Also get in now, NEO status EOY

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everything is recovering you fucking retard
god I hate this board so much, but I keep coming back

Nice thumbnail, pajeet.

I know, but he isn't wrong though about this lol

shut up pajeet you got here this year

$120 by next bull run no question.

Only ICX is beating this and it was extremely oversold. If you haven't stopped being assblasted by this board and you keep coming back, you might be on the spectrum

People are realising, believe you me.

This legit does to blockchain what google does to web pages.

On top of being a better version of neo/eth/eos.
Like holy fuck

>the google comparison

You know I'm on board but this needs to die honestly, it's disingenuous

How is it disingenuous?
I've been researching nas for hours every day and feel like ive got a pretty good understanding of it

In theory it's accurate, but it ignores the fact that NAS is a standalone platform with myriad benefits, which is much more important IMO. It's like a gimmicky tagline that won't go away. If it gets normies on board, fine, I guess, but I don't like it in the long run.

Oh yeah for sure, I agree with you there.

Same. IWhen people hear google for the blockchain they think of a searc engine. It's npot a search engine, Its a decentralized search fromwork for BLOCKCHAINS not for WEBPAGES

nebulas run starts in april, and by end of the year it will be far bigger than neo!

This is the new neo....

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Am I going to make it with 270. I need to buy more... I feel it. What is an ok amount?

x10 in 2018 + x10 in 2019 = x100 in 2019, enough?

should i sell now? rsi and macd shows its overbought rn, want to accumulate more

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Yeah, im fine with that. Since my Qash also has that potential. I would be a happy man.

Would be carefull tho, since it's leading up to mainnet in a few days.

I wouldn't touch it right now, sell after mainnet launch and price dumps a bit again.

how the fuck do you research one fucking coins for 'hours every day'. Are you dyslexic? Takes about one hour to find all the info online, another for the whitepaper.

you fucking pajeets...

Also, got 2.5k of this shit, comfy af, biggest holding, stop shilling, you nutsacks.