It's been a while

It's been a while.
Swiss Fund Manager here. AMA Crypto related and I'll do my best.

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bull or bear?


did we pass the bear period? are we finally bullish?


Do you still have faith in AMB?

Best risk reward ratio? Smart contract plats, erc 20s, fiat gateways, privacy, enterprise solutions?

most promising coin for a quick swing in the next month or 2?

What do you think about JNT?

I sold my AMB stack for REQ for short terms gains, did I do the right thing?

Go fuck yourself larper. We’re not buying your bags.

What's the best coin for gays?

why is my peepee all floppy ?

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Not yet. Depends on the following weeks. We did pass the first "grey areas".
Expect a retracement to 8.7 at most, and we're going to 9.4. Meme line traders say so.

What type of swing are you looking for?

Yes. Market crashed everyones dreams for capitulation.

Who listens to these larping idiots? lol

Mongolian Fund Manager here

What do you think about MAN and CoinMetro Swissbro?

QASH and SPHTX? Good investments? Also what's your top pick for 2018

What are gateways for institutional money we can profit from?
I’m very curious about your opinion on JNT.
Also do you still think WTC is better than VEN? After all this shitshow.

Do you know anything about kimchiwhale? Do you think he is legit? He s very bullish on AMB too

why should anyone listen to anything you have to say when you're obviously a fraud? your top picks are all down 70-90%, you literally didnt get a single call right

What's your thoughts on radix?

go fuck yourself larper and your stupid cult
i bet these are your telegramfaggots asking you the same shit twice

get rekt faggot
since listening to your bagholdingcalls, i'm over 60% down
if i ever come to europe, first thing i will do is kissing a swissfaggot with a racletteknife

Where can I find quant strategy ideas/resources for some algo trading?

Are quant analysis, technical analysis, fundamental analysis just as good relative to each other in crypto as in normal stocks, or is crypto that much different?

What kind of daily returns do crypto hedge funds get from day trading? Or are they really just buy and hodling for rich boomers?

Hashgraph. Meme or not?
Any promising ICOs?

Bullish or bearish on horse futures?

You probably will, if not mine, of some friend of mine.

Maybe I did not clarify. AMB will do very well this year.

Yes to both. Qash is a great coin.
There is no top pick, it depends on market momentum. That being said there are low market cap coins that will do well.

Good, but don't expect getting rich tomorrow from it.

I already said in my first ever thread that there was a coin that did similar things to these two that would bust them. It was AMB.
This doesn't mean I'm not in WTC.
Ven, why would anyone trust China?

>Ven, why would anyone trust China?
So much this. Chink coins are so sketchy. I'm done with those.

Well I do own AMB, but I believe it is way more limited in scope than VEN. VEN even plans to host ICO. Also I don’t have prejudice against Chinese and I trust DNV GL.
So what about first part of my question, about institutional money?

What's your top picks for coins that link blockchains?

Depends on how much money you are putting.
Req should start doing some moves.
I wouldn't sell AMB until Tokenomics if you are trying to swing trade. Masternodes will be implemented.

Don't know him personally but what he says is always true. I would keep an eye out for what he says (...).

Gave out news before the news came out on the channel. If you can't udnerstand circumstance not my fault nigboy.

You could try comming into my office with that. Most probably you'd get shot trying to come in.

It's different, it's a new market that is disrupting a lot of shit. The only way to always be making money is with insder info. We are trying different bots and so on daily, but it's hard comming up with a golden rule. Follow traders on Tradingview and talk to them personally. Then look into dynamic hedging and deep learning.

literally who?

What are your thoughts on big ass walls?

What are your top coins that link blockchains?

Except NEO. Buy the dip.

Institutional money is already comming in. Small blocks. All banks are already in as well. From Goldman to Fidelity. BIG money can only come when market is regulated. With a regulated market it will mean the end for fiat as we know it (fiat will exist but not as we know it today... ;))

LOL you guys still believe this larping faghot after he shills you a dud then brags on you buying him and his faggot cuck friends' bags. This little bitch boi is no better than the Martian next hell shill you dbc

Thoughts on JNT?

Thoughts on GVT? Is it currently at a good entry point or should I wait a bit lonher to get some?

The thing is VEN want to get rich before they have anything big to offer. They "lead" the holders into wet dreams of BMW, oxford and they are only partially true.
Also the room to grow is bigger on AMB.

Most coins are controlled by whales. They supress prices and boost them when the time is right. The law of the jungle applies.

No. I shill anything that will make money.

fine but for longer term.
Go into 0x and swing it.

Will we see 3K-5K this year?

What are your thoughts on chainlink?

Im a new US lawyer. Worked in state/federal regulatory compliance issues. How can I use my legal skills to help me work in the crypto movement.

What are your top coins for linking blockchains?

PRL a solid short term hold leading up to the airdrop?

sue faggots like him for fraudulent market manipulation
would be a favour for everyone and shekels for you

How does strategies like statistical arbitrage and other strats work when they need u to both short one thing and long another, and we can't short crypto as far as I'm aware. Seems like we only get to trade half the swing

Would you tokenize financial assets to benefit even more from arbitrage?

>shill anything that will make money

why are you not shiling nas then patel

thoughts on BTO?

Shill me something that will alt least 2x in the next 24 hours, i will buy a few and report here tomorrow...
Also an opinion on stratis, i'm all in holding

Fair enough.
Does your fund hold masternodes and do staking? Do whales do it?
What’s your opinion on ICOs replacing small IPOs?
Do you know about whales being rekt by other whales?
Some juicy lice of random insider info?

Are you from Base58 ?

Is the market hype driven? Is there any point in searching for projects with true tech innovations? Or just try to jump on the hype train before everyone else does?

Aren't IBM tackling supply chains with Wallmart? Won't that really shit all over AMB?

It's a good Idea to hold it.

BTC? Probably not. We are still in a down trend "area" so it could be.

Get in contact with the Winklevoss Twins and help them regulate crypto. Offer your expertise to the sec. America is Bullish (except Sherman and some boomers).

Prl is good. At this price you can even keep the airdrop.

lol maybe for tax evasion, but not manipulation.

Indian name? Don't confuse me for bearfag curry genes.

Until it's on a better exchange nothing much will come out of it but manipulation. I know 1 whale that's in it and will probably milk it.

Why would you be all in on that?
I would change strategy. It will probably moon again in alt season but I would get on higher chance of making it coins.

AMB will be able to be used by everyone. IBM will only be used by Wallmart. It's a specific contract to develop a one short application for them.

There are actual spies in conferences in america at least, taking pictures and evesdropping. In other words, yes, you can make a lot of money getting into a good tech early.

Prom thoughts on CP chain?

thoughts on DRGN? got a really heavy bag here.

Answer this.

It's funny how fund managers disappear when the market is going down.

did you know banks like HypoSwiss accept fiat deposits from crypto profits after a thorough ķyc?

Thank you user!

>AMB will be able to be used by everyone. IBM will only be used by Wallmart.
wtf LARP confirmed who seriously thinks a huge multi-billion company with global connections will have only one client in a profitable market my sides.

Is this an elaborated larp to shill amb or you have others suggestions?


6 month cliff is nearly here for amb. will there be a big dump from investors/employees?

Thoughts on BTCP?

Thoughts on buying XEM right now? At ATL in sats and volume is insane right now.. Near ATH levels. Whales accumulating post hack drama?

Worth getting into at a low price, but these type of China coins are absolute wild cannons because westerns don't like them so they depend on asia. however, asia loves their own coins.

Until they don't join better exchanges they can't do better than december.

Not exactly.

Corporations apply vertically.
Get a job and then join biz.

I have many to suggest, however many rarely ask.
Biz is plagued by VEN and Linkies. So normally I'm telling people why I wouldn't buy ven.


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>will there be a big dump from investors/employees?

Ofc wtf would you do? 1/3 of supply.

What do you recommend for short term flipping? There I asked.

What do you think about RLC?

Nano, omg, fun?

>AMB will be able to be used by everyone. IBM will only be used by Wallmart. It's a specific contract to develop a one short application for them.

Nigga please. IBM and Walmart are 300lb gorillas. If IBM gets supply chain blockchain working for Walmart, even if it is a one shot application, then any enterprise business with half a brain will go with IBM in the future. “Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM”.

Based bro, larp or not you seem above average IQ, that's worth something here. Thoughts on JNT and other similar coins aiming to tokenize assets? Can it be done?

Also, LINK mainnet is growing closer, whats your feeling? I bet everyone wants to know.

When is WANCHAIN coming to an exchange near us?

>I have many to suggest, however many rarely ask.

what other low cap coins are worth a shot?

Unrelated to crypto, but everything IBM does it does worse than competitors.

why do you think he and the other people in his head (pharmagay/kimchigay) are shilling it constantly?
to dump it on you before/with the team after the first cliff is reached

when is decentralized coins like ZRX, LRC, AST, KNC going to moon big time?

It's been slaughtered the most.

Are you in ICX? It just got listed on Bithumb today.

Oh course. Literally two hours after I sold expecting it to dump again.


Why go there when you have things like ICX around?

Short term flippenings are not as calander marked as some people think. Suddenly a coin gains momentum.
That being said, modum has a big "partnership release" upcomming and it's been shilled in whale circles. However, I'm not bullish long term on modum.

Nig nog with no job. Don't you see that this disrupts nothing? You don't understand anything about vertical and horizontal integration. I'm sure you're grandparents were skeptical about Nuclear Plants when they were mining coal.

I've always shilled OMG as a good coin to have money in. Safe long term. Surprised no one is talking about monero. Fun has issues with regulation.

Biz will have to learn about dumping Chainlink without looking back. Whales love community coins and there are a few in it. THey will manipulate it hard for you to go to desperation, to making it, to suddenly dumping you. My advice is to not fall in love with a Coin and always have an exit strategy. That means when the run comes (someday), be ready to dump it. Don't become a meme like the Verge holders or NXT holders.

SkyCoin, KCS, BananaCoin, elix.

Corps do everything worse, usually.

Yes of course.

prove youre not a larp

Then lay it on me, explain how your bullshit buzzwords “vertical and horizontal integration” will differentiate AMB from IBM. Let's see if you can do it without defaulting to brainlet ad hom.


Regarding XEM - ICX just mooned and I'm not touching it until it's near 3400 because it will inevitably correct. Being listed on bitthumb has meant 2-4x for every coin but who knows in this market. I'll see how it looks going into the weekend.

XEM was fudded due to the huge hack. Funds have been restored and the majority of coins have been laundered or sold so not much more damage to be done. Plus the fact it's at ATL is very appealing especially with the volume.

Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like a good buy...was hoping it was something you and your whale buddies were doing :/

Thoughts on VOISE?

Prove that you're not a faggot larper.
Would you brap to this?

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Are you avoiding answering about JNT because you are accumulating it?

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Is Fusion the only good low market cap chink coin right now? DJ Qian probably left vechain cause he was upset with sunny's scams.

Around what increased price will it be most profitable to dump chainlink.

Thots on kmd? seem way ahead on atomic swaps
has BarterDEX, quasi privacy.

It's not hard

IBM is a private permissioned blockchain that only authorized users will have access to. Consumers will never interact with it. It will be used internally and between business partners, though there could be antitrust problems

AMB is public and open - anyone can use, view b blockchain, validate transactions etc. Consumers purchasing products will be able to see where all the ingredients came from by accessing blockchain records on temperature, dna profile, proof that it wasn't tampered with, and almost anything else you can imagine

Do you agree Zcash > Monero

Truly private vs mixed transactions

totally would pay a premium of 10 dollars on my frozen pizza to check the dna of the salami
on the blockchain
pic related, it's you

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thoughts on Titanium Bar?

north korean fund manager here aka ricebro


thoughts on aelf

ricebro, top totalitarian token?