Whole market mooning

>whole market mooning
>vechain sitting the bed
Is this where I sell all my VEN and it moons tomorrow?

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>selling after everything else already had their pump and now due for stagnation/retracement

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Sell or don't...VEN isn't going to moon tomorrow.

How can you tell?

VEN won't moon until mainnet launch and we see the companies using it like BMW is.

I've noticed that when ICX pumps, VEN dumps and vice versa. Make of that what you will.

If you didnt lock your VEN up for an Xnode, theres no point holding now cos the price is gona keep falling until mainnet is released

Pretty much this

Fucking brainlet retard. You can make literally nothing out of that because it's not true.

But its now back to Where it was before the node lockup

I hope Vechain can moon slower so I can use gains from other coins to buy more Vechain

BMW isn't using it.

No moon mission til mainnet unless some insane comes out. By mainnet you will see one of the biggest pumps in the history of Crypto. Till then stash your coins in your wallet, accumulate and we will all get rich together soon.

Stay deluded. Main net isn't going to bring an epic pump.


52% of the supply is locked in nodes
Over 7,000 wallets hold nodes today
I'd argue a large % of those will be accumulating and will add more
Businesses will have to buy from the open market
mainnet launch hype
Circle, Poloniex, BitOcean, Jim Breyer...BIG MONEY
This is your once in your lifetime opportunity
I might be wrong, but i have conviction this is the one

3 months for any significant mooning, there will be partner pumps in-between then I'm sure CCK will do some hype stuff.

That tweet says VeChain is participating in the BMW Startup Garage program. It doesn't say that BMW is using VeChain technology.


>The BMW Startup Garage is the Venture Client unit of the BMW Group. As a Venture Client, the BMW Group becomes a client of a startup, at an early stage when its product, service or technology is not yet mature.

>The BMW Startup Garage is a Venture Client for startups, not Venture Capital. This means, we purchase a first unit of your technology, not your equity. BMW becomes your first automotive client, not your shareholder. Once accepted into the program you get a supplier number and a purchase order.

Less than 5% of participants are accepted to enroll in this program. Anyone thinking VEN is lying is delusional, they're too big at this point to lie about this.

Deluded chinacrypto.info venginas. You are all CREAM/Crypto FU's cucks, that guy is getting you to pump his bags you idiots.

Also from BWM's FAQ:
>Participation into our program is a startup’s first step to succeed in the global, multi trillion dollar automotive industry. It consist of a no-strings-attached partnership to integrate and validate a startup’s product, service or technology in BMW Group vehicles as well as to network entrepreneurs with top automotive engineers and managers.

BMW uses the word partnership. VeChain wasn't deceptive in also using the word partnership.

After the program finishes:
>After successful validation of your technology, BMW Group aims to become a long term client of your startup.
>Most probably, your technology has to be further developed after the program before it becomes part of our series vehicles.
>You will negotiate further development and / or supplier agreements directly with R&D and our purchasing department. These negotiations will ideally start already during the program.
>We will also connect you with our suppliers, in case you want to further develop, manufacture and/or sell your technology through an established supplier.

>Vechain president starts up a BMW in his home garage
>calls it a partnership
its like you guys want to get chinked


>The program length is limited to 12 weeks.
>During the program you will:
>Validate your technology: Your main task is to integrate your technology into our vehicles for validation. For this, you will receive a specific requirements brief before the start of the program.

VeChain is in the validation stage. They’ve got 12 weeks to deliver before BMW is officially using their technology. It’s all in the FAQ.

> What happens after the program?
>After successful validation of your technology, BMW Group aims to become a long term client of your startup.
>Most probably, your technology has to be further developed after the program before it becomes part of our series vehicles.

There was barely a VEN dump after the nodes, that shows how srong this shit is.

Ven has always dumped after news and announcements. I'd say it'll stay stagnant and you'll miss out if you're all in on VEN for now

>tfw 20k ven
why do i do this to myself

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lol. poor little you

i've held this shitcoin since november. i'm thinking of just dumping it for something better.

It was $0.25 in November. That means you 15x'd your investment if you sold now, or 37x'd your investment if you sold at the peak in January. Perhaps one of the best performing coins in the past six months.

Nothing wrong with realizing profits. When I bought tokens in early December I knew I was holding on to them regardless of price until Q2 2018 before I reassessed unless really bad news came out so that's what I am doing. My thought process is similar to

>Why me? Why did I guarantee I become a millionaire inside of 1.5 years

Fuck off you brainlet

Yes they are you brain dead faggot. Only 5% of startups that apply to BMW’s program even make it past an INITIAL SCREENING. From that 5%, 90% CONTINUE TO DO BUSINESS WITH BMW.

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BMW is testing Vechain on their private test blockchain. Like numerous partners of Vechain are.

I'll say it every single time - enjoy slowly losing all your money trying to day trade. I've watched countless idiots over the years do this. You have the literal surest fucking winner in all of crypto right here for sub $5, but instead you want to chase moons.

Don't bother.
They are deluded.

oh it is using it