Folio EOY prediction?

Folio EOY prediction?

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Trade all that for req

Sorry, 0


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actual factual

Why VTC and XVG? Why are you most confident about DRGN??
Coins I suggest looking into:

Do people really think privacy coins will take off other than Monero? I like ZenCash because it has greater ambitions than just being used for private money transactions. I honestly do not know much about VTC and XVG because at first glance i didnt see a big difference between them and their competitors.

I've rarely seen such a shitty portfolio, and I mean it, no offense. You seriously need to reconsider some of your choices

thanks user your advise has been of use

Thank you for the advise. I am adding money on a monthly basis and I am trying to diversify over several categories. I only invest what I earn with my freelance earnings which is about 600$ a month aside from my 9 to 5. I realised diversifying won't mean much if you don't have a lot so I wanted to increase some of the positions i hold.

Lol one lunch money divided between 7 kids

$1456 EOY user, guaranteed
Screen cap this

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what with the hard req shilling since a few hours

Nice collection of shitcoins you have there

It will moon before the end of this month, that's why

>Dec 2018
>Jan 2019

It'll all depend on DragonChain user

$500 comedy value.

>scam after scam
who did you manage to do this

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Why no LINK?

all on DRGN

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Help Him! Sell everything except Ven and buy link! 1000$ EOY same as Ven

why do you only invest in shit coins?

what about me? EOY prediction plz

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just go all-in REQ and after it doubles/triples this month you can put half in ICX

Overall not bad. Consolidate and focus on 2-3 coins. GVT is good. Take a look at GTO and NAS.

you are gonna be ok.

I'll take a look user, thanks for input

Way too diversified my fellow poorfag. I've got 800$ more than you and I'm holding 75% in one coin and 25% in another. I'm not gonna say which cause I don't wanna give them bad advertisement.

over diversified with ~$1k portfolio, you want to invest in 2 coins to see meaningful gains and once you reach >$5 you can diversify.

ooooh you are one of those paccoin kids

EOY prediction?

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about 10 million