Biz/crypto drugs thread?

biz/crypto drugs thread?

My nip doctor gave me Xanax out of nowhere for anxiety. Took 1 mg today and immediately fell to sleep. Still, this shit is great, my mood is so wildly improved with just 0.5 mg and I feel relaxed and focused. Would recommend.

Moda is shit and I hated it, it does nothing with/without caffeine for me.

Truly the two best biz drugs are Addy and caffeine. Nootropics are good if you're into that, but stacks seem like too much effort

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Try cyanide OP I hear it's great.

>shit is great, my mood is so wildly improved
Ah user.
You will soon learn that nothing in life is free.
Quit while you can. With benzo's you lose in the long run

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Watch the dosage user, tolerance willclimb up fast if you're not careful and benzo withdrawals are hellish.

True, how bad is withdrawal/dependency? I only got like 20 tabs so I'm not going to make it a habit, but it is fun

I'm going to go ahead and pretend you are serious here. If you really have a prescription I would not take them more than 2 times a week. You have no idea what world of hell you will be in if you become dependant on those to feel "relaxed," or "chill."

good luck buddy.

Be careful with Benzos, they're extremely addictive

Been there and I'm still in it

Op is a Junkie


Alright, I guess if 4 people are telling me to lay off I'll not make it anything serious. Sucks if dependency is that bad

sad druggies
your body will just adapt and you'll feel as bad as before, except with side effects such as low sex drive

improve the mind with the mind, not the stomach

you seem extremely naive to this drug op, please do some research and dont make it an habit

Use duckdose and a mail forwarder

most of drugs are addictive shit, you need to improve your sleeping cycle and correct vit/min imbalances in the first place (mag, zinc, d3 are what most people are deficient). also running and meditation helps

Withdrawal is the same as alcohol detox which can kill you if its bad enough.

Be careful how long you take it benzo withdrawal is he'll and can kill you also Xanax on the regular makes you retarded and slow.

Checked and confirmed

dependency is such a slow creep that you won't even know that it's happening. just a few days out of the week to relax and before you know it you can't even sleep and your anxiety is tenfold worse than before.

And if you drink on it you'll black out every time lol

CAra pharmaceuticals.

U heard here first. Moon once it gets out of trial.

Will destroy shitynal. And morphine


It fucking is my dude

I consider Benzos more addictive than opioids, I can use recreationally opioids once a month without a problem (I've done it for years), but Benzos are another beast.

They'll suck you in if you suffer from anxiety or insomnia, I take Halcion (Triazolam) pretty much daily for my insomnia. The only positive thing of Halcion is that it has an extremely short half-life so you don't get withdrawals because by the time you wake up it already has been eliminated.

However xanax has a longer half-life, so it's indeed more dangerous, also after a while it made me just depressed and sleepy

These guys are 100% correct. Xanax is so seductive, you feel amazing when you’re on it and slowly you require them to feel “normal”... I was on it for over a decade and when I came off I had vicious rebound anxiety that was magnitudes higher than what I was originally trenting. It took me a year to feel normal again.

Xanax is so fun. Its like being drunk without feeling naseous but even more uninhibited

Has drug culture really reached every day regular joe's?
Or are there only americans in this topic?

(serious question)

I presume it's mostly Americans ITT, very popular over there

But I'm a Yuropoor and I have a love/hate relationship with Benzos

enjoy your benzo addiction

I quit weed after like 6 months of doing it daily and now I'm being more productive than ever (with a bit of help from Concerta).

That said, being high on weed makes it easier to take risky decisions and not be a pussy.

anyone know the long term effects of valium? currently not on anything but i can't help thinking something could improve my day-to-day life (social interactions etc)

My doctor gives me 60mg of amphetamines a day and 1mg of xanax a day. I have been going to him for months and haven't finished one script. Insurance covers the whole thing.

>good diet
This is all you need.

Doing addy, other stronger substances with addictive potential or a stack of 30 noots is like using high leverage on Bitmex. You'll get fucked with high certainty.

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Fuck doctors, they're worse than drug dealers.

Xans are awesome when you're using, but if you had anxiety before starting them, you'll be twice as bad after dropping them.

The people warning you are correct OP. Ive never been into anything but weed/psychs/ some addy. But i was having a long period of very bad sleep and i finally tried some xanny. It was amazing, slept like a baby. Basically took it everyday for around 17 days and felt i had fixed my sleep schedule finally so i stopped taking it. Next morning i wake up in cold sweats. Not even three weeks of use is enough for your body to be addicted. Thankfully im not a mentally weak faggot, and while i was mad at myself for putting my body in that situation i sucked it up and dealt with a week of withdrawal. But i definitely understand now why people get addicted to this shit inadvertently

OP, you can get most of the effect with even a very small dose so long as you don't build up a tolerance. Try to work your way down to 125 and take as needed rather than on the regular. So use them as a tool to get the anxiety under control when it threatens to be overwhelming rather than for a constant background hum. That way, you will get rid of one of the biggst sources of anxiety: the worry that you will have uncontrollable anxiety.

Then you look at your phone and kys after you see what you texted to your ex.. xanax and vodka, never again.

Yeah, I took it nightly for 10 days or so and just that wrecked my sleep for the following three or four days without it.


>good diet

fuck your jew pills

I was in the same situation two years ago, I got prescribed Xanax for anxiety. These anons are right, while it worked wonderfully, quitting was probably one of the worst experience of my life.

>have crippling anxiety
>Refuse to take any medication for it, ever no matter what
>Used to lift and anxiety went away
>Had to stop lifting because health issue
>Have crippling anxiety and depression now
I... I'm trying to hold on bros.

I know that feel user.
How bad is your injury? Can you do cardio properly?

>I can use recreationally opioids once a month
what opioids exactly do you use?

Yeah xanax withdrawal is awful. If you only use it a few times a week, and avoid taking it 2 days in a row, you should be fine. Take the minimum dose you need, just enough that you lose the anxiety, but not enough that it feels too good/you feel high. It will be less addictive that way. Also try Valium as an alternative to Xanax, it's very similar, but it has a longer half life, so you don't feel the come down as much. With Xanax, you will start to feel the come down towards the end of the day, making you depressed and want more, with Valium you won't feel it until the next morning

You're still gonna make it. Could you do cardio? If not, just make sure you do CBT or look into natural anxiety relief.

jesus christ

Also if you have depression, and it's not just anxiety, try an antidepressant like Zoloft. The downside to this is that you have to take it everyday so it's technically addictive. But the effects are more subtle and it does more for your mood than just dealing with anxiety

Yeah, I've been on Zoloft on and off for several years, and it's gotten me through so much. After this thread I'm not going to fuck with benzos again and just stick to SSRIs/caffeine for now

If you're already on Zoloft, that should reduce the required dose you need for for Xanax and other benzos to work. You can keep the benzos on you, just use it when you really need it, like you have a job interview etc. Also try using a smaller dose next time

What you don't realize is that it's slowly programming your brain to make excuses for use

>Still, this shit is great, my mood is so wildly
Congrats, you are about to become an opioid addict. If you like to get something against your anxiety try cannabinoids, cbd to be precisely. No addiction, instant chill

ive done every noot under the sun , for me the effects are diminishing signifcantly after the first time. I believe noots can be used effectively if its done sparingly.

Undoubtably the best for me was micro dose LSD - social improvements, more empathy , happier - however these are hard to dose if youre a brainlet like me and i ended up doing signifcantly more than a "microdose" each day.

It's very similar to xanax. The big difference is that valium has a longer half life, so you won't feel the come down towards the end of the day like you will with xanax, so it's better to use valium. But it's just as important to not get addicted to valium, or any other benzos

This. Actually the worst thing about them for me was CONSTANTLY forgetting stuff and blacking out. I literally can't remember YEARS of my life. I run into people all the time who know who I am but I'm not sure who they are

Well, at least you recognize it. I got a neighbor that's constantly on some combination of benzos and weed and alcohol and every fuckin' time I run into him he tells me the same stories I've heard 100 times.

Dihydrocodeine or Tramadol so light opioids

Wouldn't dare to touch any stronger one because I know that it would be much more difficult to control

lol i feel you
tried to micro dose and actually made myself almost trip hard from 60 ug

OP... i will tell you one thing, and I hope you read this:
xanax is fun until you become addicted. i have had withdrawal from pretty much every substance out there, and the only thing that literally incapacitated me was withdrawal from zanax. imagine sweating and freezing at the same time, with the sensation that you have to pee but you are dehydrated because you didnt eat or drink anything that day, and tossing and turning all night long sweating through your clothing unable to sleep. whatever you do, NEVER go above 1mg per day. you are asking for trouble. I would do everything that you can to not take this shit. its banned in UK/Europe for a reason. it causes permanent neurological changes and damage. it is not safe to take even a few times. please, for your own sake, consider other options. you would be amazed at how well different teas can work for calming oneself down. go to the store and look for the line of tea that makes the "sleepy time" tea and they have all different varieties for calming oneself during the day, and the strong teas for putting your ass out before you go to bed. the path you are about to go down is dark and awful, you think you feel great and everything is perfec, but then you start forgeting shit, you become irratible, you get in fights with everyone, you lose your friends, you get fat because xanax makes you eat like a pig, your family starts calling you fat pill head loser.. learn from my mistakes. even if a doctor is giving you these, it doesnt make it right or necessary. seriously think about what i just wrote.

your welcome, no one fucking told me this shit. i wish i knew someone with some fucking sense.

I've dealt with a valium addict.

It turns you into a nigger, like all opioids and benzos.

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You guys seem to be experts. Since benzos are so bad for your body, what do you think about Phenibut (for social anxiety)? Is it as bad? How should you use it to avoid getting addicted to it?

Don't do any.

just do micro dosing lsd/shrooms

Same mechanics, will fuck you up equally bad. Had minor issues 4 months after i quit, and that was just 30x500mg capsules

Dont use it more than 2x per week and not on consecutive days

i've thought about this with shrooms, how much do you take for microdosing?

dude stop now i fried my brain one night with these. They are the worst drug for you.

Can definitely recommend microdosing shrooms. Look it up it can work wonders for anxiety, depression, creativity, mood and focus.

Microdosing will be the coffee for the future.

anybody have any experience with Kratom?

good or bad?

Learn the importance of detoxing. I've taken xanax, valium, and klonopin for years, here and there. Never gotten even close to addicted. If I take them for a few days, I don't take them for a while. Maybe a week or more.

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.2 or .3 grams all you need

This is extremely incorrect and as a pharmacist, I feel the need to correct you.
The shorter acting benzo is - the more likely you are to get the withdrawals. The science is that if you pop a long acting benzo, let's say Diazepam (half life is over 20 hours), you will be fine with just one dose for more than a day. It takes more than one half life to completely get out of the system and even though 24 hours later it's below the recreational or therapeutic effect, you still don't experience withdrawals if you are not severely addicted.
Now with short acting ones it's more dangerous. It has a half life of over 1,5 hours. Now in 4,5 hours you have 0,125 of your dose left in the system and that's way below your therapeutic dose. And now that it's gone out of your system, the withdrawals kick in. So you have to dose again. And repeat this 3-4 times a day. Such frequent dosing will raise your tolerance quickly whcich will exacerbate the problem.
When peopl are treated for benzo addiction, they always have their benzos changed to long acting diazepam, clorazepate and taper off that gradually.
The only reason you don't experience withdrawals from your triazolam use is that you aren't actually addicted and you don't get any withdrawals.

It's great, kills anxiety, you get a nice mood boost and a buzz depending on the dose. I take quite a bit daily. Withdrawals have never been a major problem, however, I would consider myself mentally dependent. Anxiety has always been a problem for me.

I've found that kratom doesn't last very long. 2 hours tops.

so just take that once a day? how long should i keep taking it?

depends on experience, .2 was a sweet for me.

welcome to hell user. benzos are the most addictive substance on earth (to me anyway). never had a problem with anything else but been hooked on these bad boys on and off for years. all that said its also the greatest/most comfy feeling ever and I still take them here and there for utility purposes (interviews, important meeting, occasional insomnia)

its excellent. been taking it occasionally for quite a while and havent experienced any negative effects. dont do it more than twice a week and never take more than 6 grams

winners don't use drugs.

Drugs will fuck up your brain chemistry if you stay on them long enough. You'll wake up in 4 years and not know where the time has gone (this is when your body is so used to the drugs you start coming back to normal state) you'll realize you have the same issues and didn't solve any of them. You'll realize you haven't attacked the core problem. It's not because you are anxious or can't focus. You need to figure out what's causing those things or you'll forever be a slave to big pharma and a zombie everyone knows they can leech off of.

You're right, and it only gets shorter the longer you take it, unfortunately. Gotta rotate your strains and stuff.

It still baffles me how you can get a prescription for fucking xanax and amphetamines this easily in the US. What the actual fuck goes on over there

Yeah bro listen to all the people here. Benzo addiction is worse than even Opiate addiction. The withdrawal from Benzos is hell incarnate

i have only taken it a few times, but results seem to vary between motivated or kind of zoned out.

i'm thinking this is dose dependent - how much would you recommend taking?

Lots of info online if you google it.
I find its best every third day.

most doctors are trained to just hand out drugs as a solution, they treat symptoms rather than the disease

Phenibut and Adderall

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I've only ever tried maeng da. Any strains you recommend?

It's the same over here unfortunately, but how can you hand out a prescription for xanax out of nowhere. This kind of shit costs healthcare millions of dollars.

thanks, user. i will look into it

It was really nice to buy a good pack of Xanax for fuck all money. I have medicated myself and my friends, and a lot of people with anxiety disorders have done really well from it. Thanks, internet. Some of us know why crypto is actually something worthwhile...

Getting into Xanax........ You're done user. Its over for you, you're a depreciating commodity. Now enjoy forgetting 95% of what happens in your life so you're "less intense" enjoy living as a zombie

Im about to try huperzine-a for language learning.

What am I in for?

I personally didn't feel anything from it. But it works for some people. If it does work for you, it's effects are much more mild than benzos, so less dangerous. But apparently you do build up tolerance to it, so you should cycle it like you do with benzos, meaning don't use it on consecutive days etc

It doesn't really do anything noticeable.

am i kill Veeky Forums ?

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I used huperzine before sleep. It gave me intense dreams, weirder than I've ever experienced, and made me wake up right after the dream. Apparently whatever chemicals huperzine increases in your brain, my body already has plenty of, so adding more had a negative effect. I think it did make me sleep deeper, but since I woke up between dreams it was counterproductive. I didn't try it for it's nootropic effects, if you're going to do that take it in the morning. Anything you can buy OTC isn't going to have crazy effects, so it's worth trying to see if it helps you. Everyone's body chemistry is different too, so your reaction may be different from someone else's

You need more Tramadol in your life

It better do, Im a poorfag in a shitty 3rd world country, that shit was ridiculous expensive.

Fuck benzodiazepines and alcohol.

There is a GABAergic drug which, when used properly, carries no side effects for most people. This miracle drug is called phenibut. Developed by the Russians and used in their space program, it's euphoric and anxiolytic without being intoxicating. It's safe to drive or operate machinery on, and you won't make stupid decisions while on it. Some studies even suggest it has nootropic properties, meaning it enhances cognitive function, whereas alcohol and benzos diminish it severely. There have been cases of abuse and addiction as with any drug with a recreational capacity, but in my personal experience the abuse potential for this drug is lower than marijuana. I use it no more than twice a week, and I never feel the urge to take it in between.

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ah cool thanks user, i wasn't sure. I'm on 600mg/d for the moment

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God tip: half your xan dose and pair with adderall. I did this in Vegas and felt like a savant at the roulette table