It was fun while it lasted AMBLets

Chad is done for. I’m actually sad that once Ambrosus bites the dust I will miss giving you all your DAILY fucking reminders.

Now it’s just Vlad the Dracula holding down the ship but alas he too will go down

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I don't get it, why is there near 24/7 constant FUD on this coin?

Not even a good try, there's literally a remnant of the photoshop under the V in Versetti.

Cause the make their own proprietary sensors and Angel is a chad

thanks! just sold 100k

There's a fag here with a hard on for Versetti who is confused about how to process these new feelings in a healthy way. He really wants us to know that he most definitely doesn't like Angel.

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>not even posting the link thinking newfags will bite his larp

God fucking damn it Carl its my turn to be the bearfag. Stop hogging

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You ar in denial
I’m protecting biz from scam coins
Ask the author you buffoon
Good! Now buy RLC
Are you that faggot Albert on telegram?
Kill yourself with a cactus up your bum

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The link is there you blind stinky Pajeet

please, continue embarrassing yourselves user

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You went to the wrong website. That’s not even HTTPS. Jesus Christ I bet you get chinked on a daily basis

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provide the real link for us instead of lapring like the faggot you are

this sad guy is actually fudding AMB for atleast a week now

did i do better now, mister bearwolflarpfaggot?

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Why don’t you ask on plebbit they will confirm.

child, please. you've been proven a lying faggot larper time and time and again

I just talked to a close business contact that the article was asked to be taken until a new CEO is replaced


>'i have insider info, listen to me i am such an important person'
starting to sound like a broken record now, bud

And you sound like you’re choking on a huge piece of elephant dick

u mad bro?

SELL now before it's too late.

it's only on local news right now

It's literally one insane guy (op) who makes threads every single day.

Actually I was sad but it’s almost about time for my daily reminder. I’m fooking ecstatic

unironically please kill yourself

swissinfo? what the fuck? SRF would've been a good fake.
"Direct Democracy - People. Participation. Power."
We're not complete circlejerkers, faggot.

>local news
>in switzerland
>in english
amb is a /bizhyped shitcoin, but there really will be anons who believe this

Amazing price action.


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Just bought 100k because of this fake fud

AMB Bearfag is the biggest faggot larper this board has seen yet and that's saying something

I really can't tell which one is more pathetic, mod or amb shills?

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The hilarious part is I wouldn't have known about AMB if it wasn't for all this shit tier fud. Hands down the most obvious moon mission of this alt run.

Or one of the greatest Veeky Forums trolls?
The biggest clue is that MOD doesn't have fan boys. Who is actually excited about fucking MOD?