Making it

What will this be worth in 2020?

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About 6000 pounds


> reminder that your stash was worth 40k at one point
I hope you didnt buy at the top


I estimate a 1.5 billion dollar market cap for REQ this year, so at $2.5 per REQ, you will have a nice six figure stack - $100,000 USD worth.

Look buddy, you're either all in LINK or split between REQ and LINK. You can't be all in on REQ. You simply won't make it. Those are the rules.

No, my average buy in price is £0.082


Don't ask questions. I don't make the rules.

I heard that REQ always gets sick digits on this board. So I bought 40k.

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get your cancer shitcoin off /biz


3k if you're lucky.

Euro will probably collapse.

I dont know anymore. Will i be fine with this? Sometimes i just want to kill myself

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Why are you buying coins shilled by biz?

Buy Monero and Lumens, hold BTC

It'll be worth about 3 pennies and a ball of lint, kid.

This is the ideal long term portfolio. Sure I'm not going to be a millionaire anytime soon, but it's safe. I'll be way less stressed out than you who goes all in on a single shitcoin

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You are going to make it. Anybody with a few thousand VEN will.

Well, well over 1mm if mass adoption happens.

I like your potfolio

Only thing I'd change is selling a bit of your ETH stash and putting more into Monero

>Going all in on a meme coin.

Fucking state of Veeky Forums.

REQ will make you rich?

How gay. Lol you are better off investing in traditional stocks faggot, no risk no reward.

holy shit digits confirm!


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Fucking checked

>no risk

either $500,000-$1,000,000 or zero

You should stop living in the past

I know what I'm about faggot, didn't you read my post? My gains are slow and steady and I've still made a lot. I was buying ANS at 4 dollars

But you keep doing what you're doing. Lmk which pink wojack you are after the trash you're all in on gets delisted from the exchange. Or which pink wojack you are when your shitcoin of choice crashes 50% overnight because of a single bad PR.

You have the most safe, low risk portfolio out there, but if I was you I would get rid of the LTC shitcoin and put it into LINK to have at least 1 risky moonshot. Litecoin is a shitty bitcoin copy paste with no innovation anyway.

Why would you hold monero and litecoin?

Monero has value only because it is private. is better to buy monero when u want to use it than holding it, can be cracked some day and go to 0.

Litecoin is a shitcoin, only value is that is faster and cheaper than BTC and ETH, but thats about to change, what value will it have in the future?

Also Nano wins over LTC in speed and cost.

Retarded Portafolio if u hold those 2

Neo omg and ARK are my moonshots. I actually do own link as well but only about 1000 Stinky linkys, so it's below ARK which is why doesn't show in the screenshot

Monero pumps retardedly well, I sell high and rebuy low but always keep some. LTC I do the same thing, I'm waiting for it to pump to around 220 before I sell
Nano is a shitcoin, fundamentals font move this market its all hype. The amount of bagholders Nano has will prevent it from mooning hard.
Also to the other guy saying I have a boring portfolio, I'm holding for 5+ years. The chance that your shitcoin hasn't been delisted from an exchange in 5 years is almost non. Go look at historical marketcap from years ago, almost none of those coins still exist. Safety first

probably 0

But in a year or so it may triple or quadruple that value.

I quit I'm moving on.

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Hahaha it was worth 40k at one point, you missed the moon. Why the hell is anyone buying REQ still?

Link has to succeed.

Link succeeds = req succeeds
Req succeeds = link succeeds


That was just a hint of the true value. Wait until adoption don't be a pussy