Modafinil doesn't do shit except wake me up and I can't get ritalin for a few more weeks...

Modafinil doesn't do shit except wake me up and I can't get ritalin for a few more weeks. Anyone taken over 200mg modafinil before? Thinking of taking double dose (400mg) seeing if it helps me focus or boosts motivation.

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Modafinil doesn't do shit for focus/concentration. It just keeps you from feeling tired.

makes me fidgety as fuck

It's basically like drinking coffee, but without the hyperness/crash.

Yeah I thought so. Typical lying placebo cunts on the internet claiming it's an ADHD med, or claiming it fixed their brain like the Bulletproof Coffe cunt.

400 + caffeine will have you fucked up, don't do it. anything over 300 isn't worth it imo


add some stimulant at a lowish dose.


look it up retard.

I like it, makes me much more concentrated and at the same time i'm much more talkative.

But when it wears off I feel like not talking to anyone and I get quite a bit of mood swings, it's part of the side-effects so I consider it quite normal tho

you will get one cunt of a headache

Stims are very personal. Try dexamphetamine, worked for me

Anyone know how to get this prescribed in southern california? Been to 2 doctors and no luck. Sleep doc wants me to do a sleep diary

hierba mate you fucktards. there is nothing like it.

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That gives me the shakeys like crazy. It’s fun though, with the gourd and hot water and shit.

I've been a mate shill for years. That's some good shit.

You mean Yerba mate? Does it actually give you a high?

Modafinil turns me into a machine with focus like a razor. If it really just eliminates sleepiness then maybe I'm a robot under all of this lethargy.

I took 300mg adderall instant 2 days ago

really? that's very strange man, mate is said to and known for being much less shakeys-inducing than coffee. even going to sleep naturally and calmly after binging on mate all day is fairly common. strange, you're the firs time i hear this.

hell yeah man.

no it doesn't give you anything you could call a high. it gives you a very pleasant mild euphoria similar to smoking a cigarette or drinking coffee. but what it does give you is a wakeness and boost in focus, without the blood-pressure spike and sleep disruptiveness of coffee. also no shakeys (except for this one user above, which seems to show that it does happen although less often than with coffee). it's an incredible drink, oddly hasn't caught on much in the west.

It reduces the time required to refocus. It does not make you less likely to lose focus. On top of that, if your modafinil isn't shit-tier you should find emergent problem solving to be noticeably greater because you are so awake. Emergent problem solving is when solutions just come to you through synthesis and iteration on existing knowledge that you would not link while off the drug.

For ADD people, it's amazing for faking executive function.

You are only one sleep till christmas.

where do you guys buy modafinil , aderall and ritalin?

Get diagnosed for ADD. Claim that amphetamines give you palpitations and headaches and that these cardiovascular effects concern you. Pitch modafinil's as an off label ADD treatment.


nigga I'm wired for hours after popping 50 mg in the morning and 50 more at like 2PM lmao what's wrong with you

and yeah I use modalert. autistic finals week studying for the yung 4.0 STEM GPA

Try just being smart like me instead of taking reddit pills.
Not naturally smart?
Well then just commit suicide and improve the human race.

This. Gets my mind often going though, but staying focused is still on me

I rarely go above 60 mg if I take, gives me shit sleep and makes me groggy next day

I know your trolling but the thought of using modafinil as a crutch was a barrier to entry for me. But then I realized that it's a tool. Like wearing a jacket during the winter or hunting bears with a gun. It's silly to forgo your tools in favor of naturalism. Some would even argue they are the same.

don't do it user. slippery slope and prolly not gonna work.
get some lions mane supplements from amazon. your first dose will take about 24 hours (next day) to notice, but you will see a marked difference. like third eye shit in terms of cognition

>a wakefulness promoting agent only promotes wakefulness, i've been scammed
Tbh. And that wakefulness should help with focus and so on anyways. Leddit might make it sound like it's a miracle drug that'll fix your life but unless you have significant trouble with staying awake it probably won't be that.

It makes tasks more enjoyable to me. I'm quite sure there was a study specifically on that but I can't find it rn. But it's obviously personal and it might not affect you as it does others, it was meant for narcoleptics not Veeky Forumstards lacking motivation.

This, basically. It's a tool, you will get a headache if you use it as a crutch. Similar to how your ghrelin will prevent you from eating too much food, yet that is only true when eating primarily fat, refined carbohydrates bypass that response which is why we have such an obesity epidemic. I recommend using choline to replace what you lose when you consume modafinil, you will get killer migraines otherwise.

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M8, you are discrediting a proven safe stim and instead suggesting to buy some random mushroom powder from some 60's hippy. KEK

No point, it doesn't work for you. You need amphetamine
It depends on your genes. There's on variant of... I think it was a SNP related to methylation that changes how you react to modafinil

Modafinil isn't a stimulant, dude. If you need Ritalin, get Ritalin.

Doc gave me ritalin for ADD and I only used it for going out lmao. Pharma grade speed

Doubling doses like that doesn’t work the way you think you colossal retard

modafinil isn't that great, but it definitely can help you get shit done. it increases my productivity, more so than focus? I usually get a lot of chores done, and if I'm doing something like playing games (pvp/online), it's easy to keep my head in and not tilt or get bored. just keeps you chugging along I guess, kinda like fuel for your autopilot.

Ritalin is terrible compared to an amphetamine imo. It makes me irritable as hell and the comedown is just not worth it.

Modafinil is very powerful anons. It can permanently rewire neurons in your brain. Be careful anons and take in moderation only.

How so. Can it rewire me to be more productive? Source pls.

Fucking amerimutts need to take meds even to be able to take a shit

You are clearly using it like a fucking tard, that shit practically wrote my dissertation for me. You either take it first thing in the morning to be focused throughout the day, or after you have done 5-8 hours of work to push through. Taking 100mg every 4 hours after the first 12 let me bash out work for 26 hours straight, felt like I had aids after though

For day sesh:
>empty stomach
>200mg modafinil (even 100mg if new)
>black coffe or caffinated drink
>water at hand
>start working/studying
>super focused and no tiredness

For night:
>starting to feel tired
>take 200mg modafinil
>take hour break from work
>black coffee or caffinated drink
>feel sudden urge to be productive
>work for 8 more hours

Overall this shit makes you basically autistic and really good at single tasks, I find it makes you worse at multi-tasking though. And you have to start doing whatever it is you took it for beforehand otherwise you will just get distracted as shit.

I've taken this a bunch and only thing it does it make me not tired, but I got my DNA tested and found this out

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>And you have to start doing whatever it is you took it for beforehand otherwise you will just get distracted as shit.

Got sucked into a wikipedia black hole for 10 hours one time cause of this shit.

Which ultimately helps you focus?

Can you gib more info on this testing? Is there other good info You got out of it

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I'm an Urufag. That's pretty much our national drink. It's a great n natural stimulant but doesn't help at all on focus and motivation.
Still great when you are feeling drowsy and with lack of energy

I posted in another thread

There is a “new” amphetamine called evekio. Little blue pills in 10mg. Much better than Adderall imho. 50/50 d and l amp, much more of a body push than plain old addy.

Iv done tons of stims. My fav was ethylphenidate but my state is on to research compounds.

Biphetamine aka evekio is my second fav.

Why are people on here so reliant on pharmaceuticals?

If you have the correct stack moda is pretty nice.
It won't help you to be productive or motivate you. Make sure you have a task to focus your attention on. If you are browsing Veeky Forums all day it's a waste.

Pharmaceuticals are nothing more than compounds. Just as iron in your food, caffeine in your coffee, or other preservatives which are either elements or compounds and have an effect on your body

We went from farming and other slower paced work to 50 hour work week with tons of responsibilities on the side within a 2/3 generations. Our brains can not develop this fast, which is where adhd and depression came from. Either fail, kys or succeed. The choice is yours.

lol speak for urself wage cuck. sucks u got shit genes but don't clump population that are genetically superior in with the brainlets

m8, dont knock it till youve tried it. shits a proven-clinically cognizant booster. one of the few legit nootropics and natural to boot

So the natives in Central America were idiots as well. The Egyptians were idiots too? Fucking brainlet, go read a book

Stims, opioids, and drugs similar to benzos were used all through our history.

You racist fucks on here, your superior Arian military was all high as fuck on pervatin, aka methamphetamine through our ww2.

Honestly, this fucking place is going downhill. Full of 70iq idiots

You are retarded.

Take much less and take it with greasy food, if healthy with avacados and coconut oil.

25mg to start and work up to max 50mg.(break the pills up)

Taking too much will not improve performance just give you a raging migraine.

You might be a genetic non-responder to modafinil.. According to research, about 25% of people of caucasian descent have the nucleotide base pair (A,A) at rs4680...

250mg test e3d
1/2 asin e3d

[PMID 19037200] rs4680(G;G) carriers deprived of sleep respond quite well to 2x 100mg modafinil in terms of improved vigor and well-being, and maintained baseline performance with respect to executive functioning, whereas rs4680(A;A) individuals barely responded to the drug at all.

you don't need to do that, just combine with caffeine and milk thistle. you're welcome


How important is it to get a good night of sleep before taking modafinil? Does the moda effect improve by a lot when you've gotten 8/9 hours rest, or is it the same when you've had 6 hours of sleep?

What about 4/5 hours of sleep for just that one night before taking it? Does this fuck up the effect, does it give different effects than usual or does it not really matter if you've have 3 hours more or less? I've struggled a bit with this since I can't seem to figure out if sleeping too little is fucking with my modafinil usage.

I wouldn't recommend over 200 unless you want severe anxiety

This shit is fucking fantastic.

I usually take 50mg + one RedBull in the early morning. The only problem is that if I take it too late it fucks up my sleep. Don't take it after 10am if you plan on going to sleep at a decent hour.

It's true that it doesn't improve focus *directly*, but it basically removes all symptoms of tiredness and you are able to get a lot of shit done.

You should get the amount of sleep you need, which varies per individual. If 4/5 hours is enough for you normally then sleep 4/5 hours.

>I can't seem to figure out if sleeping too little is fucking with my modafinil usage.
Too little sleep will fuck with *you*. Modafinil will kind of just hide the symptoms you'd otherwise have. You can function quite well with less sleep on Modafinil, since it induces wakefulness after all, but you shouldn't do it.

Like most nootropics they alter NGF and BDNF. I was taking a novel antidepressant that grows your hippocampus and winded up having angina and throwing up. Took an aspirin because it felt like common symptoms of a heart attack and I'm not even 30.

Being careful is not said enough. I did a colon cleanse and I don't need shit in the morning to get going. I take taurine at night and kratom in the morning once. Today diatomaceous earth in water and haven't eaten. Sharp as a motherfucker.

This is vague at best. Everything you do has an impact on neuronal pathways. It's how habits form for example.

Where did you do the testing?

Lower your dose.

This is the best cognitive enhancer I have ever found.

What is your kratom dosage?

Tell me more about Taurine?

Would also like to hear why the colon cleanse helped?

I can function fine with 4/5 hours of sleep, 8 is still better for me ofcourse. The thing is, I only take modafinil in stressful periods and I usually don't sleep a lot during those times since I have alot to do.

Tomorrow I have an important exam, and I'm not able to figure out if it is worth getting 3/4 hours more sleep tonight to optimalise the modafinil effects so I can perform well tomorrow or that I should sleep 3/4 hours less and use those hours to study.

Therefore, I'm really curious if those extra 3/4 hours of sleep will significantly increase my focus and wake me up even better when I take moda in the morning.

Adderall is the only way user

Oops, this post was for

>pharma grade speed
It's retarded enough normal people claim this. How do you have ADD and a ritalin script and actually think this?
Using ritalin for ADHD works as a long term solution. Using ritalin as an antidepressant and 10mg or below is relatable. Taking >20mg to get high is the most retarded thing you could do. Just drink like a normal person.

Fuck all of it.

If nootropics actually work, and Veeky Forums is all on them, than why is everyone here a fucking retard?

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Nootropics help you perform better, but they don't work miracles. A brainlet won't magically become a genius using them.

Cool just bought $29.99

Mate you are a dickhead. If you are on Biz one could suppose you know about crypto and MAYBE have capacity to use Google too.

Thus 'Google' (other search engines are available' Buy modafinil online pay in cryto.

You should wind up at Afinil Express and pay in crypto for 30% discount.

You are welcome.

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It's more beneficial to have a prescription that your insurance covers than paying completely out of pocket.

if you pay in crypto (30% discount) and they accept all the big ones (BTC, ETH, MCO, LTC, blah blah) buy 50 / 100 pills you can get them for around $1 pp. I dont know if a scrip is cheaper than $1 pp. Buy the generics as they are cheaper. Whatever brand you choose you will develop tolerance from over use so remember to cycle a week off. I only use half a tab in the morning when I have shit to do so less than 50 cents a day for me

This, avoid porn at all costs.

try piracetam

I use mod 2-4x a week, a medium dose shrooms or acid maybe every 2 months, and a heroic ego-death inducing psychedelic trip once or twice a year max.