Willy The Whale here.

Back for another spectacular adventure.

I want to thank all the weak handed fucks who sold back their $XTCC to me
& the above average community members at a insanely retarded low price.

Your sacrifices will be used to pump the price in order for you to
FOMO back in for 1/10th of your token count.

I'll be rinsing & repeating this tactic over & over.

Why do I do it, you ask? Because it works.

Only a handful of you can ride the whale properly, is it you?
Is the fame & fortune yours?

Get on board. I'm about to rocket this shit 300%+ ( already did 100%+ just now)




Any more questions just ask. I'll be back in about an hour, grabbing some lunch.

Willy over & out.

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Wow what a whale.

Jigs up,this shitcoin has been exposed.

nice one mate

Willy please pump it louder

He actually pumped it

He can buy his own low positions just to dump on you if you join in

Willy delivers, fudfaggots eternally BTFO

>but muh pajeet scam

>Only a handful of you can ride the whale properly, is it you?

Thanks Willy, I've found my new friday night pickup line

you said xlm 1$ by last saturday? are u a larper willy?

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Im the user that did the airdrop yesterday. anons STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY ITS SOME FUCKING DISCORD PUMP GROUP DONT BE STUPID PLEASE. do not put a fuck ton of money into this just wait for my threads i will give you free coins, dont spend your money unless you want to lose it. Go follow @taichichain on twitter they will be doing another give away at 400 members

Is $1+ still in plans for your pump?

I made 27x on Willy's first pump. He never failed to deliver. If you're gonna get in, get in early and don't get too greedy. Take profit along the way.

Hahahahah, buy my bags Veeky Forums, I've got a juicy sell wall waiting for you retards ;)

Willy you're such a faggot.

You never bought shit above .01, and you never will. You're just using biz to buy your colostomy bags.

Don't fall for this shit biz.

Op clearly has ties with the team. There no way he could have received the millions of Xtcc from airdrops on Twitter. Op is a larping whale.

Guys dont be silly the only way this is going to $1 is if you all lose $1000 dont listen to willys lies

>never failed to deliver

Except for everything after that first pump lol

they sold a ton before any giveaways so its probably a whale and or group of them that got them early organizing this all. look for sure he will drive the price up but it will crash right back down again, be careful.

Still believing in you, Willy. Fuck all these naysayers.

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What happened to oxygen bro

Going to do 300%. Already did 100%. So 50% left? Which will still be approx where it was when you announced your pump a week ago, and well below where 99% of biz bought in?

Bro you're either a scammer or a pathetic little babby whale who can't even manipulate one of the smallest market cap coins out there.

someone needs to break those really low fucks on the buy wall for the 4 5 and 6

Don't fall for this fake-shilled shitcoin Veeky Forums


Dude, you're weak. I know you're complacent because you're making easy money off of this, but you're a limpdick whale if this is all you can muster. Why don't you put in the work to build hype outside of Veeky Forums? You'd have a much larger pool of idiot money to draw from, and you could charge higher prices. I know why not: It's because you're incompetent, and the best you can do is power trip off of the scraps you get from Veeky Forums's most desperate.

I already have some (my very low buy order somehow got filled today, probably because of this guy), so I can unload soon at a huge profit, and if it turns out to be a legit coin, I can buy back in. Or, I can buy the dump and have a lot more of these, because people still seem to be buying this shitcoin.

What price will you be punlmping to? Is 0.02 - 0.03 a safe bet to sell the top? Or are you going even higher?

780,000 here
make me millionaire based Willy

Regardless of where this goes these threads have been fun and entertaining.

I bet you don't even have 7 figures.
Shut off your computer it's bed time for you.

So you are admitting i've been buying below 0.01 & accumulating.

You're the fag. Stay poor ;)

I donated 10 ether & they sent me 20 million tokens.
I was extremely early because I'm tied in with the higher class crypto community.

Biz is mostly poor ass loners & NEETs.

Dumbest comment on this whole thread.

You are POOR LOL

Give it time my friend.

I have to shake the guy who got sold 1.5M tokens at 0.007

>Makes an xtcc marine 30grand in a single pump
>still has to deal with salty doubters who bought in too high

I am one with the Whale, the whale is with me.

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This coin has been pretty easy to make money on if you were smart about it.

When are you gonna stop being a fag and pump it to a dollar like you said? Man of my word my ass.

Willy, any details on when it'll be on an exchange like kucoin or Biance.
By yourself you can't pump it to 1$ it seems...

This coin is a joke. It will never make it onto larger exchanges.

prove you made money on it, there hasn't been a shred of proof in all these threads. The only ones that made money off this are in OP's group (like myself) kek

Haha, so you don't deny it. Lazy, incompetent whale detected.

Willy I sold 12k XLM for 150k XTCC at the height, I’m very uncomfortable- should I just continue to hold as long as possible or what? I haven’t a clue about this crypto stuff as you can tell.

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Bro, you're seriously fucked.

thats the real whale war: lastflipwins.co/

"I'm gonna pump it"

It's at .10 cents.

Fuck you willy you larp. I hope your shitcoin gets REKT forever. Loser.

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They've got a 1 million coin giveaway!!!!

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They never gave me coins for retweeting their stuff so I doubt this is real

bro whats your twitter i'll introduce you to XTCC

What's your twitter so I can introduce you

I would but they know my twitter already

I'm just trying to enter this contest

They've given me XTCC twice before for retweeting things, who knows if the project is legit... but they do send

I'm already in! :-)

Do they have a specific airdrop for gays?

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The fuck are you even doing anymore? Obviously your support for this scheme is dwindling here on Veeky Forums, yet you keep making these threads promising the world. I'll admit that I bought into this and if this coin is what it says it is, it might actually be something substantial. However, I've been keeping an eye on their twitter and seeing the stagnant price on StellarTerm, and nothing seems to be happening.

My hands are iron and I don't give a fuck about the $800 I might have lost from this. I will hold until my sell orders are filled or until this coin disappears.

So, "Willy the Whale", please put up or shut up. It's getting old.

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The price moved after your rant

Do it more!

What an absolute faggot. Saging the fuck out of this thread and every other one I see.

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Please have mercy

Willy Whaly. I'm here with you till the end. I put everything I had into this. Better save me

Fuck Veeky Forums in the ass some of us fish like it a rough.

So, I guess this is what happens when I try to give the news they don't give the tokens they promised. Nice way of working. Are you listening willy? Your friends are so cool

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whos got the 79mill buy wall?



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I dunno, but somebody please fill my order for 100 XLM at 0.0055

Just logged into my StellarDEX and saw this beautiful buy wall. Feels nice to have Willy back

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ayy ty based willy my order filled today at .004

Now, he only needs to educate the ones who run the twitter page.

I think so, the suck a dick special comes on 4/20

Guys this is the fag right here


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they give tokens.

You just must be an autistic fag who posts on Veeky Forums






no one cares who he is faggot

I care. Thanks for the tip user

FAGGOT ass whale. Motherfucking bitch.

Willy, I bought 145k @.07 to try to help the pump. I don't know if I'm a fool, but I'm hodling for dear life. I still believe you are a man of your word and patience is key. So I will hodl Willy, I will fucking hodl till the day I can tell my sister she doesn't have to worry how she will pay for college. I will fucking hodl till I can tell my mom she does not have to work 65 hour weeks. I will hodl till oxygen bro can buy more oxygen. I will hodl Willy because...because....because I AM A XTCC MARINE AND IM NOT FUCKING SELLING!

Yeah that's me bros

cringe, thanks for the money

And its great to know the lengths you autistic fags will go.

Try me ;)

damn forgot to change ID again haha

Go back to your sleazy discord group, you fucking faggot


Nope. Same person. Don't need to swap ids. Same person same XTCC tokens since last time.

It must suck user, not having the correct weight ratio to enjoy things

>as normie as it gets kek

>Better than an autistic neet ;) normie or >not, I have what you don't. So >continue :)


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>you greentexted to show your skill?

a faggot and a pussy LOL must be from BR

Come ;)

And off course I would delete the tweets from someone who dick blocked me. I want my shit clean

>fucking saging in 2018
this thread is fucking awful. Full of people who don't understand Veeky Forums at all

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>pump failed for the tenth time, so salty autists dox some brazilian kid
The absolute state of bagholders

>some autistic brazilian is so mad at a thread he has to go scream at a shitcoin on twitter and brag about it

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Portugese you fucking brainlet

Finally. Someone who can read fucking twitter.

And this "Brazilian kid" is way older than all of you autistic fags

Shut the fuck up and go take a bath an clean your neckbeard

Someone's having an autistic fit. You should go grab a juice box and calm down.

Wrong call user. Juice has a lot of sugar, it wouldn't calm down my autistic temper.

Other than the pump have any of you actually read about the monero-esque ambitions? I really hope this hits CMC soon.

nice to see actual whale in action
when everyone is greedy and in for instant result, can't just be silent and patient for more than 4 hours whale is just literally draining everything from weak wojacks for almost a week and gives zero fucks
what will you do in 2 weeks when you will see it's above 0.5 XLM doing same trick? buy in at 0.5 and sell at 0.1? sure, we need more of you guys, come on join us. free money 500xxxx in 5 minutes faster than casino 1000$ end of the week confirmed

Can you please explain what you just said? Its very difficult to follow

no, sry