The absolute state of redditors

He thinks crypto will save him.
He thinks he will not khs in a few years.

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You have to go back.

>that's why i bought into crypto
great, certified mlm/ponzi/pyramid-shit
good i sold 70% in january
will sell the rest in the next pump
see you in two years

implying this is not the state of bizrealis right now? minus the wife thing of course

Yeah, that guy is lazy. The most hes done to further his dreams is buy into crypto probably with his life savings.

>that's why I bought 200 dollars worth of ripple at $3 each

>hey what if I could just never work again and do nothing but have fun on the beach all day with my wife

Wow, absolutely deep and genius. I bet nobody has thought about life with such a poetic sensitivity before. Protip faggot, it's called a perpetual vacation.

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Completely different. Bizrealis only buy eth , link, neo and omg, whereas this pleb buys vapourware shit like nano.

Basically he just wants to be a child. Do you think you could just live on the beach without ever working? What if there are people living on the beach with you, say 100 or 1000? Now you have a job you need to do on the beach, and all the same feelings come back because you're a man-baby.

fell for the 'travel' meme

This. Everyone is on here to get rich off crypto, lol at anyone thinking they're different.

wtf did i just read?

I'm here for the keks

>real life isn't real. the weekend is real.

haha this how wagecucks cope

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Basically we don't sleep on the beach anymore. Cue the music

>>real life isn't real.
Makes me think of this.

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Depression and probably a gambling addiction. Praise kek for natural selection.

....aaand that's why i bought crypto

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Misery loves company, at least you biz faggot cucks have each other.

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>TFW unironically like my job and coworkers
Wagecucking at a job you don't like should only be temporary. If you don't like it, look for other jobs until you find something that is comfy, better pay or accomidates your lifestyle

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>he didnt buy LINK


My job isn’t perfect but I just had a review and realized I’ve been in this new position almost a year now

Feels like yesterday I got the position

>damp it

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