Are there any oldfags left here? It feels so lonesome... Does anyone remember PoSW or even DGB? Wasn't even a year ago...

Are there any oldfags left here? It feels so lonesome... Does anyone remember PoSW or even DGB? Wasn't even a year ago...

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Fuck out of here nigger did you buy GMO or doge or short pran? Everyone comes at different times and let us not judge each man by that but by the content of his posts.

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Still holding PoSW (now XSN), PIVX (Veeky Forums COMPLETELY forgot), got out of DGB last summer.

At the end of the day, BitBean is the only coin that embodies traditional family values



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>he wasn't riding moon missions on ASX generals or robinhood threads

yes. good times.

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been in crypto since 2014, biz only a year, hit it big on ltc.

Good times. I miss those "WELCOME TO THE SYSTEM' and "Bitcoin price and futures?" autistic threads and too.

if you're an oldfag you have no excuse for still being here

What if I like it here.

then you're a true madman

I arrived for the great eth pumpening from $12, those were the days

I remember when Bitcoin was 5 figures on Coinbase so fugg off newfags

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>You missed DGB
>You missed RDD

Will you miss MOON COIN?

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y-yeah, still here...

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> PoSW
> oldfag


Oh man, summer was a simpler time for crypto. Less shitcoins and ICOs so the whales had to concentrate on pumping a smaller po of coins. It was a simpler time. A better time. "we are the digimarines and we are NOT FUCKING SELLING."

I miss it, lads

Now the average IQ of this board has plummeted starting on November. All these normalfags ruining this fucking board who think they are about to """make it""". This board is dead. I hope the bogs crash the price down and drive these normalfags away.

oldfags already migrated to private channels, this is pajeet central now.

Which channels? I didn't get an invite lol

>Old fag reporting in

heres my oldfag discord
paste code at the end of discord link

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for a good reason

Dgb marines are all dead man

I'm still hodling

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Can someone tldr whats the story with dgb?

God damn this board really is full of newfags. This was less than a year ago you fucking normie, get the fuck out.

The Digibyte Marines dug too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of holding... bags and pain.

Sad to say I put some money into PoSW. Feels like forever ago, even though it was only last year. I like to think I'm smarter now about what I invest in, but who am I kidding?

I miss the BitBean memes and people calling ANS a scam.