Exactly 7 days

Exactly 7 days.
To the fucking minute.
Like clockwork.

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what did he mean by this?

yeah we started falling 7 days ago at the same time but before that we were already falling

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BTC at 7300 in seven days

That I was right about (((they're))) strategy.
They take out longs on Sunday night into monday, and then pump until Wednesday afternoon, close longs, take out shorts, dump until Sunday morning.

Except the goyim know now. So they'll probably switch it up. Because they can't profit if we know.

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Who's doing this ?

Yeah but within that fall an intentional 7 day cycle has formed.

Somebody with enough money and BTC combined to do it.

>Discover incontrovertible evidence of BTC market manipulation.
>nobody cares.

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i actually sold today, solid 20% gains but if I went with ETH instead I could have done so much i guess I just can't be happy with myself, can I?

>goes up 2k straight to 9200 from 7200 which is a over 25% increase for the biggest cryptocurrency
>fails to break resistance at 9200 2 times
>people expect no correction/pullback

What are you, some kind of superidiots?

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You're right, flash crash to 6k, then 7,3k in a week

>10k gets rejected
>9k gets rejected
it's not rocket science

you may be happy again if you rebuy for stack in 2-3 days for 20% less price than you sold

I vowed early on not to touch this bitcoin shit with a 40 foot pole... but you might want to try playing that market pattern. I don't know if the Thursday night pump is just idiots buying the dip or if it's a sinister move to break weak short positions

>BTC price movement has been nothing but whales trying to JUST leveraged positions for 2 weeks now
>ridiculous increase in long positions these past 2 days
>hurr why it go down

It's just some whale that set up a scheduled dump to prevent from crashing the price too fast. It could be miners, exchanges, or someone who ran an ICO in Bitcoin (like Cardano) raising cash.

You haven't discovered anything. This could simply be miners dumping on a schedule to pay their bills.

Then hust 10x your capital each week then dude.

A wise user appears. Use CONFUSION BLAST, as to not spoil my strategy.

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Miners and exchanges need to dump large amounts of BTC periodically.
True or false?

Literally /x/ tier shit.

>Super idiot.
Did you call, driver?

its not going below 7200

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