So we are having a biz meetup in 2019 Jan in Thailand. Basically, we anons are gonna have tons of booze and visit clubs and have fun the entire week. Discord coming up soon. Let me know who is interested.
Also, now that BTC bullrun begins I am sure most people here won't have any financial issues.

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I'm in.
>gimme da traps

if I go to thailand, it will be alone and to fuck fuckton of ladybois and nobody there to witness my sexual fetishes

I am so fucking down. I have 30k in crypto right now let's see how this goes

>all in OMG
I'll be there. for business.

kys faggot

I'll be there for sure, link discord.

are you the same guy from Veeky Forums who wanted to go to thailand?

Anyone who misses Fitmeet2019 is going to hate themselves for the rest of their lives
The memes will be epic

why the fuck does everyone wants to go to Thailand? full of drunk brits and whores

Girls, culture and it's cheap and adventurous.

>gonna have tons of booze and visit clubs and have fun the entire week
that doesnt sound very fun desu wa
i would rather see a Veeky Forums anime stream like the christmas toradora stream over at /a/

ill come but im not going with fucking weebs with greasy hair


Why would i want to, if i can go alone?

no, white boys>thai soyboys

>Help make me not look like a creep trying to fuck traps

why do all those women look alike? where's the muslims and blacks like here in america the beautiful?

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What, are we combining a Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums meetup or are they different? Talk about autism overload. There will be a thousand hookers circling with jacked dudes and crypto millionaires but still nobody will get laid.

Kek. Couldn't have said it better but, still want to go

NO ONE wants to party with a bunch of biz autist neets and pajeets wtf these morons are NOT bros.

> muslims and blacks
> beautiful

>women with dicks
Is that paradise?

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Why would I want to meet with bunch of autistic neets before going to fuck some boipussies

Trips of truth

If we do this we have to rent out an entire hotel

Oh jolly! A meet up with an anonymous image board! Sounds perfectly safe and fun!

being this un-new

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We are all wealthy here user. Nothing to worry about.

Last I heard, white women paying to get fucked by ladyboys is a growing market segment

Everyone who shows up will be doxed.

That feel when i want to fuck underage girls and traps but no money

Discord link - invite/hgxsm35

This is also for fit, if you guys wanna merge the meetups.

>How to get a bunch of autist to thailand so you can robb them of their crypto the thread

should i bring wife and kids

No kids man

I’m seriously considering moving to Thailand from the USA. I’m 32 and rich from crypto, and bored. I’ve heard the crypto community there is lively. Can any user give me some help on whether to move, and where, and all that shit.

All I think about is going to thailand in december/january after making it. I'll probably be around in the shadows somewhere prowling for ladyboys around that time.

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so pretty much everybody from Veeky Forums is banned?

nice, im in! im in ho chi minh city, ill bring my gf over. she is cool going going to clubs with girls, we have threesomes often.

I'm down boys let me know. This shit will be top Fucking kek. I'll be done uni and was originally planning on going there anyways.
Let's throw some fucking bills around and do drugs

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ill be there if ive made it

so probably wont be there

I'd rather travel europe skiing and fucking European whores. Actually that's exactly what I will do

Sweet count me in, I'll probably be that weird guy of the group who wants to fuck ladyboys but this is Veeky Forums after all , you already knew that

>wants to fuck ladyboys
>weird guy of the group

Culture.. Is that what whitey calls fucking other men?


lol stfu satan

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If (and only if) there is a massive bull run until then, count me in. My crypto portfolio took a massive hit and plane tickets are expensive here.

btw link holders are not allowed

I'm 100% down if this actually happens. Been thinking about traveling SEA in 2019 or 2020.
If you see late 20s black dude with white watch, that's likely me.

Are arkies allowed?

Looking forward to meet you, Ian!

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yes but strictly ladyboys for me

>inb4 robbed at gunpoint by ops discord full of Thai thugs

Can I join if I'm not white?

Aryan proof is mandatory

im 6'0 alpha asian can i join

fuck, balina is on Veeky Forums

we can have our own thailand Veeky Forums nonwhite meetup if we are excluded

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I cant compete with the Veeky Forums bros on gear for hooker attention.

why fucking scummy whoreland whynot davros and book in a shitload of hostesses, invite some top car vendors and luxury services to make pitches and really enjoy

I recommend getting Zcoin for Thailand, there are plenty of stores there that accept it.

thai girls look like reject monster movie characters.

do malaysia or indonesia instead.

If im accually making it this year ill fucking join. It will be a complete shitshow so it will be fun either way.
>tfw it will be like hangover 2

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Why do you want people from Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums to meet in thailand next year? what other boards are you making these threads on?

>half of biz gets murdered in Thailand
>chainlink crashes as a result

>other half of biz gets thrown into a thai jail

Are there places in Thailand where you can get a female sex slave, and not just a regular hooker?

if we get a good bullrun this year i should be looking at alot of money

and ive always wanted to go to thailand to party and fuck ladyboys. count me in.

>The rest dies of ebola and aids

I dont think you can buy one and bring it home if that is what you mean

lets do it brother

im IN, tho im going sooner

If you can pretty much legally fuck kids there you definitely can find those places too, fag

All of those women look disgusting

I'm down

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#IconGANG taking an Asian trip if I make it

Offseason = best season

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Ive been in pattaya. AMA
No i didnt fugg ladyboys

>Bitcoin at $17k when the video was filmed

How much did you pay for a girl on average? 1000 baht?

Look at all the fat Amerifucks losers in this video. This must be what Veeky Forums is like. You faggots are so autistic the only way a girl will fuck you is if you go to a 3rd world country and pay them. Just lol

spot the angry roastie. btw there are not many americans tourists in thailand

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me too
Veeky Forums spice and wolf stream when

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> he thinks a huge wallet isn't the most important thing

Crypto taxes in thailand sucks, not sure why you think there is a crypto community there

It's highly illegal. The laws just aren't enforced.

Yes, most tourists are Chinese, Russian and from Europe.

Getting job nao.
Planinng on investing about 40%.

Checked. Everyone will not stop thinking of STDs when surrounded by that much whores.

But who knows Satan, perhaps some will. Some however might want to go for wizard powers however, on the of chances the meme is right.

Just getting kidnapped for ransom.
Eh. Try for gainz in both fit and biz.
Probably why it is a good idea to merge fit with biz.
K would be also nice...
Now if pol got merged too... Then you can bet everyone gets v8 for a global conspiracy of tards and autists.

Pattaya is fucking disgusting. Plz do it in Bangkok.

those threads where I remember Veeky Forums is just as gay as Reddit

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Im coming but I bring my bf with me. Hes coming back as my gf !

If I make it by 2019 I'd unironically come, bear in mind I'm a manlet but I'm pretty Veeky Forums and get very crazy when drunk so I wish you guys a lot of great times at my expense.

I am 100% down for this. I have been wanting to go to Thailand for many years, and thinking about you, I would only feel comfortable with other autists like me. I'm a 9/10 autist though, I'll help get you other autists laid. Where do we sign up and how official is this? Flying from Chicago.

This is truly the only place Veeky Forums could and should meetup
I'm so down for this
I'll have to see how the market goes this year though to see if I'll have the spare money to go, but let's make this happen boys

who's bringing the brownies?

would be fun