Pay with any currency anywhere to anyone.

We gonna be one of the first ETH Dapps to actually have a working product on mainnet boys.

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15k in my stack. Am I gunna make it??? I only wanna pay off my 30k in student loans.

Thank you for finally explaining this in an understandable way bro.

Req will hit triple digit numbers in 2019, it will hit $100 EoY if we get a good bullrun

You know, I used to think this was stupid...

but if REQ really does become the defacto PayPal 2.0 in crypto....

No reason it can't do what NEO did

That would put us on a 60+ billion market cap.

This would happen only if btc is over 100k+

And request is the default Crypto-Fiat bridge

...... can't you already pay any currency to anyone by just sending them the currency without an intermediary?

Especially since they are only going to be limited to ERC-20 tokens for like a year? MEW handles this with ease. I bought this ico and DCA'd during that insane months long sub ICO dip but sold hardcore with great profits.

tldr: buy for main-net release and dump before it goes live and never look back. I don't see REQ as paypal 1.5 even

lol what? default crypto-fiat bridge? REQ?
lmfao you meant to say OMG right?

Don't forget REQ is going to pair all alts to all Fiat. Then people will bypass having to but LTC or BTC and it will start a massive token burn for us, this doesn't even include the token burn from all the other things going on, on the platform.

So yeah $100 EoY

I hold a shitload of REQ, but i've always wondered since day 1, in this current market, who would EVER want to pay anyone with Crypto??? Why would anyone want to part with something that could potentially be worth 10X in value in a few months?

REQ will need to introduce Fiat, and do it FAST to maintain a use case.. their P2P crypto transaction rate is going to be super low, since no one is going to want to part with their capital investment... Fiat to Fiat via the blockchain is what im looking forward to, and what will be the future of Ecommerce and REQ.

If you pay whit crypto u dont need to pay capital gain taxes, since u never go into fiat.

holy shit u are deluded. Stop posting faggot

How much is a "Shitload"

You need 25k

66K since ICO .06

using REQ to avoid taxes does not bode well for the use case... Large companies would certainly avoid relationships with a firm like REQ if tax evasion/money laundering is possible within the system.

just bought 200k, am I going to make it?

definitly not, REQ is a shitcoin.

Is not tax evasion! If you treat crypto as a currency. When u buy something you are still paying taxes.

Is like having USD and buying EUR, if you buy whit your EUR you are fine and still pay the product tax.

But if the convertions goes in favor of the EUR vs USD and u convert back to USD, you have to pay taxes on that profit you made.

Be a faggot

State someone is wrong

Doesn't post why


you mentioned capital gains tax, not sales tax.

You pay capital gain taxes when you convert back.

If you dont do this, u dont need to pay capital gain taxes.

This is legal. and many companies do this.

Tax evasion will be converting to USD and not paying the capital gain taxes.

New post btw

>10 days until end of Q1
>no mainnet
>no partnerships
>no info
>they post an emotional blog to release the tension among the investors

I think that the post was 100% idea of the new brand manager and core team dgaf about it and fully into mainnet launch. The post is kinda cringy desu

I fucking PRAY the price stays low for the next few months. Why? Let’s examine:

>I can continue to accumulate this GOLD MINE
>Retards will think the price staying low means the project is worthless, when it’s not
>a low token price will burn MILLIONS of tokens initially, then when the real FOMO starts, my tokens with be worth a couple thousand a pop

Oh, it’s gonna feel so fucking good seeing the gnashing of teeth of retards who missed out on the Request Network moon mission, and this will truly be the moon mission to end all moon missions. Request is a payment platform on which other payment dApps will be built. That means every dApp built on request will be using REQ tokens as its fuel, so even if the Request team doesn’t have a perfect fiat gate, someone will build a Request based Coinbase, SEC compliant, and that will be game over. Then a Request based Patreon will be built, with NO censorship or banning, and oh it’s gonna feel so fucking good. Content creators can get fiat but their patrons can pay in whatever currency they please, and it will all be seamlessly integrated together. Then we’ll see a Request based PayPal built, and the token burn will be fucking GLORIOUS. There will be 100 million tokens left by 2019 and I’ll own a hundredth of them. They’ll be worth 10,000 dollars a piece, and EVERYONE will want my tokens.

Oh, it’s gonna feel so, so fucking good. Like blowing my load into the hottest women nonstop from now until the end of time, it will feel 10 million times better than that knowing I made it when others sat by and watched like the pathetic KEKS that they are.

I have REQ and reading posts like this makes me almost want REQ to fail. You are a miserable faggot

Why is that you stupid little bitch? I’m not miserableness in anyway, I KNOW I’m going to make it. You seem like a coward pussy faggot bitch retard cuck, I GUARANTEE I could beat the living shit out of you and your faggot father at the same time. Does my calm, high self esteem demeanor upset you?

Request is a total scam, they don't have seriously partnerships

utter delusion.

Your father used to say the same thing when I told him I was boning his wife. He had to find out the hard way when he walked in on me pounding her.

OMG is literally a scam
Prove that Omise existed before 2016
Show me ONE article

$20T market cap by 2020 newfag

Were going to make it and when we do we will shitpost this unappreciative board to oblivion while the nay sayers will hang left and right

The actual scenario will be REQ will most likely go below ICO price in 2019 and completely phase out and join YC's dead club by late 2019 maybe even earlier. 90 percent of REQ fags will pretend like it never happened and it will remembered as a Veeky Forums scam that people lost money on and the REQ pajeets will always be known as the one who got REQT.

kekd hard

Wouldn't that free alts from BTC? Price-wise I mean? Cause if that's the case then BTC could be in the dirt and the crypto marketcap could still be growing yeah?

Exactly. See people are skimming over that. REQ will bring a golden bull run to ALL alt coins, even shitcoins

>Request to pay for coffee with monero
>Coffee shop wants fiat
>Instant conversion, even if monero crashes to $1 the following second

You own a "shitload" and don't understand this?

Buy Digibyte - Way better than ETH

You have to be 18 to post here

Welcome to deflationary currencies and why the world never uses them

>u dont need to pay capital gain taxes, since u never go into fiat.
Fucking this.
There is no way in hell I will ever fucking pay tax on crypto. I work a good full time job and pay a fuckton of tax, I'm in the highest tax class possible in my country. I never cashed out any crypto gains so far as I honestly didn't keep track of my trades and traded thousands of times on many seperate exchanges. Req is a very possible way for me to actually use my crypto and not let it be fantasy monopoly shit

Questions... If you cash out crypto to fiat, and apply it to your current home mortgage (if you have one), can you avoid capital gains tax??? Is that just a meme rumor, or is there some truth to that?

It might be different where you live but in germoney this does not work.
I doubt it works in the US

There's two ways to interpret this.
Either he is a total retard with a lot of money investing in stuff that's not plausible to him or he's fudding and only claims to own a shitload to gain legitimacy.

You can't realistically evade tax without a company in panama or moving to a literal shithole staying under the radar. That's why i bought into req at 4cents and holding until 2019 at LEAST so i get 0% tax. You better print your exchange histories and go to a Steuerberater or you will get Hoeneßed. Not trying to shit on you bro, but please explain how you plan to evade tax with REQ.
The Finanzamt will assume you are laundering money if you can't prove where it came from.

I'm not sure how much is left on your mortgage, but if the IRS sees you just randomly pay $200,000 to pay off your mortgage, they're probably going to have some questions for you. IE: Where the money actually came from. Definitely a meme/rumor

There is Umsatzsteuerbefreiung with crypto though

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>You better print your exchange histories and go to a Steuerberater
trades thousands of times on 4+ exchanges including some without history (like etherdelta)

I'm not trying to launder a million eurobucks, but sine thousands here and there I guess

yeah, don't think this applies to me

also, I doubt the Finanzamt will ever work out crypto transactions over dapps and shit. As long as the money isn't on your Bankkonto it's comfy

Doesn't matter how many trades. 4 exchanges that's 4 spreadsheets to download and then you just throw it on your tax mans desk, pay him a couple hundred bux and be done with it.
It's really not worth it to go to jail for or massively overpaying because they estimate what you owe. At the very least research some more which options you have (right now, not when you are about to cash out) because seriously there is hardly a way around this.
Assuming you're ethnic german that is, if you're a foreigner you will get a free pass anyway lel (;-;).

>4 exchanges that's 4 spreadsheets
used exchanges that don't exist anymore aswell as exchanges that don't log your trades forever. Don't think even binance tracks for the whole time you used it


also how exacly do you get those spreadsheets?
Any tips you can give me?

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>not accounting for token burn

Great comment bro. We WILL succeed with Request Network.

i'm not gonna tell you to go back to reddot but you need to stop spacing like that, and your use of greentext is backwards. the first 3 lines should be in greentext, the kys in blacktext.

Usually the same window where you view your trade history. You have to get the .csv file.
Well if the exchanges don't exist anymore that's unlucky.

> I stand corrected.

Still long way to go for $100.

100$ is possible in like 2+ years.
Personally conservatively i hope for 5$ this year but 15$ might be possible too if we get some really good bullruns.
A lot of people fear regulation but i think regulation opens the door for the mainstream and institutionals to get in. A lot of governments seem very bullish recently, even fucking Germany is bullish on crypto and plans to become a leader in this field according to the new government coalition treaty.
Remember ING Diba? They were openly supporting REQ in november but had to withdraw open support because the law department didn't like being associated with an ICO project when it wasn't regulated yet and completely nebulous. They are still supporting REQ but only behind the scenes until laws are clear.

utter delusion

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This isn't that hard amigo

One google and pulls up a bunch of stuff from 2015

I'm still having a hard time believing they have a fiat-to-crypto conversion option. How will they deposit money into a bank account once it clears?

They literally need to run their own exchanges for every country with a different tax regime.

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The guy is a fucking retard.

They should fire his ass and get a programmer autist instead.

How many tokens do you think they will burn you idiot?

If the volumes are high, obviously they're gonna tweak the burning mechanism.

So what happens when ethereums blocks are full lmao?

Now the real challenge:

prove that Omise has sold one dollar worth of payment and fintech services or consulting...

You can't. None of you faggots on Plebbit could, and the desperate mods had to ban my ass for asking the question, lmao.

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>Tfw sold thousands of ETH after DAO fiasco.

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You realize that the same team built a functioning bitcoin based international money remittance business? They know what they are doing, way better than most other team out there.

You mean Moneytis?

Isn't that just a service that snoops and compares for rates among remittance companies?

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awwww, such a good kitteh


Fucking typical. OMiseGoys, kill yourselves now.

fiat on/off ramps are expensive, slow, or both right now. When they become less painful there won't be a difference between paying with fiat and crypto.

>have $10 worth of crypto and $10 in fiat
>buy $10 of something with fiat
>have $10 worth of crypro

>buy $10 worth of something with crypto
>convert my fiat to crypto easily and cheaply with REQ, OMG, Kyber, who cares
>have $10 worth of crypto

>who would EVER want to pay anyone with Crypto
people who hate fiat currency and want to see the old system collapse?

What a fucking unit