Seriously though what is depressing this market?

seriously though what is depressing this market?

is nobody buying?

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people realized that internet money isnt worth 20k.

This it was all speculation

>is nobody buying?
no. why would they after the bubble has popped? even looking at recent pumps shows you that it's all just few big whales pushing the price up. Every pump starts with a huge green dildo which which is the whales, then it goes sideways for a long time because nobody is really buying or selling enough to influence the price. Then there's another (weaker) leg up and a third one if the whales decide, before dumping it.

>is nobody buying
who in their right mind would buy at these prices? there is no more line of bigger fools

fucking this. rinse and repeat ad nauseum all the way to 0. and somehow Veeky Forums falls for it literally every time

Oldfags will start getting back in when the price hits $1k. Much easier to make exponential gains when the mcap is 9x lower.

Thats not happening. We're going to bounce around the 8000s for a while.

it literally went +20% in 2 days

u wot?

Worst we'll see is 2k. Probably not below 4k though.

prime territory for leveraged trading
shitcoin bonanza is over
securities fraud bonanza will be over soon, when the scammers fail to deliver and get away with it because lel internet not-money

nice trips, 1 question, should i hold chainlink? got btc eth xmr but my ''gamble'' is link, do you consider link to be a fraud bonanza or shitcoin?

Not immediately, but soon. We are in the "farting bubble" phase, where the bubble slowly shits itself down to $1k, repeatedly justing bitmex traders along the way. Within 6 months we will have an assload of OECD/G20-driven legislation and Mt Gox will dump the remaining 80% of their holdings.

I consider each and every ERC20 shittoken a scam; ERC20 are essentially IOUs for some nebulous equity down the line, one not covered by law so it's gg no re when exit scam happens and 2019 will be a bloodbath in this regard; also, what's stopping the scammers to launch their product on the market via a third company? nearly all ICOs have legal presence in banana republics that don't give a shit

if anything, aim for technological platforms if you absolutely must into shitcoins (ARK, for instance but I don't recommend buying it because I got into it at $0.5 a pop)
let's face it: 2017 is not coming back, at least not in the foreseeable future

Link down not have a monopoly on the Oracle concept.

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*Does not have

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95% of trading is quantum computing AI bots

project looks pretty abandoned...

They abandoned it but they brought it back a few months ago.

One final cash grab. Youre fucking retarded if you think this bullshit holds a candle to link.

There's a reason why Link's market cap is only 200 million