Why are corecucks so afraid of the truth?

Why are corecucks so afraid of the truth?

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jew tactics by blockstream, are you really suprised


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Are they really that desperate they'd do perjury just so they could get to say in public "bcash"?


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I don't get why you cash fags have to keep attacking BTC. You have your coin now leave us alone with our better coin

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This is sad.

It's sad that people go this far out of their way to spread FUD. fucking cashies just use your own coin since you have it now.

stages of grief
1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining

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Bitcoin and its community really are the biggest jews in crypto

a tipbot does have 0 fees on every coin. This stupidity deserves to be banned and must be contained in /r/btc

Retard I'm not bargaining with you. Fair is fair now leave btc alone. You already crashed the price from 20k down to 8k with your scamcoin and now you have to put stupid FUD in the main forum.

fucking idiot

How new are you? Bcash tried to flippening in November when BTC was 7k. BTC went to 20k after it became clear it had honey badgered its way through yet another untested live threat: the hostile hard fork.

Bcash is on a slow bleed now until basically forever, because it has the world's biggest miner propping it up.

Bcash can't "flippening" btc retard. btc is the honey badger coin and can't be destroyed. bcash is just a bunch of kids spreading FUD on the internet about a fake scamcoin that doesn't even work.

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Blockstream is like the democratic government to pretending to be free and open.

>Blockstream is like the democratic government to pretending to be free and open.

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What does that even mean?


Nothing wrong with banning FUD posters. What is the point of this stupid thread? Just to hate on btc?

Where’s the lie though?

>Nothing wrong with banning FUD posters
You're the jew here

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Bitcoiners on suicide watch, kek

You corecucks made this bed, now lie in it.

Wow that's pathetic

How about the lie is that this is PURE FUD? What needs to be more clear to you malicious fucking bcashers trying to destroy btc and mess up the whole ecosystem you stupid retards


you're fucking retarded if you think bch had anything to do with the inevitable correction from going from 1k to 20k in 10 months

Lightning Network is dead on arrival. It's the biggest fail since Roseanne sang the national anthem in San Diego

Not BCH but all the FUD and scams they're running. Holy shit you idiots don't realize how dangerous bch is and it's going to ruin btc


Who gives a fuck btc will still rule and control the way the market is. You wanna make money? Pray to god that btc makes a huge bull run again. You hate money? Keep saying btc is old tech and needs to die

The problem with cashies is they're retards. I've been debunking their FUD for almost a year now and what they think is the most retarded ant brain shit I've ever heard. They think bitcoin IS money when really all we actually smart people care about is how much money you can GET from bitcoin. Fucking retards actually think everyone is going to use bitcoin

>I've been debunking their FUD for almost a year now
If you say so then it's all settled and we're done, I feel really confident now that I know you have all the answers and I'm actually gonna screencap and post your reassuring warm words every time someone will express any degree of doubt about the prospects of the new world order btc is going to create.

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bch exists because btc is already ruined. take it from someone who saw btc's potential back in 2011. It could easily take another 7 years or even longer, but btc is a dead man walking. bch is actually the only thing that can save the btc future that I saw back in 2011. Note that i said CAN save . . . that doesn't mean it will. I fully expect blockstream to take down bch with them, that was the entire point of hijacking bitcoin in the first place.

>still moons on the regular
How stupid are you, user? As long as the price goes up then it is working fine.

> I fully expect blockstream to take down bch with them, that was the entire point of hijacking bitcoin in the first place.
I have a wholly other prediction. I don't think btc will go down because of the broken tech they chose to go on top of btc but because people will realize the basis of geeks and libertarians went away and there will be no one who will actually be interested in using their LN even if it'll work, they'll get a few pumps by getting good news all over but it'll die away once people will realize nobody is fucking using it for anything.

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how would blockstream do that?


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I'm talking about tech you retarded speculator

speculative understanding of the tech lags by YEARS. it's one reason why BCH is in no hurry to kill off BTC. in the mean time the BCH whales are making a killing off of everyone that doesn't understand the tech, from btc they held before the fork

the typical bag of dirty tricks

you corefags live in a glass house

BCH is just a scam what tech are you talking about?

you obviously wouldn't understand.

you have way, way too much faith in the central planning of the core devs, led by blockstream
if the people backing a coin from a hard fork, in making a justifiable case for why their currency exists by stating truths, can truly be seen as "malicious", then i'll eat my trousers
miner centralization can be dismantled, to the benefit of everyone involved, with more global miners and mining companies
in the meantime, it's in the best interests of companies such as bitmain to not destroy faith in any currency in which their holdings rank among the $billions
the eventual decentralization of control cannot be done with core's model of what is truly developer centralization; power is given, with the intention that they shall fulfill their presumed duty to do what is best for all
this very quickly leads to backdoors, and corruption
especially when you have bilderberg money involved

bitcoin cash is not a scam
for further evidence that your opinion may have been influenced unjustly, take to any bitcoin core discussion community, and offer discussion into the matter of anything at all wrong with bitcoin core. you and your post will be removed.

He's just spamming bullshit to forumslide the image of Nick Szabo where he calls paid shills for having Roger Ver's hand deep up their ass

pic related, that's what he's trying to forumslide

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