Third and last time posting this. These are the most undervalued coins right now...

Third and last time posting this. These are the most undervalued coins right now. If you guys arent in with at least half of these before May you're gonna regret it

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just realized there's 5 and i just said half. forgot to include LINK

>include link

*leaves thread and saged*

Genisis vision is the most shilled P&D reddit shit ever! Only people who are saying its undervalued are the people who brought into the ICO when it was $1

LINK is solid

what's the Z one

zcash that is now useless due to bcpt fork.

just a meme buyer trying to dump his bags

Iexec is the real deal homes

iExec has the same problem as Link: a couple of lines of code and you can pay other crypto/token to the node operators. They are both promising (one because of team and tech, the other because of meme and kek) but they will end up using btc or eth as alternative payment.You know it, they know it, it will happen because it will be demanded. There is no incentive for people to go to an exchange, pay fees, and move coins here and there.

didn't the Link team say that the link token will be used exclusively

g-guys? Unfud me about this

its just fud.

Also both tokens being above $1 defeats the whole point of those coins. No real gains to be made.
You would know this is you read the whitepaper

Elastos is gonna be $500 by end of year

not an argument

Is that true? I consider dumping my rlc bags

Idk the graphics arent cool and they seem boring.

Yes it is true, when I found out this morning my wife made me market sell everything.

No need. In the case of iExec very probably the price of the token will increase and you will make profit. But with these things you need to consider: what is smarter, investing in the platform/ecosystem itself, or in an app? In other words, is it better to have invested in Apple/Google or in Facebook/Instagram? Go and check the news to find out.

There is nothing to fear, in fact with atomic swap and blockchain agnosticism people will be able to pay with any currency, even fiat with oracles, it doesn't matter, what matters it the velocity of the tokens and PoCo assures that RLC will have a low one.
Also the iexec ecosystem needs RLC otherwise noone will develop it.

You can chill user.

Higher than that. 500 would only be 3b market cap. I think it will hit at least 1k.

Hello, I am African diamond miner.

I am here to give you one gem and whether you take it or not doesn't make a difference to me.

The gem is Bottos. BTO.

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So the one token that actually can be used for something in a month and the potential to make you more money is labeled as reddit shit in your book? I thought reddit doesnt even like GVT.

kek zero that scam ?!