Should I sell now that it pumped and jump on something else...

should I sell now that it pumped and jump on something else? still down 40% is ICX but it seems ICX pump is pretty much over

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Yes, real wall street trader here. Jump in PAC coin, you will thank me later

Screenshot this.

the real bithumb listing is in 4 days. this is on bithumb pro right now with poverty volume.

in a bull market this equals to 400% as usual. right now = no clue

well lets say btc is 10k on the 25th, could we expect 200% and in what timeframe?

this is the thing. I am thinking about going 50% into icx now and wait for the 25th, but I am not sure if this is a smart move.

A few months back bithumb meant 2-4x in a matter of days.

Stupid fuck. Please fucking selling

well look at what happens to every coin that gets listed on binance lately, instant -20 40%

>brainlet newfag

dont know man but i think that it will go kinda sideways for 4 days (or it will simply follow btc) but if things in the market stay relatively positive like they are now i think the koreans will go ape shit and start buying....if btc shits the bad, whan i doubt anything will happen.....

i am holding a small position and have set a sell order at 0.00062

the fuck u mean idiot, look at XEM, been at the top of the biggest losers list on binance for 2 days after listing.

>what is sell the news

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you fucking retard are comparing bithumb with krw pairing with a chink exchange.

dyor what bithumb did to ripple, bcash, monero you newfag. they dont have any shitcoins listed

please sell all your coins biztards

This, how newfag and poor are all of you???

Its on Korean coinbase with krw paring from 25.

Yes pls sell its gonna dump like binnance listing LMAO

I think I will watch the price, and if it drops some more I will get 10-15 btc worth.
I don't think that it will drop lower on the 25th, so it should be a pretty safe bet.
And if it just goes up 20% I would still be very happy

>comparing binance listing after shit ICOs with a fiat-paring on the korean coinbase
kek, the FUD game is so weak on ICX...

can they already trade it on bithumb pro?

>selling a few days before listing on bithumb, when it is currently the top volume coin on bithumb pro
The absolute fucking state of Veeky Forums

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Yes but Pro volume is nothing compared to bitthumb where it isn't yet

Not to mention bithumb is going all out with the publicity, check out their website. Two different airdrop programs, big banner on the homepage, literally calling in "Korean ethereum", and have a fucking .pdf file to download which is shilling it.

are we going to 100$?

I will sell day its listed and finally move my bags elsewhere. Until then keep pumping you piece of shit

if we break $12 ATH days after the bithumb listing, then EOY id say $50 is possible

You must be retarted

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This is the naivety I've been missing.

Bullish signal desu.

I wouldn't touch it until you can have LT capital gains tax (US) and it reaches ATH in Sats