I'll just leave this here

I'll just leave this here.

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Ropsten is the ethereum testnet. It’s where you test your shit before going full mainnet. So we must be getting closer to mainnet.

Can you explain to a brainlet what does that mean ? Can we estimate a time frame based on this alone

$5000 eoy

I’m not a coder, but maybe the -testsnet and +ropsten, means they are already migrating to the ropsten network and same goes for eth. Just guessing...

They just released their alpha this month. Mainnet wont come till atleast eoq2

wow literally nothing
desperate stinkies

>5000 eoy
not even ETH
Deluded linkies... kek

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Okay.. 10K EOY

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From the slack

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I feel like 1k and 5k is crazy talk. Well probably see the year off with link being 80-200$ conservatively

FUD they said the same about eth

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$30 per LINK is FUD now

Best timeline

Thanks for posting this

riddle me this:
when mainnet launches and sergey hands out his tokens, 700 mio will be in circulation. linkpool will do 100k token nodes but so many aren't needed for a node.
we will see 700 nodes if they have 10k tokens on average.
looking at oraclize's prices (1ct per request) and claims of having over 2000 requests per node (which is likely exaggerated already) for an average 10k node we will get:
>$7000 in staking rewards a year
>a price of 7$ per link at a roi of 10%
each node doing 2k requests per day nets us 1.4mio requests per day. a lot.
even getting to this many will be tough within the next 2 years or so.
It's all guesstimation but what it comes down to is this:
$7 per link would be an optimistic value until we surpass the 1.4mio requests which requires adoption levels reached no sooner than 2020
>pic related, kiddos

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Nice math faggot

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i would say eoy $10 is possible dude
i think people gonna pay premium prices for more security and 100% uptime

Based on what?

Every project ever that has a testnet has to wait a few months before releasing the mainnet... stop being so fucking dumb.

sure, $10 is possible. that's x20 from now so not to be knocked.
but given the available info that's the highest we can possibly expect.
at the same time you'd be dumb to not get in on this project for the same reason

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This is the most retarded "analysis" I've seen on biz in a year.

Nice :)

This maths makes no sense at all

I like his numbers, although, they are rather low for what will end up being the case.

kid is right, i erased two 0's and my number of nodes is really off.
truth is we'll see 70000 nodes and we'll need over 140mio requests per day to break out from this...
not sure where they are supposed to come from

Dude, Netflix received 80 million API requests per day in 2016.

So I'd still be a multimillionaire. As much as I'd love to believe you guys I'll be surprised to see anything above $10 unless Bitcoin goes to a trillion mcap.

That's exactly what he said you dumb bitch

what's a realistic estimation for how many API requests cl will process should swift use the way they are testing it for?

I'll be on cloud 9 even with $10 eoy

what does this mean

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Tom Gonser estimates 450B daily data transactions by 2020

I don't think that they're working on anything to do with APIs with SWIFT. They're working on Bond Coupon Payments.

that's a fair amount...
only a tiny part of this will flow through chainlink though. anyone got an estimate for that?


that is the same in principle for our calculations.
we are trying to estimate node revenue based on requests flowing through the cl network

that's going about it backwards.
more nodes =/ more API requests
that's like saying if I open more shops there will be more demand

The number of nodes will relate to the size of the API economy. Which industries are providing APIs. API requests and nodes will both grow as the API economy grows.

first mover brah, why do you think Veeky Forums seized this so hard. link is the coca-cola

brainlet. data transactions don't ALL need oracles. matter of fact, only the tiniest amount of these does
this still tells me nothing about how big the API economy will be in the next few years. only that it will grow and we all know that

> data transactions don't ALL need oracles. matter of fact, only the tiniest amount of these does
Are you retarded? The most important smart contracts will use external data.
>this still tells me nothing about how big the API economy will be in the next few years.
Wtf yes it does. Growing by 40 per day. Doubled 2014-2015. Etc etc. It’s growing and will grow exponentially.

The point is that API economy is getting bigger and LINK is poised to capture the share of it that integrates with smart contracts.

idk you would have to find out which of those transactions need an oracle
no idea how to find that out
but even 0.0001% would still be 45M transactions per day
also its hard to give a price estimation
just to many unkown variables
i guess it will overvalue hard once the mainnet is up and partnerships are announced

>are you retarded?
so every data transaction is a smart contract? if i send a picture via whatsapp that's a smart contract? gee, thanks for educating me, i didn't know!
>wtf yes it does.
if it does tell me then please answer the question:

right, impossible to estimate.
that's why i wanted to know whether anyone got an estimate for the number of API requests the tested swift use case would provide


>Every data transaction is a smart contract

Do... do you think link is a smart contract platform

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Kek bogged

do... do you think my dick pics via whatsapp will go through decentralised oracles?

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Lol dude every data transfer certainly does not need to go through a smart contract. If that's your point, then fine. But I think you are missing just how many smart contracts will be, in the future, relying on external data (and therefore ChainLink) to execute.
The answer is basically all smart contracts that don't just involve maker-taker token swaps. The growing API economy will create opportunities for smart contract developers to connect crypto to the real world user. Don't be a brainlet and miss out on the one thing they'll all have to buy to do it

$20 EOY and I can snort cocaine off of korean prostitutes's asses on my yacht. So I'll take it.

is linkpool the best bet to stake your linkies if you're a retardted brainlet?

This is a speculative market, doing any kind of "analysis" based on numbers at this stage is retarded. This goes for 99% of projects out there.

Read again

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Update the true goal of the network

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FFs here, changed wifi
excellent, who would have thought it'd be that easy. gonna have a look tonight to see whether there is useful info in this
i probably own a lot more tokens than you, son. but thanks for the advice. of course link is gonna be big. i'm trying to find out how big and how quickly
what's your approach then? scream 'link $1000 eoy' because there were a lot of 7s on a finnish french frie forum?

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Holy fuck I'm gonna be rich as a bastard

thanks for providing the swift url

Are you deliberately acting retarded or do guy really not understand the point here? I’ll spell it out for you plainly.
1. API economy growing exponentially eg 50 bazillion API requests daily for Netflix etc.
2. An API request is equivalent to a job on a chainlink node.
3. Number of requests = amount of income you can get from a node

>netflix needs to run through a decentralised oracle network

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