Wassup Normalfags

Don't mind me, just making $750,000 a month.

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That fucking hair. The internet was a mistake.

He is peak male performance. When you're done picking your jaw up off the ground, you can learn a thing or two from being a talented and positive streamer.

what's with the hair?

How did he fucking manage to do that

Why is live streaming even popular?

>Fortnite streamer
>mom get the credit card

Watching gaming streams is the ultimate cuckold move.

You are basically looking at someone else having fun with a game you really like and paying him.

You should all fix your self

It’s the new television for millennials and gen Z’ers

a quick scan shows he got money from the magic amazon well. prolly fraud mixed with ebullshit and a sprinke of outright lies

Watching sports is the ultimate cuckold move.

You are basically looking at someone else having fun with a sport you really like and paying him.


i've always liked watching good people play games of any kind. world of warcraft or tennis. i don't have the patience to play myself. if i played call of duty or basketball i'd lose interest in about 4 mins.

realizing in the year's end that you've spent 1000s of hours playing a videogame for ZERO income seems a little more cuckold to me. never heard a girl say "jee becky, i love how he spends all his time playing videogames"

It’s actually kind of fun to watch him play fortnite because of how good he is, sue me faggots

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ninja is making far more than 750k a month. With youtube / sponsors / merch / donations and subs I would put him at 2 maybe 3 mil a month. Assuming he maintains his 200k subs.

this would make sense if twitch streams were professionally commented footage, but more often than not it's just the guy's face and his inane comments. no matter how you try to justify it, the lack of success of pure gameplay footage shows there's a strong cuckoldry aspect to twitch streaming
(of course, it's easy to argue people who watch american sports are similarly cucked as they feature unruly black men. two different activities can be just as bad for different reasons)

No one is forcing you to pay him. You can watch for free.
Also, watching someone who is way better at the game can be both entertaining and educational.
I don't even watch him, but you're just downright salty.

if he pays taxes it's fine
There are all kind of weird "jobs" nowadays

>girls disapprove, oh no
Your cuck is showing


These faggots need to get a life

>1 successful soyboy vs Veeky Forums

Yes it is, I mean seriously just think about it for a second. You are paying to watch a bunch of guys (((tackle))) each other and smack their asses while hearing them grunt. If anything it’s gay and cuckold in nature.

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ex DEE! xD


If you think people are wasting too much time watching a streamer, say so. Don't say that you're wasting time doing something you enjoy. Might as well stop existing.

Wtf how old are you, 13.

I'm just saying that when you are voluntary watching in your free time a blue haired queer playing some kids game you got issues man.

Now go mow the lawn

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You're wasting your time when you watch other people play video games, you fat fucking loser incel retard


How is that any different than wasting your time eating food or doing the laundry? We're all going to die in the end. You're just mad millions of losers don't have a job and sit at home and watch these mongoloids all day.

You're just envious you're not enough of a faggot to rake in a cool million a month playing bideo james

> bideo james


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Noticed the sudden
>"kek soyboy get a life ;)"
>"grow up manchild videogames are for kids.."
flood in this site since the 2016 election?

Well guess why

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHA fuck good work user. That really explains a lot

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Great comeback!

it´s no magic. hes the best in the most hyped game right now.

How is this any different from being a celebrity? He’s an entertainer and they get lots of money. I never watched anyone stream or play video games myself, but it seems like combining several hard things:
>being very good at a video game, not just mediocre, but deliberately pushing yourself
>keeping the attention of annoying faggotty millennials
>updating often
>maintaining a positive attitude
>have an attractive personality

They're both for cucked beta soys, get a hobby that involves actually doing something

because people are trash

What is a centipede?

reminder to stop playing video games and clean your room

quit smoking weed, also

I'm on twitch a lot and I don't fucking know where Ninja even came from.
In a matter of days he went from unknown to being the biggest streamer on the site, and he even got deals with sponsors really fast.

Levels of soy over 9000

props to him, he's doing something he loves and making fuck tons of money off it

makes me feel like a bit of a failure considering we're basically the same age desu

the question isnt why are people watching, its why are people paying? given how poor everyone is from the demographics that watches shit like twitch.tv its not sustainable to have a subscription per channel model

>this faggot is seriously defending e-celebs cause it's all he has
do something else already user, you aren't going to be popular.


ignorance is bliss

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this is also true lol i hope you dont think this is a comeback

No one is forcing you to watch Tyrone fuck your wife, you can do it freely.
Also, watching somebody better at sex than you can be both entertaining and educational.
I don't even cuckold, but you're just downright silly.

television is dead and twitch streams fill the niche of 24/7 new entertainment. kids don't care how bad or good it is, as long as they have something funny to watch

>How is this any different from being a celebrity?

Who said it was? These streamers are exactly like any other celebrity and follow the same cancerous culture as their TV or sport counterparts. They're no less fake personality wise and the idiots who watch them still think they know them on some personal level.

Despite this though many still look at them as inferior to traditional celebrities but that's mostly a generational thing. We'll move from people watching TV and sports celebrities to kids playing video gaymes. I don't think it's any worse really as it's just a shift from one to the other. It's not like people will be any less vegetative than some slob watching the Superbowl. You could argue than watching sports at least brings the possibility of people socialising but even that's on the decline with newer generations sticking to communicating through a screen.

are you trying to be ironic and/or just realizing this?

Damn, you guys are so jealous. Thanks for reminding me how many haters there are out there.

>just making $750,000 a month.

The dude's eyes look like they could fall right out of his head. He's likely to join the 27 club, but it will have been a joyous 27 years.

That is the worst thing I read this month, perhaps this year. Imagine, you can be interacting with 70 year olds right now. These people don't even know what anime is. I think I'm having a panic attack. I've never had a panic attack. I hate old people so much.


>streaming is a crook
>who needs indipendent entertaiment just use the US$... I mean the TV!

This is how you sound right now.

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Can't get mad at that faggot, he used to be an oldfag involved in the Halo esports scene going all the way back to Halo 3 which is now over 10 years old mind you. He jumped ship from the sinking boat that was Halo 5 (any sane person would) and just happen to pick up and stick with fortnite while everybody else was still riding on the pubg train. He bet on the right shitty horse.

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> fake personality
Ninja regularly tells people who donate real money to fuck off when they ask shit questions and refunds them as well.

Man, I love this underage argument that has been debunked plenty of times.

Fags like that one you replied to only prove that Veeky Forums isn't a place to talk about making money. It's a place for poorfags to congregate and talk (without action) about being rich or the rich.

so is pubg kill by fortnight? i dont follow this shit much.

you cant debunk someone saying watching sports is as bad as watching some guy play video games. they're both the same exact thing as far as the viewer experience goes.

He was a top halo player 8 years ago, that's like the most alpha competitive game.

pretty much


PUBG deserved to get killed off desu

It’s horribly maintained

Yes it's the same, he was saying that it's not the same as watching someone else fuck your wife.

Every non counter strike and rainbow six siege shooter is for manchildren

Yes, suck Gaben's and Ubisoft dick harder, that is what it really feels like to be a man.


i agree with this more than anything.

all your dads and uncles and shit are fucking losers. everyone loves to watch niggers play sports for some reason.

I personally am not interested in sports unless i am on the team playing.

>How did he fucking manage to do that
He's been streaming for years and caught lightning in a bottle with fortnite. I don't know if it's because we're in a social media era, but fortnite might be the most popular game I've ever seen.

More than LoL? That shit was huge

The worst thing he is actually not some kind of a miracle player.
Fortnite has no ranked matchmaking so he just crushes subhuman retards and braindead kids over and over and people think he is a god.

LoL is huge internationally, but fortnite is already a part of western pop culture in a way that I've never seen LoL achieve. espn/worldstarhiphop/bleacherreport/all these normie entities regularly post fortnite highlights.

Still salty this guy makes way more money than your pajeetcoin will ever make you.

Huge pop icons are getting on Ninja’s stream to play. This will never happen with LoL

>that's like the most alpha competitive game

Bwahaha. Most competitive fps game is and will always be CS. Most competitive 1v1 will always be starcraft. Both of those games are the oldest of their genre, sc is the oldest esport and cs is the oldest esport in western world

all other esports are for kids with zero talent and zero global competiveness / talent

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Damn I didn't know that, fucking crazy.

>all other esports are for kids with zero talent and zero global competiveness / talent
meanwhile people are just watching/playing what they find fun. the cs formula is stale and boring, only narratives like c9 in boston make it interesting to watch anymore.

Most competitive FPS is quake by far
Fuck off

Quake 3 is both the oldest esport in the west and the oldest in his genre.

Yea it's been around 20 years, slight graphic upgrades during that time. not going anywhere

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Quake has 1% of talent pool and history of cs. Most quake 1 players switched to cs and really, quake have never had any kind of esport element. Some random tournaments here and there

>who is Fatal1ty

>quake have never had any kind of esport element. Some random tournaments here and there

A random quake player playing with very narrow pool of players thus able to win tournaments during short era

>some random tournaments
>no talent
Pls kys, you have no idea what are you talking about
CS babbies will never have raw skill of Quake players

>Wendel has won about US$450,000 in cash and prizes from professional competitions
This is way more than any other pro player at the time, Quake 3 was by far the biggest esport with the biggest public and most players

>quake 1 players
quake 1 doesn't even have multiplayer, you don't know what you are talking about.


i just checked his twitch to see... he made about $75 in the 5 minutes I was watching.
100k viewers
i'm jealous. but twitch is very slanted towards the top, either you're the top 0.001% making dosh or you're the top 1% begging for $200 a day.

This is what happens when you take away the common man's god. Nihilism is poison.

I actually saw his stream once, he said he is not into dying hair but he is cosplaying SSGSS Goku soon

is there anything that's not cucked?
I suppose you all spend your time chopping wood and shooting rifles?

>you cant debunk

It's pretty easy to say playing QB in the NFL is as complex as playing video games, but more artful from a physically aesthetic POV when watching a game.

Doing either thing for a reasonable amount of time is fine, but spending an inordinate amount of time on either means you are a retarded soy boy.

(US$ 200) * 28 =
5600 US$

how is this bad for sitting on your ass playing vidya

>he doesn't watch female streamer

it's not, but i'm talking about the top 0.01% of streamers.
There's plenty of pro gamers on twitch that don't make anything at all.
I'm talking about Grubby, he's arguably the best W3 player in the world at some points and he makes about $200 a day

guess its like pro sports in the same way, no one cares about the guy who didn't make it to the nba

i checked in the IRL section to see what the fuss was all about, there are girls making $100 an hour just begging to go on their next vacation & shit. she was wearing tight pants and bending over "doing a painting" for views.
shit is insane

>he doesn't donate to female streamer and masturbate furiously when she reads his donations and imagines dating her and sharing tender moments with her

t. poorfags who can't even afford a 1070

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I just want to point out this idiot has the fans backwards. GPUs exhaust out of the I/O panel since the GPU fans push down onto the heatsink and the air is guided toward the I/O. Weak ass rig

the fans are pulling air out, not pushing air in, but you tried

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Terrible setup. Get on my level.

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