example is Chainlink...i would bet you that not even 5% of the LINK army has read more than 2 pages of the WP.

JNT is mostly compared with a stablecoin, therefore people don't even look deeper into it. Furthermore JNT wont really bei anything relevant in the next months.

And last reason, but clearly not least...we are on the internet, especially on this shitboard...memes are all that counts.

And this one is important too...but if you are still not done with accumuluation, then i feel really sorry.

Living from paycheck to paycheck i guess

When moon?

Buying more every month, goal is 30k, might push it to 40k If I can. Id like to sell my stack of 25k but because of the low volume and the fact that most people wont sell I dont want to risk it.

What do people expect from the Medium post (realistically) in terms of content?

Further details about the SEED partnership and details about the use of funds...

So depending on the information it will either pump or dump hard in short term? Because right now there is lots of uncertainty.

Clarification is for sure needed to understand the use of funds and deeper technical process, but never forget, they are aiming for a complete other investor group

information about token economics, something many people don't understand.

Bad information is better than uncertainty user.
Also it looks like they are shifting their attention from plebs to big boys with big money, which is good, but expect ADHD fags to dump it