Is this a dead coin? Or does it have moon potential? Its one of the very few fully working products out there

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Retarded idea. Go watch their video, it's just a load of buzzwords with no substance.

Most shit that were hyped during 2017 are dead now, especially tokens, crypto is a short attention span market.

If you believe in its predictions then go buy it. I don't. But how are they going to solve the problem of people leaking all the CND bot predictions on telegram, twitter and discord groups?

I need blockchain to tell me what to buy and sell?
Instead of couple of (((people))) telling me what to do and they're over 85% wrong
Main developer on a one year trip around the world and still currently in that trip
Bullshit idea that really makes no sense
You can get the calls on twitter'
The delusion of holders thinking hedge fund managers will buy this "technology" hahahahahaa

The real question that should be asked, why you need blochchain technology to get these calls?
Its a bullshit idea, and anything that has (((Charlie Shrem))) and an advsior is straight up PnD
Check his other projects, Vibrate, TNB and this and couple of other ones that sound good but they really dont need blockchain and are just PnDs

this is your buy signal folks, right here. Remember to always DO THE OPPOSITE of what Veeky Forums says. these retarded fucks FUD'ing don't know there ass from a hole in the ground. This is the same group of retards that will tell you BTC is a shit coin, and that it is dead and to buy the flavor of the week.

Sorry, busy channeling your money into my vacation fund wallet

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No one user
This is a shit coin period
BTC is a shit coin, its there so whales can keep the market under control and nothing else
People that bought BTC below 1k are the real investors, all the ones now are bag holders
CND is more than 85% on their calls, i bet you (((they))) sitting in a room somewhere calling shots out of their asses and they might get lucky 10% of the time
I think i can do better than 10%
Enjoy those bags faggot

Read this from their FAQ, if you think this is good enough to warrent a blockchain or a token then buy.

What problem is Cindicator solving?
The main problem in current financial analytics is centralisation. This is because analysts cluster their forecasts and opinions in open access and these opinions impact on the opinions of other analysts.

Decentralisation is one of the many key elements we are working on in the context of the wisdom of the crowd. Figuratively speaking, the suggestion from each unique person contains two types of information: a useful signal and unique chaotic noise. Cindicator cuts through this centralisation bias by aggregating opinion from a wide range of diverse forecasters from different countries with various professional backgrounds, and with different personal experience. After we have combined lots of different suggestions, we obtain useful signal amplification, and noises mutually cancel out themselves as they are unique and can be quite random. When people don’t discuss the problem before making a suggestion they are unlikely to include alien biases in suggestions, and preserve the uniqueness of their subjectivity – their personal noise – so that aggregate noise will be at zero and the signal will be accurate.

Why does Cindicator need issuance of our own infrastructure tokens?
The issuance of our own infrastructure tokens is conditioned by the need to create an internal economy in the ecosystem that will establish transparent and fair relations among all participants making up the system: forecasters/analysts, traders, financial investors, data scientists, and the Cindicator team.

>be me
>been in BTC since 2012
>user says I'm a bag holding faggot
what in the actual fuck? Say whatever you want about BTC and CND, it doesn't make you any more right about it. We'll see what you think when this rallies eventually. oh yea, also: FAGGOT

For the brainlets to sum it up, they need a blockchain so analysts can aren't biased or their opinion isn't influenced by other analysts.

The reason for having a token other than using fiat is NULL, nothing. Doesn't need a token at all might as well use fiat or purshcase their service without a need of a token.

If you believe BTC is a shitcoin then you're clearly a retard.

Explain to me what the purpose of BTC today? Besides getting Tether and artificially stayin pumpd so whales can control the market
Been in BTC since 2012>good for you user, i am jealous i really am no BS. Today though its a shitcoin

If you don't know what BTC purpose is then nothing I say will get through to your thick head. If you can understand other tokens but not BTC then I'm not sure if your just a major retard.

I do understand user but for the late comers it serves no purpose. We will not get rich because of it. Its literally tether pumped all the time so whales control the market.
No one is using for P2P NO ONE
Will still increase in price, but no one buying today will get rich because of it like the ones that bought years ago

Buy alts low > Sell alts high to BTC > Wait in BTC or USD for altcoins to get low again > Buy alts low.

BTC is in most people eyes as a store of value.

BTC rallied from $1k to $20k in one year. I bet a year ago if I told you that, you would tell me I was delusional brainlet blah blah. You are shortsighted and underestimate what this new space means. This space is still very immature, and has exponential room to grow to the Trillions. Yes, there is still very much an opportunity to get rich off of BTC and other crypto currencies.

Exactly my point. Its there so whales can control the market and every time volume and price decrease they magically print more Tethers to pump it back up
Once this market is healthy and functioning like a decent market, BTC is dead

You're absolutely right but it wont 20x anymore
They'd have to print another 2.5 billion Tethers for that to happen again, maybe more even

You're speculating just like 99% of people in this market.

You're again speculating, and no you have no solid proof for tether manipulation.

We're all speculating user...But there's something called common sense as well.
I hold one BTC since September last year and don't plan to ever touch it even if it goes to 1 dollar, i keep it just incase it moons like you hope it will and i hope it will too.
Reality though its there to control the market and thats why the whole market moves as BTC moves

>Claims to be able to predict market
>Doesn't predict CP on the blockchain

That doesn't look like a working product to me user. Looks like a fat fucking BAG son.

Yes BTC and crypto is very speculative, but your claims for Tether are not yet facts as they lack proper proof.

Everytime BTC volume and price decreased, Tether printed more and magically inflated the prices again.... This is a fact:
Anyway if your'e really arguing about this, then you haven't been here since 2012. Regardless i wish the best user

Stfu and unsubscribe from PBC you fucking pajeet this shitcoin is going nowhere

please stop fighting

They haven't printed in a while and just recently printed since the rise rose.
Also you can't just make claims like tether inflating the prices just off that basis.

In case you haven't noticed we were getting into dangerous territory down to 260 B MC bleeding all the way since the last printing in Jan. Now magically 300 millions are printed and saves a sinking ship. Don't worry though that 300 m will not be enough to sustain shit.

This guy is right!

That worries me though

The point is the data gets trained by machine learning models and gets predictions get better with time, but leaks are a problem

Everybody should be worried but as long as BTC holds the market we will always be in this place. Block Stream, Bitmain and the other few whales who control the market like to keep it this way and they're the only ones who are truly benefiting. Don't worry though as i think they'll continue printing Tethers til there are real regulations and you will see a massive drop in MC and a lot of dead shit coins and that's when the bubble will truly pop. After that a real market will emerge and good coins will flourish. Just accumulate good projects for now and that's really what they're doing as well.