Whoever makes profits daytrading, show your trades

I only get rekt trying to daytrade, teach me Veeky Forums masters

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I grind out $500-1500 every day for the last 6 month, very few losing days

protip: you can make a fortune by getting out too soon. you want to let wins run, but not too much

Next crash fucking WHEN.
I can't wait for another 2008 so I can re-invest the money I'm sitting on.

that's some pretty good shit. what sort of margins are you working with?

I aim for $1k/week gain but that's cause I have no balls

This guy knows.

3 things I have found important:
Don't get greedy. Learn to take a loss before it gets too big. Don't buy in on the first correction immediately after selling.

I said something similar to that to an old investor long ago and he said 'that day may never come again...learn to trade TODAY'

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no way people would literally riot lol

I'm doing fine daytrading, usually just go with TRX since it's the one you can get the most % daily, and the graphs are pretty bullish.

Tho just yesterday I got fucked because I sold at the MACD peak and the shit kept mooning, now I'm sitting on some VIBE bags waiting for it to go up.

First you need to make sure there are no news or rumors an volume is low. Then check rsi and macd

I don't want to sound like a whiny bitch, but it really scares me how well everything is doing.
I know I need to get over it and just do more research, but after things have been going so well, I don't want to commit have everything blow up on me.

>protip: you can make a fortune by getting out too soon.
This. The reason a lot of you fail miserably at trading is because you're greedy kikes. I've missed out on a few extra grand here and there but I don't lose money and that's aim of the game.

also, you need to learn to stop when it starts getting stressful because you'll make mistakes.
health before wealth.

dam man maybe i should be doing this

I've only ever day traded once, when Bcash got listed on Coinbase I was just trading it between the 3k-4k mark all day, made 100% on my portfolio in like 6 hours all whilst at work. I've tried to experiment with a few hundred dollar here and there and I always end up losing. I shuffle my portfolio every week into projects that look oversold however and that seems to work well for me, I also keep 20% of my portfolio in DAI, which was a lifesaver during the last few months.

I feel you, like I would unironically prefer to buy more at 10k than right now.

I dont have alot of money in crypto but I made 500$ today with trading nuls.
Just keep a close eye on it ones it " moons" and set a target (+-10/15%)
If it looks like its rising highly just wait a bit and sell when it go's down just to be save.

Learn Elliot Waves
Buy higher highs with volume confirmation

I suck at this. Would’ve made more just holding

Is having a company with AI traders trade stocks for you a smart idea? How come people don't just do this?

Buy NapoleonX on IDEX


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Why? For a $500 gain, he just needs to put $5000 in a coin that goes up %10. I think you really just need the good indicators and enough money.

buy high sell low you are welcome m8

post proof or fuck off

Just have a minimum profit in mind for every trade. Depending on how much i drop on something I generally like walking away with .2 more eth a normal trade. On something hype related I aim for a lot more.

what time scales do you guys like to trade at?

1 week

I'm not talking about your shitcoins.

Stay poor faggot

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Buy low. No, no need to sell high, just buy low
Do it with alts.

4hr and daily

daily for general trend (bullish/bearish, important supports resistances and meme lines, maybe throw in Ichimoku)

hours for entry and exit points (BBands + stoch RSI on the 4hr charts are great, looking into fisher and it looks good as well)

My rules:
> Don't FOMO
> Don't panic sell
> Place low/high buy/sell-orders in case someone market sells/buys.
> Set yourself a goal for each day. I try to gain 1-5% btc increase per day. It's usually around 1-2% for me.