Should i be in alts or ole tardy

should i be in alts or ole tardy

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Get into alts, what you waiting for

alts bleed the most in a bull market
regulation or threat thereof kills alts the most, especially ETH

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u better tether soonish (2-3 days)

doesn't matter how much they bleed if you don't wanna time the market. usually they go x5 and every bleeding is recovered.

This, ver meme aside. I have a feeling they'll eventually flip the market. Jihan is too fucking smart, Google his AI kekchain project.

Deploying slowly on what hasn't already recovered.

Im Afraid alts are dead until. The sec decides to fuck them or let them be.

Id only trade them friday - Sunday when the threat of delisting is low.

You should be all-in BCH. The conference is this weekend. Satoshi is speaking on Sunday about latest NakamotoChain development. You'll never see this cheap BCH again


don't listen to Veeky Forums you tard. Ever.

Ah I see the discord faggots are pumping BCH for the Satoshi's Vision cringefest

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Both core and cash will exist whether you like it or not. Market is big enough for both.

not listening, just trying to get one of these pajeet morons to actually explain their empty statements

All in LINK.

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Dwindling volume, too much fud for normies. Everything is overvalued. Fuck, no one knows but enjoy the ride.

thats a new one

An old one actually, made this like 3 months ago.

>Everything is overvalued
Yes, that's true. For the bubble to burst properly, we'd need to get back down near 2k. Still, it's possible that this will be the second phase of the current bubble before it bursts.
>Dwindling volume
True, but volume sometimes dwindles. It happened during the bullrun (dec 1. - 5. volume went from 9bil to 4.8ish bil per day right before the price spike from 9k to nearly 18k).
So I'm not really sure what the current dwindling volume means.
>No one knows
Pretty much this

As long as you lock in your price on the ledger, BTC is safe

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