Starting April i am going to become a wage slave After losing EVERYTHING in January & trying to kill myself with by...

Starting April i am going to become a wage slave After losing EVERYTHING in January & trying to kill myself with by ODing on heroin and spending the last 2 weeks in hospital any tips from fellow wageslaves

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Pick up smoking and drinking to cope with your shitty life.

Make it work for YOU.

I work for the county government in a union and I have 19 years left until retirement and fat pension. It's almost impossible for me to get fired so I do as little as possible at all times. I read at work, browse the internet and sleep.

Find gf and have kids. This will gurantee that you'll stay wageslave for the remaining life

but colleagues are weak annoying liberal fucks & shitloads of women - am i rite?

How does it feel to od on heroin? Is it euphoric. Would it be the same as fentanyl? I'm probably going to kill myself at some point this year. I'm really tired of life. I guess it's not for everyone.

No, I am a corrections officer and my colleagues are all very conservative. I am far right myself and I find a lot of them to be borderline /pol/ ... corrections is typically a medium paying job but my union is very active in local politics and we get paid almost double what other local counties pay. I'm started year 7 recently and I'm just below 6 figures. I'm up for a promotion soon and will be around $125,000 annually not including overtime.

i gave myself 3 months of being a wageslve to get back from zero before i start trying to rebuild i always looked down on them and now i am one FUCK THIS SHIT nott for long i can not live this life i am i king among these peasants

GRANDEUR OR DEATH nothing less

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I lost 90% of my 5 year life savings in crypto. January noob, bought everything literally at ATH :) Not selling tho. Im over the suicidal feelings now just continue with my life and hope that maybe one day I get my money back. What else is there to do, right.

Honestly all you CAN do really, don't pull out until you're above your principle, it's the smartest thing to do I think.

It's what I'm doing, I'm only down 1K from my 3K investment. Shouldn't be hard to get back, just be patient

What job

on a food truck only thing i could have found in my area just fucking saying it making me want to kill myself again

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Oh, I also tried to flip some coins, swing trade.. shorting. Im just not good, its not for me. Ended up with 90% loss now only holding Stellar. If XLM goes to 1$ Im breaking even and most likely gonna exit and never look back.

git moni
git gud trading
git mo moni

>cancerous enough yet, Veeky Forums?

>failed ODing on heroin
>now works on a food truck
oh my

I'd say try getting certificates to something in demand in your area (or move areas!), learn a trade, in general get some kind of blue/white collar profession, even a low end one, just get to a point where you can save a good amount of money every month (also cut costs of living). Once you can save money, figure out your worst case scenario to accumulate enough to live off low risk stocks & bonds interest. You've got your worst case plan, you'll probably be in a good position at that point, maybe monetize your profession better by starting a small business. Not necessarily a store or full on trade, maybe start by being independent.

Crypto/stocks when you're a non finance retard is almost like a lottery ticket. You're not in a position for lottery tickets my friend. Get your shit together.

hello neet here can you get me a job friend

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>January fag
>chasing candles
>non diversified
>holds on XLM

How'd you buy everything at ATH if btc topped at december? Is this a clever XLM FUD? Very well done.

>worst case plan
dude, being a certified suicider who works at a foodtruck (lmao) IS the worst case

see a psychiatrist you fuckhead

i got a taste of the good life and i want it back i cant become a slave for countless amount of years getting learning trades and shit like that

You're displaying the mentality of a child. The world doesn't care that you used to have a good life.You managed to fuck it up, pay the price. I assume you made this thread to receive advice, you've gotten it. There's no get rich quick scheme that'll actually get you rich.

become a beach bum with no problems.

>countless amount of years getting learning trades
>grandeur by clicking on shitcoins
how old are you btw and what did you do with your life until now?
not much i guess

>Take a week long course
>Get certified for light goods vehicle/FLTs
>Literally never see min wage again
Get off your sorry ass and back on the ride.

i was going to be the next mark zuckerberg the next elon musk the great steve jobs BUT then it happened

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>gained his first success using his above average programming/IT skills

>gained his first success using his above average entrepreneurship/programming/IT skills

>loses his money trading shitcoins by following hype with little to no knowledge of anything

So, got liquidated margin trading?

Kill yourself OP.

can't you read?
he already tried
even failed at that

I meant Mark

Anyway OP your thread is shit, successful people generally get there with effort. I'm out.

ok im a fuck up i fucked up my whole life i got lucky and made some money me being a fuck up i fucked that up to


Youre just a faggot. Sooner you realize the better. You deserved to lose everything.

That'll come to an end with GFC2
Fucking parasite

lmao just fucking end it dude.

You really believed that meme, you think all this fucking memesters here invested in crypto with the money they made playing Yu-Gi-Oh?
Most biztards are wageslaves, they want to break free more than anything sure, so does every single normie out there, the ones that are not wageslaving are either the ones you see in threads begging for the next x100 to turn their 200 dollars into something, rest just larpers.

You're a fucking idiot if you quit your job because you bought the lies of some fags in some japanese tambourine player board.

Every single faggot here is either, Underage investing 1k tops, Wageslave or recently unemployed investing their savings.

Good. Now you understand that life is kinda hard. Now rebuild yourself and fuck off.

Falling to zero and starting again is a healthy thing to happen in life and only going to make u a better person in the end. Dont listen to the burger millenial imbeciles here living off their mother's cash in their 30s

How did you lose your money? Went all in on bitcoin private?