Touched 13k, failed, touched 11k, failed, touched 10k, failed and now we've just failed 9k

Touched 13k, failed, touched 11k, failed, touched 10k, failed and now we've just failed 9k.

It's done

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Why do bears do it?
Vendetta against crypto?


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>Repeatedly failing to surpass previous peaks with even with heavily manipulated price swings, while altcoins are incinerated? Time to bust out the bull wojacks!

I can tell why scammers love these people.

Anyway, this is where the real bull starts.
Bears try to DUMP BTC, falls 5%, recovers within half an hour, moon to 14k.

yeah its just one red candle you morons

just wait.

Zoom out

When you guys realize that these ups and downs are just our road to 4K, and that getting there is a good thing, then you can finally be at peace. Picking up some BTC and some discount alts at the bottom.

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We didn't fail shit. This is a manipulated dump in less than 30 minutes. We will be back above 9k shortly

>implying if whales want to dump the price, they won't succeed

My graph inidicates 9200 EOD

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Thats called consolidation mate. Notice how each peak is getting smaller and each low is getting higher. Eventually it reaches a singularity point where the peaks and valleys equal the same thing on a plane. Thats where the moonshot will happen. Im expecting it to settle around 8400 and then the growth to 50k will happen.

the state of these bears dumping their coins at a low

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man i hope it goes below 6k so i can buy in

That wasn't an organic failure. Whales (or a single whale, for all I know) decided to crash it. It wasn't stagnating any more than it was at other levels on the way up, when it go sideways and all of a sudden whip out a big green dildo. Whales are running this whole thing.

This, go to 2k pls. I'll be in tether before we even hit 8.5. Free BTC plspls.

You think you’re the only one? This is why we won’t hit anywhere near 6k

It hasn't really failed dude, to early to tell. If anything the first test was succesfull and we're consolidating.

5k is good too

pic related was said on 12/14. ~18k

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Sorry man

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We didn’t have nearly as many burned bixmex gamblers at that time. They’re desperate to get back in before the next bull run

we also don't have as many normies with new money flooding the market.

if you think this run to 9k wasn't propped the fuck up then you have a big surprise coming

Was the holy whale right after all?

The whole point is to create mass panic once the free fall starts. People will see that as the final stand by the bulls.

>this is a suckers rally
yeah I’m thinking we’re back

>still in denial
Looks like we got a looonnngg way to go

Also remember that the gox guy dumped/is dumping another 4.5k bitcoins

Nope, unless it drops below 8500.
Bitfinex is pumping BTC and causing global FOMO. TA doesn't work when you can pump fake money with another fake money.

they make money being a bear you absolute.....

It's annoying for everyone else, unless you join them :)

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Its just about making money same thing you're here.

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4k? is just another stop on the road to 0

dump it,

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>implying I wasn’t in a deep depression last week

If it doesnt pump hard today and tommorow...its game over...

Zoom the fuck out and have some confidence you worm

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But those are actually useful.

Just sold everything

Most of these technologies weren't very reliable or that useful until later in the adoption curve. But sure, wait until crypto is used everywhere and then join.

Remember to max out your roth ira, it's a nice supplement to social security. Boomers appreciate your servitude.

>there are still people this fucking retarded on this board
Go back to plebbit boomer


sorry for brainlet question
What does it mean?

Bull flag

you mean you're not still way up? how late did you get in?


Yes! Satoshi raped my father and killed my mother. Then proceeded to mumble something about it being nothing personell as he left.

you can make a shitload with smart leveraged positions both long and short
shitcoin flipping is so 2017, as is hodl XDDD